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NameNumber of records
Champion Music Corporation66
Champion Music Corporation.297
Channing Bete Company, Inc.1420
Channing L. Bete Company, Inc.4644
Chappell & Company449
Chappell & Company.351
Chappell & Company, Inc.2194
Chappell Music Company115
Chappell, S.A.350
Charisma Music Publishing Company, Ltd.180
Charles A. Wiley Family241
Charlesbridge Publishing260
Charles C. Thomas Publisher629
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher1491
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd.296
Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company148
Charles Machine Works, Inc.638
Charles Scribner's Sons295
Chase Manhattan Bank729
Chauncey Group International, Ltd.1308
Chelsea House Educational Communications, Inc. Chelsea House Publishers310
Chelsea House Publishers548
Chemical Bank1288
Chemical Bank.1363
Chemical Education Resources, Inc.163
Cherry Lane Music Company616
Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc.1433
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company713
Chesky Productions, Inc.256
Chester Music154
Chestnut Mound Music1731
Chestnut Mound Music.281
Chestnut Mound Music Group1126
Chevron Chemical Company199
Chi-Boy Music207
Chicago. Board of Education890
Chic Music, Inc.375
Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc.294
Children's Press1052
Children's Television Workshop1304
Child's World, Inc.1457
Chilton Book Company. Automotive Editorial Department632
Chinese Television System1275
Chip 'n' Dale Music Publishers, Inc.185
Choristers Guild1014
Christ Gospel Churches International, Inc.1317
Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.5323
Christian Publications215
Christian Publications, Inc.166
Christian Science Publishing Society1239
Christian Taylor Music410
Chris White Music137
Chrysalis Music2050
Chrysalis Music Group721
Chrysalis Music Group, Inc.388
Chrysalis Music, Ltd.2333
Chrysalis Music Publishing, LLC708
Chrysalis Records, Inc.461
Chrysalis Songs946
Chrysler Corporation547
Chunky Style Music101
Churchill Films, Inc.176
Churchill Livingstone268
Churchill Livingstone, Inc.865
Church of Scientology of California1708
Church of Spiritual Technology5853
Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles)3061
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