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Abovewater Music documents
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Andrew Harding unpublished collection no. 3, Combat zone, Bermuda Triangle28
Apaga la luz (y abre el telon), For love, Porque tu30
A woman's intuition (about a man like you) Written by Chappel-Beeson & Davis, If I could own the world30
Baby, let me get next to you. By Floyd Bonner, Lorna Hamilton, S. Todd Duncan & Nolan Semien part 230
Big, big world. By Emilia Rydberg & Lars Anderson (Yogi, pseud.), Golden palace30
Closing the club & 4 other titles. Composed by Ryan Bowser & co-composers as noted29
Collective works of I've Got the Music Company & Song Tailors Music Company, Crack the whip (lifesize)30
Flor de primavera. m Alejandro Cardona (Alejandro Cardona Rodriguez), Dance of love30
Fundamentals of interpersonal communication, Wind, The Book of Sky30
Give the world love (it's Christmas time), Daydreamer, Baby, keep on lovin' me30
Guess my eyes were bigger than my heart. w & m Liz Anderson (Elizabeth Anderson)30
He got what he wanted (but he lost what he had) By R. Penniman, Justine, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum30
Holding on. By Joe Lynn Turner a.k.a. Joseph Arthur Linquito, & Yngwie Malmsteen30
IBU/[Ross Roman and David Grey], How you're feelin', Kracker23
(I'm gonna love you) every step of the way, Turn this world around, Back when they were playin' our song27
Interludes from "The art of being a girl.", Falling, Cousins29
Magnetospectroscopy of donor states in gallium/arsenide/aluminum gallium arsenide quantum wells30
Not gonna stop ; Save it ; One step ahead ... [et al.], Sail to the sun, A Nod and a wink20
Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale, Sea of flames, Summerfest29
Oh, oh, oh (why can't it be tonight?), She's not (the kind of girl), Holding you30
Omnia tempus habent = To every thing there is a season, E-5, C-ya30
Personnel and employment law in California, Lifting up the name of Jesus, Personnel & employment law in California28
Riddle of modern poetry. By Arthur Stirling, pseud. of Upton Beall Sinclair, A Personal Jesus. By Upton Beall Sinclair30
Shinin' Mary & the Bad News Bears, Dance & celebrate, The Turkey (take him down)30
Somewhere in time. By John P. Saclausa part 230
Straight to heaven, and another selection, You've got the cure, Working overtime30
Styles of art history (a rhetorical analysis) and A Poetics of painting. By Raymond A. MacDonald30
That kind of man, and 1 other song29
The Griffiths, Gibson Advertising Survival Test, Living two lives, One step back23
The "I'm alone" at Lunenbury, Nova Scotia, Class of '69, Roly poly ladies28
Thinkin' about going home. By J. Aaron Brown & David R. Lehman30
Voices (carry throught the night), Hello blues, Anna's songs29
Waterloo, 81030 VA 281-679 (1987), Shangri-la, CT-Redding30
What a thrill (to love you) w & m Steve Stevens, Peggy Frew & Hubert C. Stotts, Two worlds30
Where did Idaho go? By Gregg Bissonette & Matt Bissonette, Dirty, but well dressed30
While we're still young ; I get so jealous, Lovers forever, Looking for windows27
Yankee girl and West Indian woman. w & m Lord Invader (Rupert Grant), Nicky baby29
You can't give back the love (that I gave to you) Words & music by Jack Rhodes & Porter Jordan30
(You make me) wanna be bad, Just go away, Best of love30
You were born to be kissed. Music: Erroll Garner, Like home, Lick and a promise30
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