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About tuberculosis (TB) No. 2-961-796 (1990), Drugs and you & 1 other title; books30
Break the code of silence, save a life!, Healthy mother, healthy baby, Sex myths and facts22
Critical thinking & writing: a developing writer's guide with readings30
Eating right. (Fitness, health & nutrition) TX 2-067-334 (1987)30
Fanfare & previews & 13 other titles, Blond on the rocks, Virginia's my home27
Fire safety & emergency procedures in residential health care facilities, Fire safety30
Frequency-stabilized solid state lasers for coherent optical communications, Tooth truth with Harv and Marv29
I ain't gonna get caught up (in this mess) By Johnnie Jones-Tucker, Our earth, I'm glad I made you sorry that you made me make you cry30
Make-a-scene travel action/shuttle & 14 other titles; 2-dimensional visual artwork30
Male and female administrators' perceptions of and attitudes toward women administrators in four-year state institutions of higher education in five northwest states30
Resolving conflict, restoring harmony & 5 other titles; programs30
School bus emergencies and evacuation procedures, Stop, look, and think, Moment of decision30
Smoking: it's your choice. By Alfred Higgins Productions, Inc. 2d ed, Auto repair--the costly ride30
Study skills--researching and writing a report, Fire drill!, Driving under the influence26
Study skills--researching and writing a report, The Golden rule game, The Common sense game30
Study skills--verbal communication made easy, Cities, what are they?, Organize it!30
Table manners and dining out. By Rose V. White, Blue sky ride, The run28
The following are dreams chasing presence chasing memories chasing visions30
The Following is a print-out of the computer program entitled Exodus, the phoenix mission part 230
The illustrated rules of in-line hockey, Cooking with kids, My Merry Christmas songbook30
Thinking about (T C L) Logo (Mattel Aquarius) By John R. Allen, Michael E. Burke & John F. Johnson30
What happens to me now? By Lynda L. Lawley, Russell Buchanan & Jerry Donahue part 230
Who's gonna show me some love?, Abstinence, Why?27
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