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1001 questions answered about astronomy. By James S. Pickering, Fiction 100, Purpose & process30
A case study of two school district administrative training programs in Illinois and their alignment with the Educational Leadership Constituent Council National Standard for Educational Leadership30
A custom study guide to accompany the telecourse for US history since 1877, A Disaster impact assessment model30
A guide to scenes & monologues from Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Acting thought into action27
A House for everyone. By Betty Miles, illustrator: Jo Lowrey, The Secret life of the underwear champ29
All about cable, legal and business aspects of cable and pay television. Revised edition part 223
An application of individualized leadership theory to higher education department heads28
A National study of the uses of collaborative writing in business .., The Real guide23
An exploratory study of interventions utilized in the treatment of borderline personality disorder25
An introduction to human services policy and practice, Speaking with a purpose, Whiskey and women22
An introduction to persons with severe disabilities, Collection of 22 songs from Songster30
An Investigation of the effects of minimal competency testing on the curriculum, teachers, and students at the high school level30
An investigation of the relationships between perceived leadership behaviors, and staff nurse job satisfaction, and organizational commitment30
Antitrust law sourcebook for the United States and Europe, She who watches, Come see30
A qualitative study of the relationship between double-consciousness and religious identity in nine African-American women30
Are there identifiable factors in autism which can predict .., Fine lines, With You, Lord25
A secure portal using WebSphere portal V5 and Tivoli access manager V4.1, Patterns30
A Socio-economic analysis of stall-fed cattle production and .., If I only had you22
A suggested medical reporting curriculum for broadcast journalism and mass communications college students part 230
Balancing work and family in the first four and a half years of life, Pedestrian safety30
Basic studies in early New Testament manuscripts and their relationship to the theories of Drs. Westcott and Hort30
Bell & Howell Newspaper index to the New Orleans times-picayune/the states-item, Developing the curriculum19
Bill Graham presents in San Francisco, one Sunday afternoon Yardbirds, Country Joe and the Fish30
Billy Graham and Martin Luther King, Jr., an inquiry into white and black revivalistic . part 230
Black rain (miles to go) By Sembello & O'Doherty, The family, Call on my love30
Changes in the affective state of guilt as a function of exhibiting instrumental or reactive .30
Characteristics of the 3' ends of egg-laying hormone and neuronal actin mRNAS localized in the central nervous system, nerves, and connectives of Aplysia californica30
Child development assessment checklist 36 to 48 months (3-4 years) and 48 to 60 months (4-5 years) part 424
Church of the Living God, C. W. F. F., Young Peoples Progressive Union handbook, White Eagle Singers30
Classroom management beliefs and practices of middle school teachers based on years of experience and teacher certification part 230
Coleman Funeral Home records, Gallia County, Ohio, 1922-1936, Viking colonialism30
Collective photomacrography studies of David E. Evans, 1986, Models, strategies, and methods for effective teaching30
Complete catalog of the "play-write away" collection of Richard Nelson Allen original "play-write away", numbered teaching books with matching practice song sheet part 330
Constructing children's physical education experiences, Nowhere else to go, Tell me what is priceless25
Contemporary investments: security analysis and portfolio management30
Cost comparison of vocational services offered under industrial insurance, Sanpete scenes30
Cross-reactive fiber-optic sensor arrays in the design of an artificial nose, Sales order system 1.0026
Diccionario de terminos de economia (dictionary of economic terms) to accompany Principles of economics [by] Richard W. Tresch30
Director and instructor evaluation of remedial and developmental studies, Early work30
Diversity, oppression, and social functioning, KidsNet, Abraxas30
Earth--an introduction to geologic change, [by] Sheldon Judson, Steven M. Richardon part 330
Eight facets of the Word of God that the Devil don't want you to understand!, Magic music factory30
Essentials of cognitive assessment with KAIT and other Kaufman measures, Identity: readings for writers, a step by step approach30
Everything you felt inside but didn't know how to bring it out in poems, Cultural anthropology30
Everything you need to know about training and managing your dog, America's labor song28
Experiences and perceptions of interpersonal, environmental, and institutional racism among African-American students in psychology graduate training30
Experiencing psychology: perspectives in the science of behavior, Psychological testing and assessment30
Factors important to the vocational development of women police officers, a national study30
Family life education: a clinical approach to the birth to death concept by use of education prevention, habilitation, rehabilitation, and support of the family system. By Martha Jones Watley30
Family therapy: combining psychodynamic and family systems approaches, New York live25
God blessed the United States of America because it was founded as a Christian nation, but Satan will destroy the United States from within unless we place prayer back in the public schools--we the citizens, are the government, the elected officials are our representatives30
Got my motor runnin' a.k.a. Gonna be trouble tonight, Pilgrim's regress; motion picture27
Human relations activities for the single parent to develop more effective parent/child relations part 430
Human sexuality research and activity guide for Crooks and Baur's Our sexuality, eighth edition30
Implementing change from discipline-based teaching to interdisciplinary teaming, Tools for success30
Implicit self-presentational goals and nonverbal behavior, Sometimes I wish I were Mindy30
Instructional leadership behaviors of principals and the effects of a balanced beginning reading program in exemplary elementary schools in northeast North Carolina30
Instructional leadership characteristics of secondary Blue Ribbon school principals29
Instruction sheet for Halloween wreath craft kit. No. 48/108. Add. ti.: Halloween wreath craft kit instructions, 48/108. DCR 2001. TX 5-624-128 (2002)30
Instructor's guide for The Complete sentence workout book, Daily wisdom for women30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany American history, a survey, eleventh edition [by] Alan Brinkley30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Growth through choice, Bar secrets30
Instructor's manual to accompany Communication works, Contacts, Communication works27
Instructor's manual to accompany Nonverbal communication, Watson-Barker listening test, form A & B30
Instructor's manual with tests and transparency masters to accompany Educational psychology25
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Barnett & Kears Intermediate algebra--structure and use, fifth edition30
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Sociology--a text with adapted readings, seventh edition, by Leonard Broom, Philip Selznick, Dorothy Broom Darroch part 230
Instructor's testing manual to accompany College algebra in context with applications for the managerial, life and social sciences, second edition [by] Harshbarger and Yocco30
Interactions between increased needle mortality and exposure to enriched carbon dioxide concentration alter growth, anatomy, nutrient dynamics and physiology of white spruce seedlings part 330
Interdisciplinary curriculum unit for Isabel Bernhard curriculum unit I--the great queens30
Interventions for children with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders25
Language assessment & intervention for the learning disabled, Helping young children learn28
Late Cenozoic paleohydrogeology of the western San Joaquin Valley, California, as related to structural movements in the central coast ranges part 230
Learning electronics communications through experimentation using Electronics Workbench Multisim part 330
Love, victory, courage, happiness, triumph, success, joy, you have to give to get it!30
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill reading correlated to the Mississippi language arts framework part 230
Managing conflict and promoting learning in interactive arenas in natural resources management30
Middle grade students' motivational processes and use of strategies with expository text30
Moral development of rehabilitation professionals and supervisors' assessment of success30
Mountain madness. Words, music & sound recording by Anthony R. Passauer, Jr. DCR 1982. SRu 56-517 (1984)30
Preparatory book for third reader, Good times today. By Arthur I. Gates & Celeste Comegys Peardon, illustrated by Charles Payzant et al29
Psychological evaluation of human figure drawings by middle school pupils, Even the best30
Psychology in perspective, third edition [by] Carol Tavris, Carole Wade, Psychology30
Relating quality of urban public school preschool learning environments to the language and literacy development of at-risk preschool children part 330
Relationship between serotype A encapsulation and cell surface properties in avian strains of Pasteurella multocida30
Revising professional writing in science and technology, business, and the social sciences part 230
Sequence analysis of cyanobacterial plasmids from Plectonema boryanum strain PCC 6306 and Plectonema sp. strain PCC 6402 part 230
Slide set to accompany The cultural landscape, an introduction to human geography25
Social interactions between two autistic children and their nonhandicapped age-mate peers30
Social problems: a policy perspective. 3d. ed. TX 285-175, Listing of IJRANX, IJ-SEC3, for the I B M personal computer BASICA26
Somewhere along the road, Psychology, Vacant motel rooms30
South Carolina resource guide for teachers and administrators, Teaching children science30
Special education preservice teachers' perceptions of their readiness to serve culturally and linguistically diverse exceptional students30
Speech communication workbook (to be used with the basic course in public speaking) part 230
Steck-Vaughn Berrent math problem solving, answer key, level G, America's history30
Steven Byers collectively, New Birth III, Highlander, Steve Byers collectively, new birth I30
Student resource manual to accompany Understanding human communication, seventh edition [by] Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman30
Study guide for McNergney and Herbert Foundations of education--the challenge of professional practice part 230
Study guide to accompany fundamentals of investing, seventh edition [by] Gitman Joehnk part 230
Studying life designs to accompany Life designs, individuals, marriages and families by John H. Gagnon and Cathy S. Greenblat30
Summer reading: reading and nothingness, of Proust in the summer sun, Costal morning30
Supervisor's manual and training manual for standard and nonstandard administrations, 2005-06 part 230
Tall figure, second state with a twist, Airport tunes, One on one theme27
The achievement and self-concept of elementary grade students who have received direct instruction30
The Battle of the Fei River ; The Princess' engagement ; Who is the real Liu Bong? ... [et al.]30
The catalytic oxidation of chlorinated aromatics over vanadium pentoxide/titanium dioxide catalysts30
The complete collection of Patrick C. Flynn's art from 1997-1998, NACLA report on the Americas30
The Cooperative Library Association school library evaluation form, Mirror of shame27
The courage and character of Theodore Roosevelt, The changing of the guard, Our character, our future30
The development and evaluation of objective auditory and visual attention instruments30
The directory of North American railroads, associations, societies, archives, libraries, museums and their collections30
The Effectiveness of a traditional and a movement education method .., Migration30
The effect of general thinking skills instruction on the thinking and writing performance of fifth and sixth grade students part 230
The Effects of hypothesis/test and fluency training, cross-aged tutoring and small group instruction .28
The Effects of problem-solving software on the problem-solving .., Classroom application of the curriculum25
The formation and preservation of personal integrity in the context of business and/or ministry travel30
The foundation, structure, and capstone for success which are paramount in self-development part 230
The German heritage. By Reginald H. Phelps & Jack M. Stein, Health styles, Healthstyles26
The Gospel according to the women in white, Amplification for the hearing-impaired30
The human experience of resistance, difficulty and aporia, What good?, New York country soul26
The Identification of common social learnings for emerging adolescents .., The principalship25
The Impact of external events, fire & internal flood on nuclear power facilities30
The loving lamb; a book of poetry and fairy tales. By Robert Owens, Language disorders28
The Miles Lassiter family of Lassiter's Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina (Miles Lassiter, circa 1777-1851) part 330
The psychosocial functioning of children and adolescents with chronic fatigue in comparison to depressed and health contrast groups part 230
The question of their speech--plotting exile in the life and work of Henry James and Vladimir Nabokov part 230
The relationship between Piaget levels and Beck's levels of dressing performance in persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders (ADRD)30
The Reverend Laurence Spencer with Robert Wadlow, tallest person in the world, The Kwanzaa contest27
The Sports medicine guide for the everyday athlete, Small group and team communication30
The thermal cure of phenylethynyl-terminated polyimides and selected model compounds30
The United States community college system as a potential model for developing countries30
The writing process, whole language & literature, November/December, Motivating your students25
Thinking through the test a study guide to accompany The Florida college basic skills exit tests22
Turning corners, 2-2: workbook30
Understanding ISO 14001--building and implementing an effective environmental management system. TX 5-437-593 (2001) part 330
Une Feuille est tombee. w Yvan Morice, pseud. of Y. Hedelman, m Dany Dor, pseud. of Barbara Kaufman30
Using Biblical concepts within a para-church situation in helping children of divorced parents29
Vowel-team pictures for learning the sounds of the vowel teams, Teaching comprehension with nonfiction read-alouds26
(We are) one, Society, Mr. Nobody30
Wittgenstein notebooks, 1914-1916. By Basil Blackwell, edited and translated by G. E. M. Anscombe30
Young children's construction of physical knowledge on swings in the outdoor play environment part 230
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