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American Cowboy Music Company documents
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Away in a manger & 13 other titles part 230
Beep, beep, come riding in my car, Skin, Whatever30
Before the magic turns to memory, The Best that I can do, I dreamed about you26
Be still, my beating heart & 1 other title, Rhiannon & 7 other titles; songs, Lady30
Boots on the floor. By Francis E. Delaney, 1936-, Al Dero, Bernice Rickey, Do you know you are my sunshine?27
Christmas medley (traditional Christmas songs) Loris Holland, arr part 226
Churches are burning, Elizabeth30
Everything you see in your dreams ; Jesus is the answer everytime, I never once got tired of you30
Halfway home & 5 other titles part 230
Hard Rock Hotel ; Daddy's dream ; Wrangler walk, Daddy's dream, Dreams and fantasy30
Here we are & 2 other titles, Here we are part 230
Here we are ; Troubled together ; Your faith ; This moment we embrace, Here we are30
I believe in Santa since it started rainin' grits, Magnolia spray two, Summer picnic30
I don't know why (I just do) By Roy Turk & Fred E. Ahlert part 230
If I paid more attention to you. By Jimmy Fortune, You gave yourself away, I lost my heart to you27
Induced state anxiety and covert-overt anti-Black prejudice in intrinsically religious white Christian college students30
In the garden ; About my Father's business ; I'm gonna stand ... [et al.]30
Jingle bells through the ages30
Jingle bells (where the heart is) Arr. Eddie Layson30
Journey into his presence. By Tom Brooks, Grace and mercy. By Tom Brooks, His grace abounds30
Let's chase each other around the room & 1 other title, Weak at the knees & 6 other titles30
Our street (narration) & 1 other title, Too long ago. By Harold Reid & Donald Reid30
Right on the money, & other songs, Boxcar Willie, Cadillac lover28
Shenandoah. Adaptation & arr. Harold Reid, Lewis DeWitt, Don Reid & Phil Balsley30
The closer we get, the better we love, Almost in love, Where we gonna go from here?30
There's plenty of sap in the banana tree and plenty of sap in me; calypso. w & m Don Reid30
There's plenty of sap in the banana tree and plenty of sap in me; calypso. w & m Don Reid part 230
'Til the end. w & m James Ronald Pomarico (Jimmy Vincent, pseud.); m Matt O'Ree, 197230
When I take my vacation in heaven & 4 other titles, Walking heartache in disguise26
You're the first thing I want (but the last thing I need), Chet Atkins' hand, A Little farther down the road30
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