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Achieving excellence: a prescription for health care managers & 2 other titles, At achieving excellence30
A Commentary on the service for the Lord's day, I bow my knees, You are worthy, Lord29
A comparative analysis of the five-factor model of personality in accounting for the personality disorders30
A comparison of the experiences of John Sloan and honore Daumier and an examination of the influences of Daumier and other European artists on the images of Sloan28
Administrative opinions concerning utilization of marketing strategies in management of higher .30
African American's contributions to America. Compiled by Robert L. Jennings; illustrated by Carolyn Y. Williams part 230
An Occupational injury management information system for the .., Fiduciary audit annual report30
Apolipoprotein synthesis in peripheral tissues of mammals and avians, Caffeine, Luis de Florez and the Special Devices Division27
Application of the new (January 1980) regulations pertaining to foreign flag tank vessels trading in the United States30
Applications of ionspray tandem mass spectrometry to studies on the biological chemistry of isocynates30
Atomic and molecular physics of controlled thermonuclear fusion, Henry VIII, Mary, Queen of Scots30
British colonial rule and the resistance of the Malay peasantry, 1900-1957, Bisexuality in the ancient world30
Brujeria, a study of Mexican-American folk-magic and A Chicano book of shadows, The heart of knowledge28
Canciones de amor de amor de Carlos Ramos, How sweet it is without the sugar, Running Arizona29
Cardiovascular disease modules: 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 211, 212, 123, 124, 125, 216. (ECGs)018 & (motion studies) 019. Cardiac electrophysiology modules : 131, 132, 133, 134, 135. Critical care medicine modules : 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027. Endocrinology diabetes, and metablolism modules : 031, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036 part 230
Career beginnings, helping disadvantaged youth achieve their potential, Learning through laughter--again30
Chinese American acculturation, household income, parental education, and parent-child agreement on the child behavior checklist30
Communicating material noncompliance and material internal control weaknesses30
Compensation disclosure request for the customer, for the period of 01/01/2003 to 01/01/200430
Comprehensive analytical profiles of important pesticides, Carbohydrates and health27
David of Augsburg's "profectus religiosorum" in the middle English translation for the nuns of Syon Abbey30
Diabetes mellitus in adult health, pediatrics, and pregnancy30
Eating disorders in a select community sample of adolescent girls30
Eating healthy with diabetes type 1 and type 2. TX 4-501-147 (1999), Elastics, Palatal expander30
Eating well with diabetes: a guide to meal planning. TX 5-740-525 (2002), Eating well29
Electron microscopy studies of zirconia-alumina nanolaminates and nickel oxide surfaces30
Encyclopedia of religious controversies in the United States, Persons in relationship30
Ethical issues and perceptions of importance and frequency by adult educators in the cooperative extension system30
Experimental studies of fluctuations and transport at solid surfaces, Multiple model adaptive strategy for model predictive control30
Fetal alcohol syndrome--prevention diagnosis treatment, Audio cassette series30
Food allergy news special guide for elementary school principals, Alexander, the elephant who couldn't eat peanuts22
Food safety survey of low-income consumers related to hand washing, grocery shopping, and use of sponges and dishcloths30
Food safety training and sanitation inspection ratings in selected food service facilities30
Food service energy--a catalyst presentation for effective managerial policies, Single value nutrient allowances30
Food tips when you need to eat more ; Food tips to cut down on fat ; Food tips when you have high blood pressure30
Geochemistry and petrology of basaltic and plutonic rocks from Hayes transform region, mid-atlantic ridge30
Girl without hands ; Falling down ; Barefoot blues ... [et al.], Alphabet soup30
Guidelines for use of the exchange lists for low-sodium, lowfat meal planning. By the Long Island Dietetic Association of New York30
Guidelines for use of the exchange lists for low-sodium, lowfat meal planning. By the Long Island Dietetic Association of New York part 224
Handbook of pediatric nutrition, God's Paradise, A Rose divorced27
Healthy eating for life to prevent and treat diabetes30
Heavenly Huggable from "The Promise Land" collection by Tresonda LaRalle Thompson30
How do two communities of discourse view the motivations of Osama bin Laden versus individual suicide bombers targeting US interests? part 230
Influences of self-estimates of ability, subjective task values, and socioeconomic status on choices of major for women and men in a university setting30
Influence techniques of clinical dietitians when interacting .., Collection of accounts30
Instructional guide and solutions manual to accompany Current practices for interpreting engineering drawings30
Instructor's manual to accompany Fundamentals of physiological psychology, Richard L. Bruce part 230
Interviewing training manual for Arthur Murray Franchised Schools of Dancing30
Job descriptions, accommodations and performance evaluations of certified New Jersey public school employees30
Job title, software developer, location, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco offices20
Loma Linda University School of Nursing, Learning Assistance Program exam analysis30
Management of nutrition impact symptoms in cancer and educational handouts, Gardening made easy30
Manual of clinical dietetics. By the Chicago Dietetic Association & the South Suburban Dietetic Association30
Microcomputer simulations in business, individual diskette for use with the I M B [i.e. I B M] personal system/2 model 30 part 230
Migration of the Negro to Connecticut with some special attention to the New Britain area30
No other master. By Lew T. King. (In Gospel choir, Jan.-Mar. 1987), Choices30
On the dynamics of phase transitions and the nonequilibrium formation of topological defects30
On the night before Christmas when every creature is stirring!, Rating the movies30
Pediatric diabetes health care reference and client education handouts, Urticaria & angioedema (C)30
Pickles & ice cream; the complete guide to nutrition during pregnancy. By Mary Abbott Hess & Anne Elise Hunt29
Planning food facilities for health care institutions, Audio cassette series30
Predicting engineering technology student success using statistical success probabilities and multivalued-logic success possibilities25
Preparation and characterization of the phases formed by the reactions of transition metal precursors with magnesium oxide, gamma aluminum oxide and magnesium aluminum oxide, and preparation and characterization of titanium(IV) oxide photocatalysts part 330
Principles of good care in the management of non-insulin-dependent (type II) diabetes mellitus30
Proceedings of the ... annual meeting - National Academy of Arbitrators, The Daisy chain30
Proceedings of the S P I E Advanced Institute on Transformations in Optical Signal Processing30
Productivity and cost containment in public agency food service; implementing a convenience food service system in the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital at Nassau Bay, Texas. By Edward Robert Tate part 330
Quality assurance and certification of safety and pollution prevention equipment used in offshore oil and gas operations part 330
Quality assurance and certification of safety and pollution prevention equipment used in offshore oil and gas operations part 430
Registration examination for dietitians, October 21, 1995, administration: test forms 2951-2956. By Commission on Dietetic Registration30
Registration of updates to automated database titled The Cortland County of Realtors multiple listing service for the period 10/1/98 to 12/31/98 part 330
Registration of updates to automated database titled The Cortland County of Realtors multiple listing service for the period 10/1/98 to 12/31/98 part 430
Reimbursement capabilities of transition I: a guide for modeling net revenue, participant's guidebook30
Ring around a rainbow: a musical health and safety show, How the turtle got its shell30
Role delineation and verification for entry-level positions in foodservice systems management19
Role delineation methodology in the allied health professions, The Collective works of Russ Armstrong30
Role delineation study for entry-level registered dieticians, entry-level dietetic technicians, and beyond-entry-level registered dieticians part 230
Sediment shape variability in Chesapeake Bay analyzed using Fourier and fractal methods part 230
Simulations in American history 1-1865: should the southern states be readmitted to the Union? By IBM, John E. Semonche & University of North Carolina30
Snack attacks are okay, Under your thumb, Joey's camel25
Soul and traditional Southern food practices, customs, and holidays, Indian & Pakistani food practices, customs, and holidays30
Standards of practice for professional land surveyors in the State of Alaska30
Staying healthy at 40 and beyond--the nutrition bible for baby boomers in an ageless America30
Study guide and working papers to accompany Office accounting [by] Rocco M. Santoro, Douglas Cloud, Edwin D. Walters, Don R. Cook28
Synthesis of results from scientific drilling in the Indian Ocean, The Noise, Ground work30
Teaching suggestions, questions, and problems for managing engineering and research30
Test bank to accompany Fundamental financial accounting concepts, fourth edition [by] Thomas P. Edmonds, Frances M. McNair, Edward E. Milam, Philip R. Olds30
The American Diabetes Association/the American Dietetic Association family cookbook23
The American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association family cookbook part 230
The American Heritage Larousse Spanish dictionary: Spanish/English, English/Spanish. TX 1-963-420 part 230
The competitive edge for audiologists negotiating with managed care organizatons30
The early Harrods Creek settlements and the Kentucky branch of the Chamberlain family30
The Effect of a health risk appraisal with personalized conferences on .., Nutrition guide29
The Effects of modeling and reinforcement on geriatric nursing home residents in a foster grandparent program30
The essential guide to the best (and worst) legal sited on the web. TX 5-509-913 (2002)30
The Financial development of India, Japan, and the United States, Horace Walpole's correspondence30
The Illustrated MS-DOS-WordStar handbook, with MailMerge and SpellStar operations part 230
The Meaning of "secret political societies" within the declaration of rights of the North Carolina consititution21
The Relationship between Jewish denominations and attitudes .., Did ya understand that?30
The relationship between self-perception of a learning disability, domain-specific self-concept, general self-worth and social support29
The Week of December 24th (love brings in the new), Epilogue to my "Requiem to my beloved."30
Transparency masters to accompany An Introduction to management science, fourth edition, quantitative approaches to decision making [by] David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 530
Unfolding and stability properties of iron-sulfur ferredoxins from the hyperthermophilic bacterium Aquifex aeolicus30
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