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A Descriptive study of male and female speech stereotypes on selected .., Current themes in psychiatry30
A dual-pump cars system for the simultaneous detection of nitrogen and methane, Psychiatric care of the medical patient30
Aemiliana Loehr's theology of liturgical worship, Dear Daddy, Please be my daddy27
A Genealogical outline of certain branches of the Jacobs, Dillard, and related families30
An 800,000-year paleoclimatic record from Core OL-92, Owens Lake, southeast California30
An analysis of serial technique in Webern's Cantatata number two and Stravinsky's "Canticum sacrum" with implications for performance part 330
An empirical investigation of the relationships between individual and firm characteristics and reduced audit quality30
Argentinian politics in Beatriz Guido's triology, Fin de fiesta, El Incendio y las visperas and Escandalos y soledades30
Biological and neurobehavioral studies of borderline personality disorder, Understanding and treating violent psychiatric patients22
Borderline personality disorder, its relation to the major psychoses and other .30
Boruch habo b'shem adonoy; processional for the bride. From Songs and processionals for a Jewish wedding. For mixed voices S.A.T.B. with piano or organ acc. By Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco30
Central nervous system actions of 2,5-bis(3,4-dimethoxybenzyl) cyclopentyl amine, a peripheral .27
Certification, recertification, and lifetime learning in psychiatry, Neuropsychiatric dementias30
Child and adolescent mental health consultation in hospitals, schools, and courts30
Clinical manual for assessment and treatment of suicidal patients, Over-the-counter drugs30
Consumer participation in planning services for older persons, a case study of an area agency .28
Contributions to the biology and the management of the carob .., Spirit of the Tao te ching30
Countertransference experiences in the analysis of religious material in psychoanalytic psychotherapy30
Defining, developing, and implementing a statement of mission for the .., Self-assessment of current knowledge in psychiatry30
Differences between N D S L defaulters and nondefaulters in a specific .., The Personality self-portrait25
Directory of conservative and libertarian serials, publishers, and freelance markets26
Dorg--the man-eating crawfish from Kelly High, The last witness, Rocky monkey30
Effects of exercise and vitamin-B12 supplementation on the depression scale .., My wedding vow23
Effects of marketing and program structure on curriculum and enrollment in precollegiate summer programs30
Fatal flaws of personality and character that ruin relationships and destroy lives25
Financing multifamily rental housing: the changing role of lenders and investors part 230
Great dumping state of Nevada, that glow ain't Vegas, baby, American psychologist22
Hallucinations of suicidal and non-suicidal schizophrenics30
Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems30
Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems part 230
Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems part 330
Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems part 430
Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems part 630
Influences on ethical decision making among practicing school psychologists, Living with lupus30
Instructor's manual and test questions to accompany Betz, Hunsberger, and Wright Family-centered nursing care for children, 2nd edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany John P. Houston's Fundamentals of learning and memory, second edition30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Contemporary industrial/organizational psychology, second edition [by] L. N. Jewell, Marc Siegall ; prepared by Timothy K. DeChenne30
Instructor's solutions manual to accompany Fourier series and boundary value problems, sixth edition [by] James Ward Brown, Ruel V. Churchill part 330
Integrated product design and manufacturing using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing part 230
International medical graduates in psychiatry in the United States, Addictive behavior26
Interviewer's guide to the structured clinical interview for DSM-IV dissociative disorders (SCID-D) part 230
Intradistrict and interdistrict consistency among teachers, principals, and district policy regarding kindergarten retention criteria27
Inventory of the barrier islands and barrier beaches of the States of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut part 227
Lecture notes on An Interpretation of a map of Zarahemla and the land northward as described in The Book of Mormon28
Luxury goods from Ras Shamra-Ugarit and their role in the international relations of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East during the late bronze age part 330
Man & woman, boy & girl: differentiation and dimorphism of gender identity from conception to maturity27
Mental health assessment and therapeutic intervention with older adults, Healing the emotions25
(Mockin' bird a-singin' in) the hangman's tree. Words & music: Donald Robert Black, arr. Michael Train30
Multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and other gifts I have received30
Nationalism, race consciousness and the constructions of Black middle class masculinity during the New Negro Era, 1915-193030
Never say horses; The Triangle Club of Princeton University presents its 60th annual production. Words: Robert S. Goldman, words & music: John F. Ball, Ned Snyder & Sam VanCulin, Jr., music: Glenn Paxton30
Obsessive-compulsive disorder: providing care and support. TX 6-006-086 (2004)30
On the nature of the animus. The Anima as an elemental being. By Emma Jung, Animus translated by Cary F. Baynes, Anima translated by Hildegard Nagel30
Outcome-based recovery education program for high school students predisposed to the disease of addiction with spiritual deficiencies30
Panic disorder: a clinical view. By Abbot Lee Granoff, Muse for the blues, International waters26
Parental influence in the development of religious values among selected adolescents in church education part 230
Pope, council, and world; the story of Vatican II. By Robert Blair Kaiser, I do30
Posttraumatic stress disorder in women breast cancer survivors treated with high-dose chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic progenitor stem cell transplant30
Practical applications of psychotropic drugs and other biological treatments, Research in neurosis26
Practical clinical strategies in treating depression and anxiety disorders in a managed care environment30
Samuel Gridley Howe: social reformer, 1801-1876. By Harold Schwartz, Edmund Ruffin and the crisis of slavery in the Old South28
Schedule for affective disorders and schizophrenia--lifetime version (modified for the study of anxiety disorders) part 330
School social skills (S [superscript]3) rating scale and school social skills (S3) manual27
School violence and student achievement in reading and mathematics among eighth graders26
Sexual excitement, sexual peace. By Suzanne Sarnoff & Irving Sarnoff, Observing the erotic imagination30
Sharing your life with me, *Removed*, Get off of my case30
Special problems and considerations in counseling the lesbian client, Color, Photographing nature24
SSP/RES Research. By Waights Anderson, Ina Bechoefer, Jeffrey Lebowitz, Maxine Anderson30
Standard form of letter agreement between client and engineer for forensic engineering services30
Status generalization and performance expectation effects of sex role .., Family violence/spanish30
Study guide to The American Pshcyiatric Press textbook of consultation-liaison psychiatry30
Study guide to Treatments of psychiatric disorders, second edition, Psychiatry and the cinema26
The 2001 principle: a thesis on human psychology. By Mark Goldenson (pseud.) and Gary Robinson part 230
The American Heritage Larousse Spanish dictionary: Spanish/English, English/Spanish. TX 1-963-42030
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of anxiety disorders, Cognitive science and the unconscious27
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry, Sweet feelin'30
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of suicide assessment and management part 230
The Cultural evolution of ancient Nahua civilizations, the Pipil-Nicarao of Central America part 230
The Distribution and taxonomy of selected malvaceae occurring in .., God complex30
The impact of structured controversy versus concurrence-seeking in AIDS, alcohol abuse, and cigarette smoking education30
The longrifles of western Pennsylvania, Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, The sky sings27
The Molecular basis for loss of thymidine kinase activity in .., Clinical management of sexual disorders25
The relationship between exercise and coronary artery disease risk factors in fire fighters26
The relationship between gross domestic product and the value of manufactured exports for seven selected United States trading-partner countries for 1967-1987 part 530
Treating mental illness and behavior disorders in children and adults with mental retardation30
Understanding attention deficit disorder and addiction, Answers to distraction, Driven to distraction27
Understanding the relationships between bone strength, fracture risk, and the effects of antiresorptive therapy (white paper) part 224
Who's that walking down by the river? w & m Paul Worthington (Paul Clayton) & Frank Galumbeck (Frank Whitney, pseud.)30
Women and men Illinois public school superintendents perspectives on access to and gender-equity achievement in the superintendency30
Working together to expand rotational molding opportunities30
Youth violence prevention in school-based after-school programs, Office treatment of schizophrenia30
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