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A cure for today & 479 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Cathedral, Life is just a game30
All I want is you ; Day before yesterday ; State of main ; Animals30
An interdisciplinary theoretical framework for the mailed questionnaire process and the development of a theory on immediacy and salience as significant variables of response rates30
Baby, you've got it made. w & m (new m & rev. w) Bennie Benjamin & Sol Marcus, Shop 'til you drop fairytales collection27
"Bodies in motion" activities for young children, Just ask, Lazarus tunes27
Broken ; Thank you for your love, It's not just make believe, Naked30
Butterfly part 1230
Can U feel it? By Robert Lee Green, Jr., Clinton Sands & Mark Cross30
Charles M. Russell, 1864-1926, paintings, drawings, and sculpture in the collection of The R. W. Norton Art Gallery, Shreveport, Louisiana30
Coming home when you sing, and other songs, Coming home30
Commit thy way/Reach your hand ; He careth for you ; Oh, how he loves you and me30
Dance with the one (who brought you here) ; A mother's touch ; The highchair, Love was spoken here30
Don't wanna be alone (on a night like this), Chasin' the wind, Between hello & goodbye30
Don't you cry, Ukraino! w & m Joy M. Sias, 1937- (a.k.a. Joy Brittan); arr. Ty Lemley30
Eleven roses ; Till I get over you ; State of mind, Till I get over you, Have we forgotten what love is?25
Fanatic (P'taah future soul mix) ; Fanatic (Francios K + Eric Kupper classic vocal mix)30
Feline to the core & 1 other title. Composed by Sarah Theresa Hudson, with co-composers as noted30
Find my way back to my heart30
Freak of nature (live from Japan 9/12/02) By Anastacia, Fixing Frank, The real Waldo29
From the bass of my heart to you, my love, Esperanza, Stay30
Go to hell ; Innuendo ; Over and out ... [et al.], Flowers in the attic, Overview of geriatric psychopathology29
Hot love. By Michael Bolton & Martin Briley, The massage, So much it hurts30
How did you know? ; You don't have to tell me ; Nothing but talk ... [et al.], Mother of all the blues30
How do I say goodbye? By Mary Unobsky, Michael O'Hara & Denise Rich, I'm thru, Missin' you30
I control your body, One night30
I don't care that you don't mind ; On and on ; The day we never met ... [et. al.]30
In the beginning ; The Incarnation ; The King of Kings ... [et al.]30
I've had enough (of all these heartaches), Why does love come so easy?, Cee, dee, bee rock30
Joy ; One more night, Jerusalem ; Devil, look out ; He promised and I believe, My confession30
Just another girl & 4 other titles, Deadly fer de lance, She said30
Just give yourself to me, and 3 other selections, Dance (like nobody's watching us)30
Just give yourself to me, and 3 other selections, Smooth girl, Tick boom27
Killing me for love, Houston30
Licence to kill. By U/A Music, Inc., as employer for hire of Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen & Walter Afanasieff30
Little things. By India Arie Simpson, Anthony Roberson, Sharon Sanders. (In Voyage to India)30
Love is all (shine your light on me) PA 744-906 (1994), Love is all30
Love melts even the coldest hearts, The sparrow, The sparrow. TX 4-411-520 (1996)30
Make God laugh ; You only believe what you want to believe ; Numb heart ; Supermarket part 330
Make or Break Productions presents Street soldiers, Free man of color, Elvis's baby30
Nadie me quiere como tu (everything), One last stop, Feel that natural ; Two way street30
National income and the price level; a study in macroeconomic theory, After it's over this time30
Never say never (when it comes to love)30
Never victorious, never defeated. By Taylor Caldwell a.k.a. Janet Reback, Looking for a place to land30
Only forever. w & m Tina Shafer, Peter Zizzo & Russ DeSalvo, Spell it out, We need wings30
Organic electronic spectral data. Vol. 7: 1964-1965. Edited by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., employer for hire of John P. Phillips, Joseph C. Dacons & Rip G. Rice30
Rain (the way to your heart) By Bob Brockman, Jon Paul Molfetta, 1977-, Rich Molfetta, 1977 part 230
Runnin' back home (to you) By Robert Gene Belew & Carl Belew, Tabu30
Sometimes a mind changes ; I ain't gonna take it this time ; Everywhere I look ; Halfway there30
Song for you ; The only way to fly ; Rock is dead ... [et al.]30
Stay true & 3 other titles, Tomorrow bound, Time, love and money30
Suicide bomber's convention, and 17 other selections, Love is all, Love is the doctrine of the church30
Thank you for the use of your love. By Dennis Lambert & Careers Music, employer for hire of Peter Beckett30
The Effects of pronounceability and familiarity on visual feature .., Michelle Wright greatest hits27
The game is over ; The two of us, Messed around, What she got27
[The greatest star of all ; The greatest star of all (reprise) ; Girl meets boy ... [et al.]]30
The man who could fall backwards, Paid my dues, Top of the morning30
The most beautifullest thing in the world, Get right, [Get right]25
The True life stories of Maxie II, She wants it all, Black cars30
The way I feel about you ; Negative jerk ; Stop & think it over ... [et al.]30
They always seem to look like Marianne. By Jimmy Stewart & Douglas (Doug) Ashdown30
Time of your life, & 1 other selection30
T.J.R./ Richard Skowronski, I like you30
Tommy Kay/Steven Seagal collection, Nabori-Ryu, the ascending dragon, Makoto28
Trouble in mind ; When I look in the mirror, Caught up in the rapture, Revancha de amor30
Una noche mas. By Luis Aponte. (In Un estilo propio), Noche de estrella, Una Esperanza30
Un Folleto practico para refugiados latinoamericanos, Sweet thing, Flexin'30
Waiting for my ship ; On dry ground ; That's when Jesus will ... [et al.]30
Watching the world go by ; Ain't it enough30
What change have you made lately?, Worth the pain, Yo, yo, yo28
What's too much? By William "Smokey" Robinson, Ivory Stone, Pepi Talbert & Lonnie Kirtz30
What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God!30
Where the little girl ends, the woman begins, Buyin' time, Out of sight29
Wherever you go. By David Thomas, Jeremy Lubbock, Alan Bergman & Marilyn Bergman part 230
Wilder's little helpers, Now I know30
You did it & 36 other titles, Magnolia Street, The laughing woman30
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