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2 songs by Butler, Butler and Merlino, 10 songs from "Fast, long, loud", MONEY30
Ain't had no good time & 109 other titles, Alfie, Alfalfa's march30
All for Leyna & 7 other titles, Ditmouse Avenue, Cosmic night experience30
An Interdisciplinary approach to reading and mathematics, Keep your dreams alive30
Another day in the life of a fool & 74 other titles, Another day part 330
Appalachia (got to have you feelin' in my bones) By Bud McGuire, Dean Dillon & Buddy Cannon part 330
Baby, come back & 10 other titles part 230
Ballad of Mott the Hoople. w & m Ian Hunter, Verden Allen, Terry Griffith, Mick Ralphs, Peter Overend Watts30
Better get your thing together. m Kenny Burrell & Johnny Pate, Blues for Skeeter. m Kenny Burrell (Kenneth Burrell)30
Big stick. By Larry Goodman, 1952-, Gerry Sander, Jr., 1951-, Monte Porenta, 1953-, Kevin Lewis, 1962-, Maurice Evans, 1956-, Bud Gauntlett, 1960 part 230
Blame it on the rain & 5 other titles24
Blue summer song ; Carolina sunshine ; Midnight loneliness, Blue summer, OT24
Central Park and west & 12 other titles28
Come away with me & 2 other titles, Come to bed, Come to bed tonight30
Dance music in all its rhythms. Book I. Trombone book (bass clef) Music: Charles Shavers, and others, foreword & compilation: staff of Leeds Music Corporation, arr. of music for trombone (bass clef), baritone horn (bass clef), cello, bassoon, plus vocal part (melody with lyrics): Roger Segure part 225
Destination unknown ; Bozzio, Bozzio, Cuccurullo ; [performed by] Missing Persons. No way out30
Don't trust that woman & 1 other title, Forever or never, Sacrifice the fool30
Down to nothing with nothing to loose [sic], Rather drown, Dead end town30
Everybody loves you, baby. w & m Sonny Sheets (Charles W. Sheets)30
Five knuckle shuffle. By Dave Taylor & Steve Mitchell, Saving my love for you, Calabasas30
Flowers that bloom in the spring, Finger pickin' good, Follow30
Gettin' close to God ; Love button ; Laughing place ... [et al.], Description, procedures, and rules for the game of "Dubitare."26
Give me love ; Whispers in the night ; Running home30
Hear a Christian roar, and 7 other selections, Pretty little love song, Tell me that's the way it will be30
Heartbeat part 830
Heavenly bodies. Co-writer, Gary L. Usher30
Here I am part 1030
He's done a real good job (taking care of me) By Levoy Dewey & Cleon Dewey, You're not here on accident ... you're here on assignment30
Hot summer night; a play in three acts. By Ted Willis25
I don't look like you? Can you love me anyway?, Perfection, Blood type29
If I forget & 37 other titles, If I forget, If I knew what I know now30
I'll be waiting (right here) By Dexter Wansel & Bunny Sigler part 230
I'll get to you ; Black top county road ; Don't change horses ... [et al.], No reply, & other songs30
I'll never say no. From the Broadway musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown. S.A.T.B. arr. Frank Music Corporation-Rinimer Corporation, employer for hire of Marcel G. Frank30
I'm feeling for you (but I can't reach you) Words by Jewell F. Kibler, music by Katherine Adelman30
I'm sorry (for not feeling sorry tonight, Bring back yesterday, Hollywood's dream27
Interlude--una dia en la officia, Get your love. By Russ Ballard, Touch you24
In the heat of our argument, I forgot to mention one very important item .., In the heat30
In the heat of the morning. Arr. for voice & piano with guitar chords: David Bowie30
I really think that I love you, Heart beat, My heart stands alone30
It's your move. By The Canonie Companies, Inc30
Jealous. By Wiz Kid Music (employer for hire of Bryan L. Hudson a.k.a. Bryan Loren a.k.a. Basil Lordsby) & Mic Murphy30
Just give me one good person & 38 other titles, Steady drivin' man, Soul twist28
Keep the change. w & m Liz Anderson & Casey Anderson30
Keep the faith and keep trusting in God's word30
Keep the light burning, American; unison with optional 2nd part. By M. Witmark & Sons, employer for hire of Jean Reynolds Davis & Kim Gannon, m Guy Wood part 225
Lady from the country (of eleven hundred ...) Written by Evans & Jay, Let's be alone together30
Last chance (the cleanup song) By Bobby Hammack & Tom Adair, Last chance part 630
Last girl in the bar & 5 other titles, Elevator, Blue dancer & 4 other titles23
Limbo for lovers. Arr. & added m ASA Music Company, employer for hire of Ernie Freeman & Marilynn Garrett30
Little old heartache maker. w & m Bobby Bond a.k.a. Robert Reinhardt, Strong unity, & 1 other song30
Lock, lock, lock your heart. Words & music: Ray Rivera, Sandy Nelson, pseud. of Joseph Egnatzik & Clarence Rollie Holocher part 230
Lovers again & 1 other title30
Make it last all night30
Making love ain't no fun (without the one you love), part II, Making love part 230
Midnight lady. By Michael Diamond, pseud. of Michael Gargano, & Michael Prince30
Musica Britannica; a national collection of music. Transcription & editing: David Brown, Walter Collins & Peter LeHuray30
Never too much & 6 other titles26
Off and on, in and out, up and down, back and forth, Not my girl, The only name I know30
One voice, one heart (a song for humanity), This will always be my baby's tune, Divide and conquer27
Out of sight (out of mind) By Philip Gould, Mark King & Michael Lind part 330
Pink & 3 other titles, My love is waiting. RE 654-052 (1994), I wanna break down with you28
Power is. Take it now. Artist: Stephen Cohn, sound recording Motown Record Corporation30
Praise and worship collection no. 3, The Highest praise, It's just Jesus28
Pretty lady (star) By Eddie Rabbitt, Stevens & D. Malloy, Pretty lady, Massage from a stranger30
Protestant concepts of church and state. By Thomas G. Sanders, Creature feature30
Rachmaninoff: andante cantabile from Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini (Somewhere in time) From album Classics of the silver screen (classical music popularized by the...)30
See my way. Arr. for voice & piano with guitar chords: Roger Daltrey, McVicar, The House that bled to death30
She's my girlfriend & 20 other titles30
Silent treatment & 2 other titles, Don't stop praying for me, Your love amazes me30
Somebody bad stole de wedding bell. Words: Bob Hilliard (Robert Hilliard), music: Dave Mann30
Someday we'll be together. From album I've been lonely for so long, Two step to the bad situation23
Songs by Gary and Kim Bunning, vol. 1. By Kimberly K. Bunning & Gary L. Bunning30
Songs by Kelly Meehan, Danny Palomo & Deborah Fontana, Crazy in the night (barking at airplanes)30
Songs written by Andy Pratt and included in album entitled "Andy Pratt--motives."30
Songs written by Gary O'Connor which are included in album entitled "Gary O'", Boulevard queen27
Speak of the devil (and he will rise) Co-writer, D. DeJoe part 223
Stormbringer collection. Music: John Andrew McIntosh, 1965, You stopped loving me30
The Actress & 79 other titles, The Actress, The continental30
The Collective works of Mark Steven Clarke, 1978-1980, Have a hard time (lover), I won't be coming back30
The Devil has work for idle hands, Promise me, Red light, green light30
The Golden stamp book of rocks and minerals. No. P-52. By Simon and Schuster, Inc. & Artists and Writers Press, Inc., employers, Paul R. Shaffer, Matthew Kalmenoff & Raymond Perlman, employees30
The Last night of a jockey. By Cayuga Productions, Inc, My name's Hyde, Two drifting people30
The main ingredient. w Jacqueline Dalya Hilliard, m Michael King, Afraid to live alone30
These times (seem like the hardest in my life), These times, You're gonna know what losing's all about28
Too much no more, Day to day, After the storm30
Transatlantic voyageurs, 1767-1785, Hussy, Alphabet city27
Wake me up (then go to sleep again), Waiting for the axe to fall, Want to go walking30
Ways of the world. Written by Joseph E. Thurman, 1969-, & Christopher Neil Mayers, 197030
When keepin' up starts gettin' you down & 2 other titles, Pancho and Lefty. From album Whole world round30
Who do you love? Writers: Ellis McDaniels & Chris Langdon30
Who will answer? English w Sheila Davis, m L. E. Aute (Louis Eduardo Aute Gutierrez)30
Will you? By Kerry Kurt Phillips, Andy Spooner & Howard Perdew, Will you? w & m Jimmy Duncan23
You know it feels like Christmas, You know it, I love you, girl, I need you now30
You'll never know (all there is to know 'bout my love) By John Whitehead, Gene McFadden & Victor Carstarphen part 430
Your side, my side, and the truth. w & m Peter J. Newland, 1948, Southern lady, Teardrop falls30
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