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A Harmony of the Gospels, with explanations and essays, based on the harmonies by John A. Broadus and A. T. Robertson and using the text of the New International Version30
Analysis, modeling, and control of three-phase, four-wire UPS style sinewave inverters for unbalanced/non-linear loads part 330
An Analysis of California administrative code education criteria for admission .30
Answer key to accompany An introduction to language, sixth edition, An Introduction to language28
A study of knowledge, attitudes and reported practices on HIV/AIDS amongst general practitioners in Calcutta, India27
A study of supervisory managers' attitudes towards AIDs and employees diagnoses with AIDs30
Balance of payments, exchange rates & competitiveness in transition economics, Critical chain project management30
Barriers influencing implementation of the National Science Education Standards by middle school teachers engaged in collaborative professional development30
Broadband coding, modulation, and transmission engineering, Wideband communications systems30
Business process reengineering for quality improvement / prepared by Reliability Analysis Center (BPRQ) TX 4-193-83230
Business strategies used by leaders of successful companies in ornamental horticulture24
Caricature of a person with a primary characteristic of roundness (as in a ball or sphere)28
Carry my tears ; Their price to pay ; Keep on keeping on ... [et al.], The call, Ride30
Cellular radiotelecommunications intersystem operations--over-the-air service provisioning (OTASP) & parameter administration (OTAPA)29
Changes in youth morality: what caused them? By David Barton, Impeachment!, The spiritual heritage of the United States Capitol30
Changes in youth morality: what caused them? By David Barton, Methods and techniques of radar recognition30
Client/server computing with VM/ESA as part of the open enterprise, How to make your small computer pay off26
Commandes logiques programmables--principes, programmation et depannage = version francaise de Programmable logic controls--fundamentals, programming, and troubleshooting26
Communication and interaction patterns in normal adoptive families Christina Lindstrom part 230
Communication and language intervention program (C L I P) for individuals with moderate to severe handicaps30
Communication, control, and computer access for disabled and elderly individuals30
Communications (A T A number 23) cockpit voice recorder relocated power source--modification part 230
Computer-aided design of microelectronic circuits and systems, fundamentals, methods and tools, digital-circuit aspects and state of the art30
Computer simulation of aerial target radar scattering, recognition, detection and tracking30
Computer simulation of aerial target radar scattering, recognition, detection and tracking part 230
Computer simulation of aerial target radar scattering, recognition, detection and tracking part 430
Computer typing for beginners and hunt-and-peck typists, Come baby, K*song "2", "3."30
Conductivity and permittivity measurements of fast ion conductors in .., Array processors and the role of floating point systems ($30)26
Contemporary collection for piano students. By Frances Goldstein, with F. Larimer, J. Ross & H. Weiss, compilation, editing, artwork & music: A. Kern & Summy-Birchard Company part 330
Data network design and performance optimiz(s)ation, Internet and intranet security27
Daywear standards for the successful Washington man, vol. 1, no. 1, Nov. 25, 1991 part 230
Decision making processes of municipal-level economic development agencies in the allocation of real estate and economic development subsidies part 230
Description, rules, and chart of the game (Octs n'Squares), Octagons and Squares part 230
Distance learning students' perceptions of the online instructor roles and competencies30
Distributed systems executive version 3, preparing and tracking transmission plans, licensed program, release 2 part 230
Effective parent involvement in secondary schools of Texas identified as exemplary, 1982-1989 part 330
Electromagnetic fields in unconventional materials and structures, Biomembrane electrochemistry30
Electromagnetics of inertial energy storage systems with fast electromechanical energy conversion26
Electronic payment systems support/check processing control system, 3890 feature, and deposit processing feature30
Exploring applicant reactions to selection processess from an organizational justice perspective25
Fifty-fifty; a basic course in communicative English. By Warren Wilson, Roger Barnard30
Five- and six-membered compounds with nitrogen and oxygen (excluding oxazoles) Edited by Richard H. Wiley30
Fragment of a diary found on Ellesmere Island, Wine to blood, Rain in the hollows30
Fundamentals of nonlinear behavioral modeling for RF and microwave design, Misbehave25
Gribble-grabble is a fun, recognition, color game, for 2 to 6 players, ages 4 through 1030
Handbook of circuit mathematics for technical engineers, Authoring interactive multimedia24
Handbook of computer simulation in radio engineering, communications, and radar, Optical measurement techniques and applications30
Handbook of satellite communication. By Artech House, employer for hire of Donald M. Jansky30
Handbook of satellite communication. By Artech House, employer for hire of Donald M. Jansky part 230
Handbook of wood and wood-based materials for engineers, architects, and builders30
Health locus-of-control, coping ability, and perceived .., The Day the bridge collapsed30
Herpes lament. w & m David M. Parham, 1951-; m Marcus R. Taylor, 1949, Eleven years strong I27
Implementing and integrating product data management and software configuration management30
Information warehouse storage management guidelines and considerations, Propaganda, Inc25
Instructor's manual to accompany Leadership, enhancing the lessons of experience, by Richard L. Hughes, Robert C. Ginnett, Gordon J. Curphy part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany The successful engineer, Be gone, The urge30
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany American education foundations and policy [by] John H. Walker, Ernest J. Kozma, Robert P. Green, Jr part 630
Instructor's resource manual with tests to accompany Algebra by example, California real property remedies practice27
Instrumentation in the food and pharmaceutical industries, 1985, Service management30
Intelligent vehicle technology and trends, Puzzling times, Jerry Guanawitzky25
International environmental fate and ecological effects chemical testing requirements30
Introduction to infrared and electro-optical systems, Testify, The sweetest illusion30
Introduction to the Transaction edition, Max Weber on modern Western capitalism30
Justice Texas style compliments of the great Windle Turley, et al, Twisted levels and expansions30
[Letter describing National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference brochure on travelers' diarrhea]30
Long distance mothers--attributions and consequences of nonresidential mothering part 230
Measurements of hadronic B decays to excited charm mesons, observation of a new charm resonance and construction of a silicon vertex detector for CLEO II.V part 230
Microfilm edition of the William Lloyd Garrison papers, 1833-1882, Layman, look up! God has a place for you30
Microwave and millimeter-wave heterostructure transistors and their applications30
Microwave and millimeter-wave heterostructure transistors and their applications part 230
Microwave differential circuit design using mixed-mode S-parameters, David LeVine's Funny songs29
Midtown Electronics automated accounting for the microcomputer, driver diskette for use with Apple II Plus, DOS 31330
Mineralogy; an introduction to the study of minerals and crystals. By Edward Henry Kraus, Walter Fred Hunt & Lewis Stephen Ramsdell30
Nanocrystals, and organic and hybrid nanomaterials, 4, 7-8 August 2003, San Diego, California, USA30
Nanometer-size fiber composite synthesis by laser-induced reactions, Nanotechnology and the environment30
Nanotechnology applications to telecommunications and networking, Enterprise networking with SNA type 2.1 nodes25
New American additions and renovations, Broadband networking ABC'S, Multimedia networking handbook, 199925
New Directions in Satellite Communications--Challenges for North and South, Guardians29
Nichols, McHargue, Loveland and allied families in America, containing descendants of Reuben Nichols, Alexander McHargue I, Thomas Loveland29
Open source solutions for small business problems, Open source, Caldera OpenLinux system administration unleashed26
Opinions concerning educational goals for learners among students, teachers, parents, and business community members in a selected school district in a southern state part 330
Optimization and stabilization of surface-emitting and self-pulsating semiconductor lasers for communication and microwave applications30
Participant's exercise resource file to accompany The Retirement success profile and the fifteen factors of retirement success part 330
PC Bullet, version 1.1 & 1 other title; computer programs, Radar system analysis30
Personal communications AS/400 and 3270 for Windows 95, client/server communications programming, version 4.130
Petrology of pinnacle reefs in the Guelph formation (Niagran), northern .., Indian fishing30
Principles and analysis of AIGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors, Asychronous transfer mode networks30
Principles and analysis of AIGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors, How to become a hero by writing fantastic technical proposals30
Principles of business communication [by] Ronald E. Dulek, John S. Fielden, Evil woman. w & m Lydia Peppi19
Propagation doppler effect (with description of a more orderly universe), Astro-3D software30
Proper E&M documentation of the established patient using history and complexity of decision making only using the 1997 version of F&M documentation guidelines part 330
Quantitative structure-activity relationships for pollution prevention, toxicity screening, risk assessment, and Web applications part 230
Que seja eu. Portuguese words & music: Marino DoEspirito Santo Pinto & Mario Rossi22
Radar sensor technology VIII and passive millimeter-wave imaging technology VII: 14-15 April 2004, Orlando, Florida, USA25
Regional and statewide computerization for Pennsylvania trial and appellate courts30
REZA--interactive PC program for microstrip design, Notes on microwave circuits, FOAM28
Selected orchestral works of Thomas J. Anderson, Arthur Cunningham, Talib Rasul Hakim, and .28
Selective optical surfaces for solar energy converters = Selektivnye opticheskie poverkhnosti preobrazovatelei solnechnoi energii20
Semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices for long-wavelength infrared detectors part 230
Semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices for long-wavelength infrared detectors part 330
Semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices for long-wavelength infrared detectors part 430
Si usted esta confiando en que su religion o sus bienas acciones o simplemente en su creencia en Dios le aseguran e Cielo prometido, Dios tiene otra repuesta para usted30
SPOLYNS (solution of polynomials); computer program for the solution of polynomials30
Statistical and adaptive signal processing spectral estimation, signal modeling, adaptive filtering and array processing30
Statistical and adaptive signal processing spectral estimation, signal modeling, adaptive filtering and array processing part 230
Statistical and adaptive signal processing spectral estimation, signal modeling, adaptive filtering and array processing part 330
Storytelling's evocative power as an opening to foundational life call, In search of solutions30
Strategies for success South Carolina Palmetto achievement challenge tests (PACT) part 230
Strength training and conditioning for basketball featuring Ralph Sampson's training program27
Structural change and the choice of appropriate monetary targets, General processes of radiotracer localization30
Studies of the ontogeny and structure of phloem in young sporophytes of the tree ferns28
Surveillance and monitoring of explosive, chemical, biological and nuclear hazards30
Systems engineering approach to model and analyze the performance of containerized shipping and its interdependencies with the United States critical infrastructure part 225
Teacher's manual and testing program for Contemporary algebra, book 1; including chapter tests, mid-year test, and final examination. By Rolland R. Smith, Francis G. Lankford, Jr., & Joseph N. Payne part 330
Telecommuting and its effects on the superior/subordinate relationship and job satisfaction27
Teleconferencing product test lab compatibility & functionality test outline, The Teleconferencing handbook25
Terrestrial controls on the biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen in streams of the central Amazon basin, Brazil30
The Caregiver's companion: a practical guide to food, feeding, and community resources. By Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center30
The Christology of the Johannine passion and resurrection narratives, The garden lover's guide to Canada28
The curious case of the must-carry rules: breaking the endless policy loop through negotiated rulemaking22
The Design of impedance-matching networks for radio-frequency and microwave amplifiers30
The effects of EEG biofeedback on vigilance in adults following mild traumatic brain injury30
The effects of police officer supervisory training on self-esteem and leadership style adaptability considering the impact of life experiences part 230
The entrepreneur's guide to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, & licensing30
The Executive guide to video teleconferencing, When I come to the end of my journey27
The Ideas and attitudes of Protestant missionaries to the North American Indians, 1643-1776 part 230
The impact of an early intervention program on the reading and mathematics achievement of second graders part 230
Theometry--4th dimension spatial construction with straightedge & compass, Forest management25
The Paleontology and paleoecology of the Treptoceras duseri shale unit .., Look everywhere29
The philosophy of seeking phenomenology of being in this world but not of it, To see the elephant28
The project of Omonogawa International Canoe Cruising Waterway, 2006, The project30
The relationship between Cloninger's personality model, cognitive event-related potentials, and the dopamine DRD2 receptor gene in abstinent male polysubstance abusers30
The relationship of selected psychological variables and coping strategies among low-income African-American women who undergo breast cancer screening procedures30
The satellite communication ground segment and earth station handbook, Sky on fire29
The Use of films in changing attitudes of sixth graders in a bilingual .., This ol' piece of junk30
This is the faith. No. 31154. By Guild Press, Inc., employer for hire of Francis J. Ripley & Richard Downey27
Tony Sandler & Ralph Young sing your favorite love songs, Cross fire, Cross fire / The Renegade30
Transmission of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus by non-porcine vectors and fomites30
Understanding emerging network services, pricing, and regulation, Introduction to satellite communication25
Understanding modern telecommunications and the information superhighway, Geological database30
Unnecessary drugs in the elderly including the psychotropic utilization protocol part 330
Validity of the ariel performance analysis system using a three-camera protocol, Portable playhouse plans30
Voice processing medical and computer integration system (VPMCI) By Joseph P. Benyola30
Wavelet applications in engineering electromagnetics, Funky town, Gifted30
What is Chemtane Z and how does it produce an increase in flame temperature?, Law & practice of the World Trade Organization23
Women's ministerial experience and its relationship to spirituality, Sisters and brothers30
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