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2003 US Comedy Arts Festival. Services by Matthew Levin, employee of Captured Live Productions, as a work-made-for-hire for Home Box Office part 230
A bio-bibliography of Clarence S. Day, Jr., American writer, 1874-1935, Time enough30
After dark, my sweet & 37 other titles; motion pictures29
A Matter of love & 50 other titles; motion pictures, Black mask, Ghost town23
Buena Vista Television, 1995 fall programming, Buena Vista, SHA--sweet home armgeddon27
Do this in memory of me: the Easter and Christmas liturgies celebrated by Pope John Paul II & 1 other title; documentary programs30
Heart of love/head of stone27
Jonah: a veggie tales movie & 536 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Larryboy-the cartoon adventures: good, bad, eggly30
Keep your eyes open ('cause love is blind) Co-writer: James Frederick Knobloch, Feelin' a good thang30
Kung Fu: the legend continues & 1 other title; Short form option agreement, Death to Smoochy30
Meant to be (could it be you) By Susan Sheridan & John Batdorf, Meant to be part 230
Meet the Applegates & 10 other titles26
Mistress of seduction, Ringmaster, Winston Waters27
My name is Joe. Words & music: J. D. Miller30
National Lampoon, slightly higher in Canada, an an unassuming anthology of Canadian-type material from the pages of National Lampoon. TX 365-426 (1979) part 330
Pigs, Beakmania, & sound & frequency & 4 other titles; musical score for initial use in episodes of the television series, Beakman's world30
Red heat (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) PA 368-796 (1990), The real Howard Spitz25
Requiem for a dream. From the Broadway production The Long dream. m Pembroke Davenport25
Show me a story: tales of Beatrix Potter (tapes 3 & 4) Screenplay24
Soul survivor (intro) (In album Soul survivor, by Pete Rock) part 330
Spies on a shoestring: Cuba's agents in U.S. lead mundane lives, Evil never dies: wishmaster 230
Substitute 4: failure is not an option, Candyman: day of the dead, China gate30
Suicide kings (score) By Graeme Revell, Death of me, Grind27
The Bruno The Kid animated move: book 'em Bruno, murder one. (Bruno The Kid), Brer rabbit tales30
The Burkittsville 7. By Artisan Pictures, Inc., employer for hire of Ben Rock, Untitled Blair witch 2 special20
The dark room., Disturbance in Vienna., Ballooning over Texas, Acid row, The ice house30
The last patrol. By Kent Productions, Inc. & Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc24
The Mata Hari affair, The big empty, Rio pasion27
The minus man25
The Mr. Las Vegas all-night party starring Drew Carey, Everybody hates the phone company30
The ninth gate & 1 other title27
The prince of Central Park, Cutaway, 2001: a space travesty24
The Punisher annual, vol. 1, no. 1, 198830
The punisher special features & 1 other title30
The white sea horse. Text: Helen Cresswell (Helen Rowe), illustrations: Robin Jacques27
This line is intentionally deleted, Backbeat, Wonderland30
Two hearts with an arrow between. Rev. piano arr. Ethel Phillips & Dorothy Jeffers30
Validity of the personality assessment inventory for detecting malingering of psychosis in a prison population30
Wake of death & 1 other title, House of nine, Citizen verdict22
Yankee Doodle (Old MacDonald's sing along farm) By Andy Heyward, Janice Gassman & Eleanor Burian-Mohr part 430
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