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Atlantic Music Corporation documents
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Alliterate expository outlines on the message of Malachi, Mr. Trouble, Defender Cassingle27
Anna & 5 other titles, Wild women and Wild Irish Rose, You got me on the run27
A smile is a frown . By Bob DiPiero & Al Anderson, Somewhere in Kansas, She's my saving grace30
Baby love part 530
California part 930
Easy to love, 1P. Compilation by Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc part 230
Good for me & 4 other titles, Good for me part 228
I can't do it by myself. w & m B. L. Porter & Jo Davis30
I can't get the feeling (with nobody else but you), Lookin' for a reason, First hand lover30
I don't want to lose you (again) By Roger Murrah & Scott Anders part 330
I hate myself (for loving you) & 1 other title, Trouble from now on, Suburbia 2 other titles30
I'll stand by you. w & m Richard Parker26
Il viaggio della Madonna nera =, Stabat Mater, Dea fortuna30
I'm beginning to think (that you're starting to care), Mr. Moon, Where the blue begins30
Lonesome stranger. w & m Johnny Gluck (John Gluck, Jr.) & Terry Murphy, Time is slippin' through my fingers30
Somebody ought to do something about that guy & 1 other title, Point of love, So caught up in you30
Spiritual fruit for the soul, Nashville 1992, Winter 199330
Stay with me & 3 other titles. By Larry Neil & Thomas Parisi part 330
What you gonna do with that beautiful body? By Wanda Mallette, Patti Ryan, Bob Morrison, & Charles Westover a.k.a. Del Shannon part 230
Where I belong. Adaptation of w & m: Buck Ram (Lynn Paul, pseud.), & C. C. Jones30
You are eternity. arr. Michael Gary Anderson, w & m Bryan Frederic Clapp, I'll come through for you30
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