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An unsettling calm ; Remember ... ; In memories only ... [et al.], Heartbreak ; He can't love U30
Baby blankets and diaper pins, If I could30
Baby's country in my heart, I got it, I'm not the shy one30
Batter up. By Jason Epperson (Jay E, pseud.), Cornell Haynes (Nelly, pseud.) (In Country grammar)30
Don't mess with my money, my honey. From album Starting all over again part 230
Drama. By Craig Miller, Larry Graham, George S. Clinton, Jr., Bernard Worrell, In Daddy's eyes27
Feeling fine now, Promise30
From the outside lookin' in, No era para mi, Tu amor30
Hood hop. By Jerrell C. Jones (J-Kwon, pseud.), Mark Williams, Joe Kent, Morning light30
I'm for you, you're for me. w & m Alex Mack, Jr., Faith R. Evans, Ma, I don't love her30
Love wasn't meant for us, Goodbye30
Men tell nothing but lies (to get what they want), Call me a mack, Joy all day, & 1 other song30
Missing you. By Jeannette Freed (Sequeira), Missing you30
Moose the Mooche ; Scrapple from the apple ; Yardbird suite, Let's get married ; Keys to the range30
No ordinary feeling & 14 other titles, Press on, Free (interlude)30
Should've known better ; Hang it up ; Stay ; Don't talk to me, Shakedown, Say it to my face30
Straight up. w & m David Anthony Pirner, (It takes) two to tango, Straight up30
Thank you part 2130
The blame game & 21 other titles. Composed by William James McAuley, 3rd & co-composers as noted30
The one part 430
The shirt off your back, How much?, Jewel eyes30
Things are going to happen above, Heartbreak30
Tight like gnat booty, hot like chicken grease!, Mic check, Run it!30
U don't got what I want & 4 other titles, She already, Told me30
U took your heart away from me, Puppy love, Dream Gina30
Visions part 830
Weekend ; Chill out ; Dreams ... [et al.], Respect30
Work a twist. By Michael Flowers (p.k.a. Mike City, pseud.), Toikeon Parham (p.k.a. Ms. Toi, pseud.)30
Yabut (six legs, three eyes), Winner, Tuff guy30
You had your chance and you blew it, Cocoa eyes, Baby, I'm with you30
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