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13 Great stories of science fiction. Edited & introd. by Groff Conklin, Omnibus of science fiction30
1975 calendar of aerospace events, Aviation week & space technology, Sunrise encounter30
A comparison of traditional and e-mail penpal correspondence by evaluating composition skills of students with and without learning disabilities22
Actual and desired use of instructional technology in studio art courses, The Anubis gates22
Additional dialogue letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962. By Dalton Trumbo & Helen Manfull30
A Descriptive model designed to provide equality of opportunity of .., Proteus, Slimer26
Adventures of Supersquirt. By Richard S. Abrams and Irving Abrams, Electroconvulsive therapy25
A history of economic theory and method, fifth edition, Altered state, Chief collection of songs29
Ah, your majesty, there is no second, The Thousand-mile war, Westport 187830
Ain't it hell up in Harlem? EP319809, Miracle on ice, Son-rise, a miracle of love30
Album to accompany Listen, third edition, Joseph Kerman with Vivian Kerman, Casey's Shadow30
Amending America: if we love the Constitution so much, why do we keep trying to change it? By Jerome Agel & Richard B. Bernstein30
American beauties: the rags of Joseph Lamb25
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, Challenges, Sam Gunn, unlimited28
Analytical sociology; social situations and social problems. By Lowell Juilliard Carr, editor: Francis Stuart Chapin30
An Attempt to provoke your thinking on the tobacco problem in the U. S. A, Recuento ciclico para exactitud de los registros30
A Newly discovered long story, An Old song, and a previously unpublished short story, Edifying letters of the Rutherford family30
A Newly discovered long story, An Old song, and a previously unpublished short story, Edifying letters of the Rutherford family part 230
An Investigation of the process of perceiving nonverbal behaviors with implications for .30
Anne of Green Gables [by] L. M. Montgomery, Hitty, Alice through the looking glass28
Antelope-coyote (in pursuit of the windracer)(pronghorn-prairie wolf) VA 248-173 (1984)30
A Practical guide to computer shopping before you buy a computer, Homemade liqueurs30
A Proposed new curriculum for teaching Hebrew through siddur, Radio activity, The Bones of Simon Bottle29
A reconstruction algorithm for electrical impedance tomography in an annulus, Toucan Stew28
Ask for love and they give you rice pudding, A Judgement in stone, Miranda30
A trial of methods of instructing patients to meet informed guidelines for colonoscopy28
Axiomatic characterization of physical geometry, My heart goes boom, Put it together (bibbidi bobbidi boo)27
Barbara Cartland's Princess to the rescue, A magical moment, A coronation of love30
[Bath or leisure slippers (shaped like webbed feet--frog)], Hope, faith, and charity26
Because I have been given much ; Once in royal David's city ; Sinfonia from Christmas oratoria ... [et al.]30
Best recipes fron the backs of boxes, bottles, cans and jars, Bloody Bastogne, Hammerhead30
Big Bob and the Thanksgiving potatoes, Norb, Yobgorgle30
Big Max and the mystery of the missing giraffe, The boy who could make himself disappear30
Bill, the galactic hero, on the planet of tasteless pleasure, The Cauldron and the Grail30
Black chariots. By Kenneth Robeson, pseud. of Ron Goulart, Capricorn One, Hanover Street30
Black existence/Black survival: a non-defensive alternative, Kull, I was a white slave in Harlem30
Black orchid of Samboja, East Kalimantan, Black hearted woman, Nightflight26
Bulletin of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Emory University School of Medicine30
Call me Anna. Directed by Gilbert Cates, Hitler-dead or alive, Hidden rage30
Carlotta's kittens and the club of mysteries, Bunnicula's frightfully fabulous factoids30
C-D catalog price list number 9 and issue "A" pictorial catalog section, Search the Amazon!26
C-D catalog price list number 9 and issue "A" pictorial catalog section, The Great Easter Bunny adventure30
Christmas mouseling illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung, One dark night, Believing Sophie30
Closing time waltz & 1 other title30
Collection of songs by Mark Nolan & William M. Nolan, Jake, Big Bill's biker photos29
Commercial irrigation enterprise, the fear of water monopoly, and the genesis of market distortion in the nineteenth century American West29
Complete manual of criminal forms Federal and state, second edition. Cumulative supplement30
Composing with confidence, writing effective paragraphs and essays, Writing with confidence30
Compulsory schooling and human learning, Palaces and prisons, Hearts and armor28
Construction and validation of an instrument designed to assess flow and job satisfaction in occupational settings part 230
Curso de genetica aplicada en la practica ginecologica y obstetrica, Shalom students30
Cyclic-amp action in the induction of tyrosine aminotransferase in rat .., Jay Culpepper 200026
Distinguished African American political and governmental leaders, Eclipsed, Isaac!30
Dr. Abravanel's body type diet and lifetime nutrition plan, Illustrations for the book "Changes in you" (for girls)26
Dr. Joyce Brothers positive plus, Dragonsinger, Murder on the glitter box30
Early Virginia families along the James River: their deep roots and tangled branches30
Ecotopia: the notebooks and reports of William Weston, Humphrey, The Art of friendship26
Effects of task content, task type, and leader gender on perceptions of gender differences in leadership effectiveness30
Elements of Style Image Development Center presents The image consultant's guide to fashion on the Internet30
Elisabeth Bing's Pregnancy diary, The Girl who had no name, The Balancing girl25
Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the slippery salamander, Through good times and bad30
English for you! Independence Day in the United States, The Fall of Shanghai, Tanamera20
Fata morgana; poeme symphonique pour orchestre. m Edward Michael, A witch without a broom28
Fin de Siecle and other essays on America & Europe, The Terrorism reader, The Israel-Arab reader30
Forgetting your birthday was not an intentional oversight, a personal affront, or a hostile gesture30
Four great Elizabethan plays. Introd., notes added to the work, and editorial revisions: Bantam Books, as employer for hire of John Gassner & David Zesmer30
Freddy the politician = originally published under the title of Wiggins for president30
Freedom and responsibility; readings in philosophy and law. By Herbert Morris, The Road30
[Freeman's Archery animal targets], Loudmouth, Thank you22
From the dead Swede towns & 31 other titles, Full measure, Survivors27
[Frontiersmen crossing the mountains], The Hawk and the dove, White Indian29
Full circle ; Round up the usual suspects, Full circle, Infatuated25
Full metal jacket (I wanna be) Composed by Abigail Mead & Tim McIntire, The Limits of solitude26
Gene Roddenberry--the last conversation, The Galileo seven, A Piece of the action30
Genetic relationships and geographical differentiation of native strawberries, Take your hands off my attitude!30
[Gift wrap (little white duck in 3 different poses with balloons and confetti)], Johnny's girl. PAu 1-934-17030
God has become (everything I need) By Peter Jacobs, Day of judgment, God's quiet love30
God's sovereign advice through his snow and ice, Peyton, Medi-Cal template18
Gosh! wow! (sense of wonder) science fiction, Vampirella, Directed by Jack Arnold22
Grand Canyon, Arizona, spoon with cactus at the top of the handle and adobe dwellings in the bowl part 230
Graphic Artists Guild handbook, pricing & ethical guidelines, God's typhoon, Fling and other stories24
Haakon, The Viking's revenge, Vengeance of the lion, Marauder30
Hands praying for peace/peace man with peace sign, The Peace jam, D-Loddi, the funky little African30
Hans Christian Andersen's The little mermaid, Hey, dollface, Second star to the right30
Heavenly intro ; Arcanica ; Bley ; Heavenly creatures (prequel), Savage Republic--Disarmament29
Hopalong Cassidy and the rustlers of West Fork. By Tex Burns, pseud. of Louis L'Amour30
(How do you know) when love is right?, My nervous breakdown, Christmas home alone30
I am a dancer. PA 177-72430
Identification of critical factors that impact the success of distance learning, A Man born free29
If your conscience can't stop you (how can I) By Harlan Howard, Amazon, Tequila bossa nova30
I know my love. By Catherine Gaskin (Catherine Gaskin Cornberg), Instant music, Industrial activity29
Income level and parental attitudes toward death education for preschool children30
Indian trails, caravans, and stagecoaches, Woven plaid, Earthenware28
In my mind's eye--the grassroots poetry of Henry James "The African.", Letters, Henry James--the American essays30
Innocence part 230
Instructor's manual and study guide answers for Memmler's The human body in health and disease30
Interoperation of Kerbereos with public-key cryptography, Abbot and Allen genealogy27
Interviews with Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, Majority Leader of the United States Senate part 330
[Introduction and frontispiece included in the Easton Press edition of "2001, Scooby Doo 230
Invitation to dance, Memories, Empire29
Isabel and the hungry coyote = Isabel y el coyote hambriento, Phonics bookshelf. TX 4-703-09830
I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died, The dreams our stuff is made of30
I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died, The Prince and the Knight, Attitude promenade30
I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died, Wilderness empire, The Conquerors30
James Herriot's every living thing calendar, 1994, Every living thing, Moses the kitten27
Jim Henson presents The Muppet Babies' paint box book, Conan and the Spider God, Tunnel terror30
John Goldfarb, please come home! By William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist III, Which way to Mecca, Jack? Bk. By William Peter Blatty30
John & Joyce Vernon's song collection III, Poetry and the body, Language and writing30
Jonny quest's adventure with the secret tunnel. By Horace J. Elias, The Flintstones storybook30
Jubal Sackett, The walking drum, Louis L'Amour, La Longue chasse, Dans le canon du Colt30
Jungle safari animal 9 pc infant baby bedding set30
Kabbalah blues, quantum funk, & other selections, Going away, Songs by Saltzman30
L'Application des lectrices aux champs, Spectre, Releve d'esquisse26
Laszlo Lovrekovich sacred songs, Sand castle & reds, Sand castle30
Lazy lions, lucky lambs (revised) (Leap) TX 3-313-658, Anastasia Krupnik. TX 384-20430
[Little boy with a lamb], Basil, Chives27
Louis Braille, the boy who invented books for the blind. By Margaret Davidson, illustrated by Janet Compere30
Macmillan literature series, including Introducing literature and Enjoying literature, student books and teacher's manuals with mastery tests, grades 7-830
Making love to you is just like eating peanuts, Making love30
Mama's Boyz, as American as sweet potato pie!, Iowa United Methodist heritage trail21
Maps Unique, an offshore fishing tool, My book proposal, Comic weekly30
Marc Antony style guide with special guest Pussyfoot, Made in America, [Batman]21
Medical nemesis: the expropriation of health. By Ivan Illich, -2002, Experts in the age of systems22
Messages from Michael on the nature of the evolution of the human soul, Saint Germain30
Midnight whispers (cascading feeling), Web of dreams, Twilight's child27
Miss Billings tread the boards, Daughter of fortune, The future is now27
Model railroading. By editorial staff of Lionel Corporation, Stories of the modern South30
More how to speak Southern/ by Steve Mitchell ; with ills. by Scrawls, pseud. of Sam C. Rawls30
My new family (as told by a German shepherd), On wings of song. PA 93-646 (1980)22
Narration as quest in Das Schloss, by Franz Kafka, Ore'ah nata lalun, by S. Y. Agnon, and Watt, by Samuel Beckett22
Nero Wolfe and the Communist killer, And be a villain, The Zero clue30
New heart, new spirit: Biblical humanism for modern Israel. By Amos Oz, My Michael25
New York Jews and the decline of urban ethnicity, 1950-1970, Telling lives, By words alone30
Nick Casey--the complete works, Dynasty30
Nine to five human emotion (what I've learned in my twenty years), FM:a novel, Quincy, M. E27
Out of love for our children, Out of love, Saved by life30
Own a business cleaning automobiles, Choice, Troubled midnight25
Painsaver software program & painsaver program icon, Good old grits cookbook, Mirabilia in Mari veniendo30
Paperboard packaging's International container directory, Food product development30
Paragraphs in the Management overview--evaluation of your sales organization. By David J. Kurlan, 195528
Paralinguistics and pronouns as markers of engagement, self-focus, we-ness, and asymmetry of other-focus in satisfied, distressed, and distressed/depressed couples part 330
Partners for democracy: public libraries and information technology, The Third tradition: the individual, the collective, the personal29
Pastor to pastor: the fragmented church, The Bronze of Eddarta, The Search for Ka30
Pat Boone: hits the road RV video guide, The Umpire strikes back, Sadie & son30
Paul Revere and the bell ringers ; written by Jonah Miller ; illustrated by Bert Dodson30
Photographs of Mary Chapin Carpenter and John Jennings, Photographs30
Pin the tail on the donkey, and other party games, Crazy eights and other card games30
Piratica II, Return to Parrot Island, being the return of a most intrepid heroine to sea and secrets26
Plot it yourself & 35 other titles; novels, Please pass the guilt, If death ever slept30
Practical guidance methods for principals and teachers. By Glyn Morris, foreword by Ruth Strang28
Pre-proposal financing report for the Chicago sports complex, The continuity of Wittgenstein's thought30
Prosecutions most certain after suicides, World without end30
Protect our natural wonders, Friends in high places, Patterns to preserve27
Providence, Arles, Kobe28
Rascal; a memoir of a better era. By Sterling North, illustrated by John Schoenherr, author of renewable matter: E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc., employer for hire of artist25
Real Americans admit: "The worst thing I've ever done!", Ted Rall, Revenge of the disgruntled employee30
Remember me to Tom. Co-writer, Edwina Williams, Remember me30
Rich and famous & 1 other title; films, Rich & famous collection, Dismember[e]d29
Richard Price Photography images for copyright Mar.-June 2002, Ladies' man, CS-48525
Robert Ludlum's Scarlatti inheritance, The Bourne ultimatum, The Aquitaine progression25
Russian submarines in Arctic waters, Stuka pilot, As eagles screamed30
Selected from Coal miner's daughter [by] Loretta Lynn, with George Vecsey, The Old neighborhood21
Shedd's Food Products, Inc., margarine/spread plant, Fields of fire, The emperor's general27
Sleeping bear in night hat, holding pillow, with sleeping bear in night hat, snoring30
Solomon Leviathan's nine hundred and thirty-first trip around the world, Two delays on the northern line27
Solutions manual to accompany Principles of electronic circuits, The face of mercy29
Some of us will make it and some of us won't, Reflection, The Art of Robert Chronister30
Sometimes Mr. Cogito receives strange letters ; Mr. Cogito thinks of returning to the city where he was born ; The abyss of Mr. Cogito, and other contributions part 230
So you want to be an explorer? illustrated by David Small, The Brooklyn Bridge, opened May 24, 188330
Squeezin' all the happiness out of life I can, The Bad News Bears go to Japan, Blue Chips30
Stagecoach station 19, Last Chance, Eyes of the Hawk, Hanging judge30
Stagecoach station I, Dodge City, Vintage, The Banishment27
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Early numbers, Items from Our Catalog, Fire in the john30
Star Wars Return of the Jedi punch-out & make it book, Fun with sea creatures, Fun with unicorns30
Statue of Liberty anodic decoration for AA Mini Maglite. By George Industries30
Stories behind the street names of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, Radar on trial30
Such a foe as Livingston the campaign of confederate major Thomas R. Livingston's first Missouri Cavalry Battalion of Southwest Missouri part 230
Superbug--craziest car in the world, 633 Squadron--theme, Wonderful country30
Systematics of the angiosperm family Haloragaceae R. Br. emphasizing the aquatic genus Myriophyllum24
Tangled promises. By Amalia James, pseud. of Carla Neggers, Matching wits, Heart on a string29
Taylor spec. house, lot no. 247, unit no. 7, 12757 Peregrine Drive, Tahoe Donner, Truckee City, California30
Teacher's pets, & other needlework designs30
Teaching guide for Come to your senses; a program in writing/awarness. By David A. Sohn, employee for hire of Scholastic Magazines, Inc30
Terror on the Titanic/ by Jim Wallace ; illustrated by Frank Bolle, Behind the Great Wall30
Terror on the Titanic/ by Jim Wallace ; illustrated by Frank Bolle, Big, big world30
Test bank by Carol S. Freedman, Rachel F. Freedman to accompany Arithmetic, third edition by Barker, Rogers & VanDyke30
Texas legal systems. Family law. [Revision], The Icarus seal, Gift of evil25
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn and related readings, The underdogs and related readings30
The Alexander Cameron and Permelia Adelyne Spradling family of Hunt County, Texas30
The Bermuda High School for Girls alumnae directory, The Bermuda30
The Blue Max: a novel of the German Air Force in World War I. By Jack D. Hunter27
The Bright flags on Baltimore's National Aquarium signal durability, Heart of America30
The Burning Man organization grows up26
The Case of the extra husband. By Alan Hynd, Another night at the opera, The Death of a little afraid25
The case of the million-dollar diamonds, Love, Shock30
The Case of the Model-A Ford and the man in the snorkel under the hood, Disaster30
The Case of the Model-A Ford and the man in the snorkel under the hood, Encyclopedia Brown30
The castle in the attic [by] Elizabeth Winthrop, Katharine's doll, Belinda's hurricane30
[The Cattle queen feud], Hockey I, Basketball30
The Clearing house interbank payments system (CHIPS), The best of the babysitters25
The collectod short stories of Louis L'Amour, Bendigo Shafter, The Warrior's path30
The College Board guide to going to college while working strategies for success. By College Entrance Examination Board30
The Common sense approach to management & the people factor, Beat not the poor desk30
The Complete Idiot's Guide to writing a novel, Sun-treader, Three, two, one--countdown to love30
The Convention story. By Roland Reed Television Productions & Rovan Films, The Cat in the hat for President30
The cosmic courtship of George and Jane, Haunted Halloween house, Dog daze afternoon30
The effects of content knowledge on the organization and supporting detail in high school students' expository writing30
The Effects of distributive education salesmanship instruction upon students .., End of the rainbow. SRu 313-367 & PAu 1-944-30927
The effects of supported employment level on the psychosocial experiences of integrated workers with mental retardation30
The First guidebook to prisons and concentration camps of the Soviet Union, Blue roses30
The First guidebook to prisons and concentration camps of the Soviet Union, Tamarisk30
The First guidebook to prisons and concentration camps of the Soviet Union, The Secret in the sky and Cold death30
The Galactic center star (G C S) hypothesis, including the science and technology of the galaxies and the solar systems according to the G C S hypothesis28
The Gospel of Jesus Christ unfolded in the Old Testament, A Clutch of vipers, The Local lads28
The Greatest writing experience of your life, or your money back. Introducing Systemark by Parker30
The Grimm Brothers' Snow White in the Black Forest, Roommates, The air up there30
The implementation of a trust fund for the control of residential lead-based paint hazards30
The jungle. Ill.: Fletcher Martin, introd.: Upton Sinclair, The jungle, Upton, muck rake man27
The Laugh of death and The King of terror, Barrington's women, The Talking devil & The Ten ton snakes27
The Lost honor of Kathryn Beck, Conspiracy, Complicity30
The Paradise of travellers; the Italian influence on Englishmen in the seventeenth century. By A. Lytton Sells part 230
The Politics of program evaluation. By Sage Publications, Inc, All the pleasures prove17
The relationship between willingness to invest in marriage and gender role attitude, decision-making power, and conflict communication style27
The Riviera off-season and on, The Riviera, Jamaican II, elevation J25
The Saturday review gallery. By Jerome Beatty, Jr., compilers: editors of Saturday Review part 227
The Savage Wild song. From The Savage Wild. w E. E. Smith & Gordon Eastman; m Jaime Mendoza-Nava28
The score & 1 other title; motion pictures, Enemy at the gates, The score21
The second Virago book of fairy tales, FFUN--collective works II, A Souvenir of Japan30
The seismic velocity model as an interpretation asset, The displaced person, Main streets28
The Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation approach to divisional strategic planning28
The Sophisticated mountain gal, A Book of Ruth, Cajun30
The Stainless steel rat wants you!, Your code name is Jonah, The Cave of time25
The Star reporter mystery. By Norvin Pallas, artist: Richard Powers, Guinness book of startling acts and facts25
The Submariners, Mission Tokyo Bay, [3 pages of doll descriptions], Descriptive writings23
The Talisman of the United States, Infamous, The Duchess of Vidal29
The temptation to exist. By E. M. Cioran, translated by Richard Howard, introd.: Susan Sontag30
The twelve disciples of the first church of linoleum, Mucus Muzak, Organizational citizenship behavior antecedents30
The Western North Carolina Air Museum coloring book ; 1945 Boeing N2S "Stearman" ; 1940 Piper J-5 Cub ... [et al.]30
The White Negro: superficial reflections on the hipster. By Norman Mailer, A Harlot high and low, reconnoitering through the secret government30
The Wicked dreams of Paula Schultz, The Way West, Rediscover of old West30
The writer's guide to everyday life in Colonial America, Sabotage, The subnbow children30
They just can't stop it. w & m Joseph B. Jefferson, Bruce Hawes, Charles Simmons, arr.: Mighty Three Music part 330
This office is not empty--the occupants are camouflaged, Melvil and Dewey in the fast lane30
This office wears gloves for your protection, Jewel fairies, The Dragonling30
Thomasonian impressionistic teacher-counselor education programs, Buford comes home22
Three sheets in the wind. w & m Johnny Bond, Tex Atchison, Linnaeus forgets, Linneaus forgets30
T.H.U.M.B.B./T. Ernesto Bethancourt [pseud. of Tom Paisley], The Dog days of Arthur Cane29
Time at the top. By Edward Ormondroyd, ill.: Peggie Bach (Parnassus Press), Mr. Music23
Times Square overture, & other oil paintings30
To open, light pressure and pull apart. To close, place top lip evenly into bottom lip and snap closed part 230
Trajectory tracking control of a pneumatic cylinder using an adaptive multilayer neural network30
Treachery at Rock Point. By Peter Dawson, pseud. of Jonathan H. Glidden, Long gone. By Peter Dawson, pseud. of Jonathan H. Glidden29
United States estate and gift tax--an overview for the international executive, Daniel and the ants29
Unofficial participant, U. S. Olympic traffic jam! Los Angeles, California, 198430
Untitled novel (about a famous American architect) Author: Meyer Levin30
Vote first, ask questions later. Bob Roberts, coming to a senate seat near you, Trading places30
Voyage dans les steppes d'Astrakhan et du Caucase ; Expedition en Chine, Le Baobab30
War with the evil power master, House of danger, The Race forever27
What are the barriers as perceived by principals that need to be overcome in order to practice their ideal instructional leadership?30
What's a girl to be these days?, Haunted houses, Night has eyes30
When you're up to your eyeballs in alligators, More the official doctors joke book28
Who is killing the great chefs of Europe? By N. F. Geria 2d, Filmgesellschaft m.b.H., employer for hire30
Who killed Harlowe Thrombey? By Packard, Gorga, the space monster, Mystery of Highland Crest30
Why doesn't the sun burn out? and other not such dumb questions about energy, Come and go30
Why do I think I am nothing without a man?, A Most contagious game, Parting breath30
Why do I think I am nothing without a man?, Fly away, Jill, California thriller30
Wild horse country in Wyoming, Cave of time, The Owl tree28
William Gillette: a Connecticut Yankee and the American stage, Slaughter of the innocents30
Winesburg, Ohio: a group of tales of Ohio small town life, Politics and the novel29
Wolves and the wolfman, Manhunters, War hawks30
Workbook/study guide to accompany Managing for performance, [by] James M. Ivancevich, James H. Donnelly, Jr., James L. Gibson26
Yes I will (no you won't) By Johnny Pearson, Space vampire, Study in A major30
You can be a double winner! Win $400.00 worth of savings bonds, Parameter instability30
Your very own robot - choose your own adventure, Mardi Gras mystery, Volcano! By Siegman30
You wanna be free? Co-writers, vocals: Jerome E. Woods, 1968-, & Nathaniel Woods, 3rd, 1970-; producer/composer: Daryle F. Chinn30
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