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All American girl & 14 other titles part 230
Anytime at all. Music: Howard Redmond, words: Charlotte Hiler & Gerald Valentine30
Are there any more like you (where you came from)? Musical composition, Jones on the jukebox29
A second collection of song lyrics by Judy Lynn, Hello, I'm a juke box, Sexy, sexy lady30
A Tough act to follow; motion picture. By My Way Company, Just when I really needed you30
Baby, please let me come home & 152 other titles30
Blue lights and broken hearts. w & m Chuck B. Farley & Pep Paine (Paul E. Paine)26
Blue lights in the basement waist line party, Blue lights, 15 songs by Jeff Johnston27
Bones! raw blues! because I got balls the size of church bells, Force, Joey Starzz "Force II."30
Campus administrations handbook. By Lynn M. Hilton & Anthony W. Mitchell, Get off my case30
Christmas memories & 5 other titles part 230
Come and get me (interlude) Co-composer, Shawn Carter30
Country Christmas (T/C) VA 317-680 (1988)29
Country girl. Co-composers, Henry Lang Jr., Tamara Savage & LeToya Luckett30
Devoted to your memory. SR 49-155 (1983)30
Don't fall in love with a dreamer / Intro: Goin' home to the Rock / Gideon Tanner part 423
Don't say goodbye. Words & music: J. D. Miller, Jimmy Newman & Leo Miller part 230
Don't say no (to love tonight) Composed by Richard Scher30
Don't you love me anymore? bw till I get it right. SR 28-021 (1981), False prophets24
Gettin' over you ain't gonna happen overnig .27
Go on and cry (I've got my woe woes) w & m Conway Twitty (Harold Jenkins)25
Hit and run (artskae) PAu 1-441-104, Hit and run30
Honky tonk fever29
Honky tonkin in Mississippi30
How can an angel like you (love a devil like me)? Musical composition, Easy Linda30
How long will you be waitin' there for me? Musical composition, For the ladies, This ole dog ain't gonna hunt30
I belong to you / The Wind Artist: Jesse Frederick30
I can't live with this love (I can't live without), Another other woman, Premiering night30
I could never love another (after loving you) Co-writers: Rodger Penzabene, Sr., Helga Penzabene, Carl Penzabene & Rodger Penzabene, Jr part 330
I didn't steal her (you just cheated her away) By Justin Dickens, Dan Whitaker & Jim Lance27
I don't know what I'm doing here, but I'm so glad I came30
I don't think I'll fall in love tonight, Cowboys, they love it all, Cheating clothes30
If cheating in my dreams is wrong (I've been cheating all night long), The Giver took all she could stand30
If cheating in my dreams is wrong (I've been cheating all night long), What love was back then30
(If you're gonna play in Texas) you gotta have a fiddle in the band, Partly cloudy30
(If you're gonna play in Texas) you gotta have a fiddle in the band, Signs of love30
(If you're gonna play in Texas) you gotta have a fiddle in the band, That's the day you told me goodbye30
I'll be yours (you'll be mine) By Alan Ray30
I'll come back to you (if I never have to leave again) Musical composition29
I'll have you. Recorded by Jeffrey Gaines. (In album Always be (LP no. 1)), A pair of fools30
I love women (my mama can't stand) Co-composer, Dallas Davidson, Mister Jealous30
I'm going through. Artist: Hi Way Que C's, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
I'm on my way (to another heartache) By Don Gibson30
I'm the one thing in the world you can be sure of (the way I love you) By Hugh Prestwood part 330
I'm the only one. w & m Kent Lavioe, arr. Famous Music Corporation (employer for hire of George Terry)30
I need someone (I need you) By Bobby Marchan & Morris Levy30
It ain't what you say, it's what you do, Sneakin' suspicion, Little problems25
It's the same old dream & 5 other titles; musical score from the M. G. M. picture, It happened in Brooklyn30
It won't be long (until I'm gone) By Dan Mitchell & Larry Lee30
Juggling several sharp objects on fire, City boy, Cool your jets30
Just a little piece ; Goodbye, California ; On the rebound ... [et al.], Complementary colors30
Just for your love (I would sacrifice) By James Gadson, Clarence McDonald, Alan Abrahams et al part 530
Let's go back (to the way we were) By Jerry Stakely & Randy Layne part 230
Let's take time/ W and M by Mary Wetzel, Pray, dig, plow, Jesus always watches over me27
Let the lover lights be burning30
Lifetime of love. PAu 344-21030
Livin' ain't livin' at all (when you're ridin' the road), A Down home Christmas, Cheaters never change30
Lonesome cowboy's prayer30
Long distance love affair27
(Look out, world, here comes) another redneck & 178 other titles, I've spent every minute missing you30
Love can win; songs. By Marla Kranick, David Brewer & Paul Hovda, You're worth falling in love again30
Love don't know that. By Jack Sundrud27
Love hangover. By Judy Bailey, Comfort, Hard time wedding ring28
Make a little love. Co-composers, Joanna Janet & Robert Ellis Orrall30
Midnight teaser & 3 other titles, There's an angel on my shoulder, Together we're too much30
My broken hearted anniversary. Words & music: Frankie Dale, pseud. of Frank Anthony Primozich, & Herman Hugh Odom part 230
Nervous breakdown. m Fletcher Bright, Ansley Moses30
Oedipus; a music-theatre work for voices, dancers, and musical instruments. m & text adaptation: Harry Partch30
Only a fool (would love the same mistake twice) By Dan Whitaker & Haskell Wright30
Revelation in the courthouse park. A music-theater work for voices, dancers, acrobats, and musical instruments built by Harry Partch30
Rock and roll (will keep you young) By Dan Tyler & John Schwab part 330
Second hand heart. By Leroy Kirkland and Alicia Carolyn Evelyn30
She put the hurt on me. w & m Lawrence Nelson30
Show me somethin' new28
Silent partners collection 1: bands 1-6 & 6 others titles30
Singing Christmas carols (to a photograph of you) By Dan Mitchell, Joe Henderson & Larry Shell part 330
Sticks and stones (can break my bones) By Don Crawford part 230
Suspect of love, The Fool, Celestial blue29
Sweet Georgia Brown & 1 other title; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78-0403-GT filed 21Jun78 in Southern District of California, San Diego, Calif.) part 230
Talk about love & 1 other title30
That ring on your finger (is the pain in my heart), My body's a cheater, My life story's on the jukebox25
The Collected works of Peggy White and James Tomkins, Recipe for murder, Funeral balloons30
The fire hydrant line and Fiona and the pound dogs, All wrong, Adios blues28
The Girl don't ever get loney, She's going out of my mind, Dirt rockin'28
There'll never be another friend like Jesus30
There's no easy way (to say I'm leaving you)30
The Shelter of your arms. w & m Shirley Collie a.k.a. Shirley Nelson, The Shelter28
Until you've loved in Dixie (you ain't been loved at all), You ain't got nothing (if you ain't got love)30
Waitin' on your love29
Whatever happened to our love affair?, Gone, not forgotten, Broken lover's pain30
What's a nice memory like you (doing in a place like this) By Justin Dickens, Dan Whitaker & Jim Lance30
Why not tonight? The feelin's right. Performed by Jacky Ward; sound recording by Phonogram, Inc27
Wishful thinking & 3 other titles30
You must think that I'm a playground (the way you play around on me), I still carry a torch for her30
You're the man. Pt. 1 & 2. Sound recording by Motown Record Corporation30
Your memory is helping me (to not get over you) By Dan Mitchell & Johnny McCollum30
You've got that loving somebody else look (all over you) By Bobby P. Barker part 230
You've still got it (and I still want it) By Randy Travis & Jim McBride, Ol' marshmallow moon27
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