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Administrative behavior: a study of decision-making processes in administrative organization. By Herbert A. Simon28
A Follow-up to representational role orientation of selected New York .., Image formation and psychotherapy30
An Analysis of judgmentally-adjusted earning forecasts, You are the melody, Don Carlos triumphant30
Ancestors and descendants of the Edwards-Mathis-Delozier and related families, The dust of retreat30
An Empirical examination of the effects of environmental disclosures on investors in the capital .27
An iris corsage for you ; Iris corsages at the carnival ; The iris corsages ; Rusty has an idea!30
A Program for economic development for African-Americans, Africans, and Pan-Africans in the United States part 230
Assessment of developmental learning disorders, Handbook of effective management30
Astronomical adaptive optics systems and applications II, 3-4 August 2005, San Diego, California, USA30
Barron's How to prepare for the C L E P subject examinations in college composition & freshman English30
Beggars and prayers: Adin Steinsaltz retells the tales of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav30
Benedict Arnold's detachment, Quebec, winter 1775. By Alfred B. C. Batson, Francis Marion25
Broken promises & 9 other titles part 230
Broken promises ; Someone must get hurt ; I don't wanna fall in love ; Sister part 230
Complaint for violation of the Federal Securities Laws, Dart & Kraft, Inc, Staley Continental30
Conversations with Lord Byron on perversion, 163 years after his Lordship's death part 330
Da Capo best music writing: the year's finest writing on rock, pop, jazz, country & more & 3 other titles24
Decentralized strategy formation, and centralized strategic planning in the new competitive environment28
Distribution and ecology of stream fishes of the Sacramento-San Joaquin drainage system, California part 230
Doctors, patients, and the history of the crisis in post-modern medicine, A History of women's bodies22
Don't be a [blockhead]--the fool says in his heart there is no God!, New and improved swivels & reclines for comfort27
Do what you love for the rest of your life, Machine song, Havana ghila29
Effects of a nonverbal skills training program on perceptions of personal charisma29
Effects of emotional-behavioral functioning and personal characteristics on performance outcomes of hearing-impaired students in Michigan30
Effects of the Reagan domestic program on states and localities, Playhouse of the Damned30
Enthusiasm and charismatic manifestations in Sabbatarian Adventism with applications for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of the late twentieth century30
Forked tongue. By Nathan Hundemann, 1965- (Nathan Scott, pseud.), Sweeping out the dirt, & 13 other songs30
Four anthems of Our Lady. For unison singing. Prose translation taken from Latin hymns by Adrian Fortesque, arr. Dorothy Howell29
Gabriel Marcel on the meaning of work and the cult of .., The Gospel in parable, Traveler works29
Giving birth to feminist pragmatist inquiry, Maria Montessori: a biography, Art in the Third Reich30
Glutathione; proceedings of the symposium held at Ridgefield, Connecticut, November 1953. By Sidney Paul Colowick, Arnold Lazarow, Efraim Racker, David Robert Schwarz, Eric R. Stadtman & Heinrich Benedict Waelsch part 230
Goober peas, lofty dreams and nickel drinks on Sunday, If you love me, don't feed me junk food30
Great pennant races. By Phil Berger. (The Bantam baseball collection, no. 9), Price of glory27
Harrison's Sapp, Florida pleading, practice and legal forms annotated, second edition30
Herpes simplex virus type I based systems for the large scale production of recombinant adeno-associated virus type 2 vectors part 230
How to integrate myo-facial pain dysfunction into your dental practice, Musica Britannica30
Import controls, the economy and the stock market, Economic and investment observations30
Infant and child: development from birth through middle childhood. By Judith Rich Harris, Robert M. Liebert; study guide by Clare Bothe, Susan Bothe part 227
Infective endocarditis and other intravascular infections, US nuclear strategy ...world30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Organizational behavior, Self in social interaction. Vol. 130
Instructor's manual and test bank with transparency masters to accompany introduction to collective bargaining and industrial relations, second edition26
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Environmental science, a study of interrelationships, seventh edition part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank for Lawrence S. Ritter and William L. Silber's Principles of money, banking, and financial markets, fourth, revised edition30
Instructor's manual with video instructor's guide to accompany Psychology, an introduction, by Jerome Kagan, Julius Segal30
Labor of love? Media, myth, and the gendering of care labor in the news coverage of Wendt V. Wendt and Young V. Hector30
Life after television: the coming transformation of media and American life. By Whittle Communications, L.P30
Loan proposal to the interAmerican Investment Corporation for the creation of a natural gas bus system for Santiago, Chile30
Microfilms of the Adams papers, given by the Adams Manuscrcipt Trust to the Massachusetts Historical Society. Pt. 4, section 3. By John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Charles Francis Adams30
Middle East beast collection. Words & music: John Paul Sargent, 1950, If the sun don't shine30
MMPI-2, Minnosota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, [by] S. R. Hathaway and J. C. McKinley30
Momentum transfer in fluids. By William Harrison Corcoran, Bruce Hornbrook Sage & John B. Opfell30
More work for mother--the ironies of household technology from the open hearth to the microwave30
More work for mother--the ironies of household technology from the open hearth to the microwave part 230
On schizophrenia, phobias, depression, psychotherapy and the farther shores of psychiatry25
Perceptions of metropolitan Atlanta principals regarding factors that inhibit the removal of incompetent tenured teachers30
Periodic nocturnal myoclonus in disorders of sleep and wakefulness, Don't fear the night30
Plagues and politics: the story of the United States Public Health Service. By Science and Medicine Enterprises, Inc part 230
Plans for light-weight, all-weather, all-terrain camera case/tripod/monopod, An Economic philosophy for a free people30
Politics and the arts; letter to M. D'Alemert on the theatre. By Jean Jacques Rousseau, translator: Allan Bloom25
Project SPICA--a teacher resource to enhance astronomy education, Breaking the impasse30
Psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and resocialization treatment of male South Asian domestic violence perpetrators30
Public/private cooperation, funding for small and emerging arts programs, The Women's network18
Public service employment and job skills: the south central Connecticut experience. By Roger J. O'Brien part 230
Reading the newspaper and National Criminal's Day, Writing the news (by telling the "story")23
Reclaiming prosperity; a blueprint for progressive economic reform. By Todd Schafer & Jeff Faux (editors) & Lester Thurow (pref.)30
Reflections on Ralph Chaplin, the Wobblies, and organizing in the save the world business, then and now30
Reframing the launching phase of the life cycle for families with developmentally disabled offspring part 230
Restoration, revolution, reaction: economics & politics in Germany, 1815-1871. By Theodore S. Hamerow27
Revolution and democracy; the Russian Revolution and the crisis of American liberalism, 1917-1919. Text: Christopher Lasch28
Self rule shared rule: Federal solutions to the Middle East conflict, Morality & power30
Semi-supervised training of models for appearance-based statistical object detection methods28
Silicon Valley's Housing costs in 2010 and its impact on law enforcement employee retention ; How will the cost of housing impact officer retention efforts of small municipal law enforcement agencies by 2010?30
Songs from Beyond the evergreens, Freedom, Glass soul30
Sound of 2 tambourines on hi-hats, in conjunction with guitar (played at same time)30
Statutory supplement to Regulation of the electronic mass media, Regulation of broadcasting26
Study guide and partial solutions manual for Mendenhall/Beaver/Beaver's Introduction to probability and statistics, tenth edition30
Study guide, theory, and problems for Lawrence S. Ritter and William L. Silber's Principles of money, banking, and financial markets, fourth, revised edition30
Study guide to accompany Money, banking, and the economy, fourth edition [by] Thomas Mayer, James S. Duesenberry, Robert Z. Aliber30
Teacher's manual for Race, racism, and American law, fourth edition, Trust me. Performed by Kat30
Technique and aesthetics in the design of tall buildings, Record of the Art Museum30
Test-item files for American government, Politics by other means, Do elections matter?27
The 3-D parametic equations of an orbiting conic section and a solution to the inverse Kepler problem30
The ABC of acid-base chemistry: the elements of physiological blood-Gas chemistry for medical students and physicians27
The Adolescent's guide for proper weight training and conditioning, Streets so bad28
The analysis of the self: monograph no. 4 of The psychoanalytic study of the child. By Heinz Kohut28
The Complete guide to conducting international business (exporting), The story of darkness26
The creative vision: a longitudinal study of problem finding in art. By Jacob W. Getzels & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi part 225
The Early growth of logic in the child. By Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder, translated from the French by E. A. Lunzer and D. Papert, author of renewable matter: Routledge & Keegan Paul, employers in a work for hire26
The Effects of a job interviewing skills workshop on the vocational .., Teamwork makes the dream work30
The Evaluation and treatment of marital conflict, Metamagical themas, Are quanta real?30
The Forest alternative for treatment and utilization of municipal and industrial wastes part 330
The Formation of vegetable mould through the action of worms with observations on their habits30
The Function of science as myth in the evolution of Mark Rothko's abstract style30
The gendered family and the development of a sense of justice, Bentham's theory of the modern state28
[The Laws of humanics, introduction to Isaac Asimov's Robot City, Speculations, Isaac Asimov presents Super quiz30
The Legal guide to computer software protection: a practical handbook on copyrights, trademarks, publishing, and trade secrets part 330
The McDougall plan for super health and life-long weight loss, Green Mountain, Shotgun to the wind30
The measurement & management of clinical outcomes in mental health, South winds, The Enjoyment of chess problems. By Kenneth S. Howard28
The Miles Lassiter family of Lassiter's Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina (Miles Lassiter, circa 1777-1851)30
The Military, economic, and political implications of Israel's Lavie jet project part 230
The Mind of the mnemonist & 1 other title, Loser, Buzz30
The new dictionary of cultural literacy. TX 5-634-726, Wordsworth and Schelling. By E. D. Hirsch, Jr24
Theoretical studies of the nematic to smectic-A liquid crystal transition in the bulk and in random environments25
The Political economy of innovation in developing countries, a case study of dairy development in .30
The politics and control of police violence in New York City and Toronto, Handbook of everyday law30
The Quest for community, a study in the ethics of order and freedom. By Robert A. Nisbet30
The "This is Tuesday so I know it's pot roast" weekly meal planner, Total body workout30
The Treatment of free enterprise in North Carolina State adopted textbooks in American history and economics30
The Triangle Fire, the protocols of peace, and industrial democracy in Progressive Era New York30
The Widening world of childhood; paths toward mastery. By Lois Barclay Murphy, Experience and environment22
Thought reform and the psychology of totalism. By Robert Jay Lifton, Six lives, six deaths30
Twinkle in your eye. w & m Louis Prima, Keely Smith a.k.a. Dorothy K. Prima, & Barbara Bell a.k.a. Barbara B. Newman26
When I hear my door bell ring. Lyrics: Betty Lou Harrison (Betty Lou Harrison Fanning), music: Ted Dreher30
Why our children can't read and what we can do about it, Dominance, aggression, and war30
Within-population life history and demographic variation in the striped plateau lizard, Sceloporus virgatus30
Zero defect marketing: the secrets of selling high tech services, Who is John Doe?30
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