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Ace of clubs & 286 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), So many doors, So hard to believe30
African tune (African love vibe) & 94 other titles, They don't understand, Never gone29
All I'm missing is you & 76 other titles, He'll never leave you, Patrice Lovely25
All I want (is everything) & 19 other titles, Better of believing & 7 other titles30
Animals & 5 other titles, Beat law, Jungle songs30
Ask me to dance ; Moment to moment (man to man) ; Tradin' it all (for a night in your arms)30
Baby, how can you refuse an offer such as this?, Lover boy, Hello, Mister Ev'rything30
Brand new love (take a chance) By Giorgio Moroder & P. Oakey, Straight into a heartbreak28
Call of the wild. By Rick Neigher, Joe Curiale & Rosemary Butler30
Christmas isn't Christmas ('til it happens in your heart) By Carol Owens & Jimmy Owens part 930
Chu chu cha cha; small jazz ensemble instrumentation. m Lyle F. Dedrick, arr. Arthur Dedrick30
Collected works of David P. Alpert, A Fool for love, It moves me30
Collection of works by Ken Hirsch. By Ken Hirsch, Phil Cody & Ted Perlman, Long night30
Come Saturday morning. From the motion picture The sterile cuckoo. Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Dory Previn (w) & Fred Karlin (m), arr. Al Delory30
Corticosteroid therapy in otolaryngology, Put your heart in my hand, The Latest thing30
CRAFT: the club for people who can't remember a F#*!ing thing, I got love, You got plans29
Dear enemy. By Marc Jordan and Bibo Music Publishers, employer for hire of John Capek30
Documents of Lutheran unity in America. Compilation, editing & some new text: Fortress Press, employer for hire of Richard C. Wolf30
Don't laugh. w & m Murray Cohan a.k.a. L. White, Bernard C. Solomon a.k.a. J. Baird30
Dreams alone (can't make a love come true), You belong with me, The Sand Mountain collection30
East Bat Cave Shell station blues. w & m Daniel Wayne Flowers, Melva Matthews, Beau Johnson (Robert L. Johnson)30
Factors influencing the effectiveness of subliminal stimulation, Provider directory30
Female epicurean's society. From Aloha, Hawaii. w & m Peter Lee Zoellner, Fred T. Smith (Frederick T. Smith) & R. Alex Anderson (R. Alexander Anderson)30
Friendly fire27
From a school ring to a wedding ring. w & m Milton Kellem a.k.a. Ted Kellem, Victor Aronson & Tommy Martini30
Guess what Wanda and Murray have gone and done?, We'll get by, Stalkin' the starwood30
He is my shepherd. w Cynthia Louise Ovokaitys, 1966- (Cindy Louise, pseud.); m Wendy Jean Groth, 196930
Hit and run & 3 other titles, Hit and run30
How I feel in my heart about you; a musical composition. w & m Loren Arlie Moore30
If you love me like you say (you wouldn't treat me like treat me like you do) By Ike Turner part 330
I know what these women want. By Bibo Music Publishers, employer for hire & N. Y. M., employer for hire30
I like what I see (post June 1998) By Will Robinson & Rob Crosby, Rob's on the move for love28
I saw my first love today. w Bob Russell, m Jimmy McHugh, Lost at midnight, Down on your knees in humble prayer30
Is it only cause you're lonely? By Johnny Marks, performed by Porter Wagoner, A Letter from Jeannie30
It's good to be back in toes again; musical composition. w & m Anthony Allan Amenta, w David Richard Amenta30
It's over part 1730
Lawyers, reporters, and cockroaches, Blue Christmas, Mr. Seed goes to town30
(Let me be your) teddy bear. w & m Karl Mann & Bernie Lowe, band arr. Hal Leonard Music, Inc. (staff arrangers)30
Let's call it a day (and get on with the night) By Dave Burgess & Don Pfrimmer, There never is a day goes by30
Little doggie. w & m Warner Wilder, pseud. of Warner Alfred Weidler, Walt Wilder, pseud. of Walter Wolfgang Weidler & George Wilder, pseud. of George William Weidler28
Love under construction 2004, Hearsay, Sentient winds30
Moonlight on Diamond Head. By R. Alex Anderson, piano arr. Leeds Music Corporation30
Multifunctional polycondensation distributions: a kinetic approach for mixed monomer systems30
Music folio no. 2. m Milton Shorty Rogers, Ernie Hughes (Ernest Hughes), Hoagy Carmichael, Richard Shores, employees for hire of BNP Music Publishing Company, Inc30
My buddy's girl. Words, music & arr. Herb Newman (Herbert Newman) & Murray Schwimmer30
My haunted love. m Carlo Menotti & Billy Verplanck, w Myrna Lee, Beyond this mortal lair30
Never been anyone else suite, Say it to my heart, Herein lies the rub30
Night vision: true tales of a real-life private eye25
Nobody cares about the railroad anymore part 230
No one but him. w & m Robert T. Hudson & Barbara A. Hudson, The Human touch, Heavy as a rock30
No one's ever gonna love you (the way that I love you) w & m Sonny Coppola (Frank R. Coppola), w Madeline Sunshine30
Nothin' to lose but a heartache & 1 other title, Let's be lovers forever, She never could love Texas off my mind26
No time like now & 35 other titles, Lady long gone, Homeroom blacksheep30
Olvida ese amor; bolero. w & m Jose Silva, Shine on, Love has died24
Once upon a time & 1 other title30
One night, one light (joy on Christmas Eve), No time like now, Time for a heartbreak29
Porque mon amante, & 2 other songs, How long lasts love?, The Last laugh28
Put your trust (in the hands of Jesus), You set my love alarm off, Leave my love alone30
Quest for permanence: the symbolism of Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats. By David Dodd Perkins30
Rhythm rockers. m Al Cohn, Don Stratton, Manny Albam, John Benson Brooks & Elliot Lawrence, w Bix Reichner (S. Bickley Reichner)30
Ridin' the roller coaster. From Hallmark's motion picture One too many. Lyrics & music: Irving Bibo, lyrics: John Stephens30
Selections from "A Man who married a dumb wife", Wigs suite, The Songs the girls sang27
She just loved all the hurt in my heart away & 1 Other title, Baby it's you & 4 other titles30
She just loved all the hurt in my heart away & 1 Other title, Rockin' my angel, Why'd you have to be a heartache? Musical composition30
Sins of the flesh, Copperhead26
Sleep don't come easy (in a dusty Georgia jail) By James D. (Jim) Weatherly, Six flats unfurnished30
(Smile) you're the only one & 108 other titles, Come love me again, To love you again30
Soy tan feliz contigo & 1 other title, Paso a paso, Enamorate de mi & 1 other title30
Sweater girl, III30
Swingin' school. From the Columbia film Because they're young. w & m Kal Mann, Dave Appell & Bernie Lowe part 230
That's life ; produced by Christopher Willoughby, That's life part 230
The Angler's almanac. By Robert Cartwright McCormick, ill.: Jack Bradley, Body heat30
The bear fact is safety is no accident! VAu 29-310, The rafters of my mind, None of it makes any sense30
The bells in the evening. w & m Stephen B. Gillette & Thomas E. Campbell, The Very last to know30
The Impact of America on European culture. By Sean O'Faolain, Bertrand Arthur William Russell, John Frederick Lehmann, J. E. Morpurgo, Martin Cooper, Perry Gilbert, & Eddy Miller30
The Man with the broken heart, Right back, Glory boy30
The Mr. Boston official video bartender's guide, A Sign of the times, The Gram cracker is back30
The Rodgers and Hammerstein song book. Introd. by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, musical plays & commentary by Newman Levy, arr. by Albert Sirmay30
The Theme from The Greatest American hero. By Mike Post & Stephen Geyer, Love brought us here tonight30
Timothy Scott Peterson's collective work of song lyrics three, Look what we've done to the children30
Too late for love, & 2 other songs, Shock till you're hollow, Witch of love30
True confessions part 230
Turn me all around ; Gonna love you tonite ; Hard, hard man, Amarillo killer, Big D women23
United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, local rules of practice as of March 12, 198130
(Want you) back in my life again. By Kerry Chater & Chris Christian; Duchess Music Corporation, employer for hire of staff part 430
Wassup wit u? By Tony Terry, Joseph Malloy, Joel Johnson, Ted Currier & David Sanchez27
We're on our way; 11 songs. By Harlan G. Palmer 3rd, 1942- (Hap Palmer), Zany zoo29
What were you doin' in my dreams last night? Musical composition, A Dreamer's dream come true25
When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along, Chanson d'amour =, West of the wall. w & m Wayne Shanklin30
Yo lo coloco y ella lo quita, Uno de los dos, Si me creyeras22
You get much further with fur. From the musical production Spring Thaw, The people, the singer and the song30
(You must be) somebody's child. w & m Michael Shanklin, Jr. Shanklin, pseud. of Wayne Shanklin, Jr. and Wayne Shanklin30
You're a boy whose a man; song. By Joanne DiSalvo, Friendship, Noone to talk to30
Your love; a.k.a. Desire. Change of title and one line in lyric: Matt Dennis & Tom Adair29
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