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1996 and 1997 songs by Joseph J. McCarthy. By Joseph J. McCarthy, 1965, Can't stay30
Acosta's feeling & 5,761 other titles. (Part 015 of 032)30
Ain't no talking to you, Square one, Cryin' too long25
A Lullabye to believers & 33 other titles, Blues for Bessie. m Bud Powell, Birdland blues. m Earl "Bud" Powell30
An Introduction to microcomputer hardware, The Psalms for the Church year, The Church choir book, II30
Are you slipping through my fingers? By Wilfred Sales, Rhoda Roberts & Frank Brents30
A Thing called love & 118 other titles, Disguises, A View27
Beams of joy; 37 songs. w & m Robert Watson, Albert E. Brumley, Ben A. Shepard, & others30
Can you imagine Christmas? By Questar Welsh, 1955-, & Jeff Wolff, Why do fools fall in love?30
Collected short screenplays, including Exhibit 47356, Keep/toss, & The good Samaritan30
Control of the Indian meal moth and other pantry pest insects in natural food stores21
Dedication, march and celebration, Get on down to the music, Get on down30
El Pito (I'll never go back to Georgia) By Jaime Sabater & Joe Cuba, A Thousand ways & 97 other titles30
El timbal & 10 other titles. Written and composed by Tito Puente, Mambo macoco. Music: Tito Puente30
Function at the junction. Words & music: Sydney Nathan a.k.a. Lois Mann, Henry Bernard Glover, Sammy Lowe (Samuel M. Lowe) & Jimmy Mitchelle (James Henry Mitchelle) part 430
I carry the music ('round and 'round in my head) w & m Tony Romeo, w Lou Christie30
I swear. w & m Jack Reardon, David Fleischman & Charlotte Chait, pseud. of Vic Abrams30
I've got everything it takes (to counsel lonely women), I've got it right this time, Jesus30
Lovin' you, baby. By Adrian John Loveridge, Sunshine is so fine, Friends of the earth30
Mash potato Mary. w & m Guy Villari, Rocco Tortorella & Maryann DeRiggi, Ahead of the game30
My girl lollipop & 2 other titles, Book of love (rap version) Musical composition25
No titles given for notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. C78-119 WAI filed 17Feb78 in U.S. District Court, Northern District, San Francisco) Nature of action: Petition for removal of cause from State Court to Federal Court and alternatively, for declaratory judgment and appeal from order granting summary judgment part 430
Organ spectacular. Artist: Michael Austin, sound recording: Chandos Productions, Ltd30
Out of sight, out of mind & 1 other title30
Rap-o, clap-o ; Rap-o, clap-o (instrument-o), Rude boy, Rachael's dance30
The Brownville Express. Composed & arr. by Ernie Wilkins (Ernest B. Wilkins), A Moment's notice & 55 other titles30
The other side. By Christian (w Stefan Caldwell, 1962-; m Michael Christian, 1968-, Diego Rivera, 1970-, William Lowe 3rd, 1966-)30
Time will tell on you, and 3 other songs30
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