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50 great modern lives; inspiring biographies of men and women who have guided mankind to a better world. By Henry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas30
Absolutely love street & 103 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Shaking the night away30
A Gambit for Mister Groode. By George Griswold, pseud. of Robert George Dean, I feel beautiful30
Ain't that just like a woman? Written by Doug Nichols & Darryl Worley, Looking in my mirror30
Back to Kentucky & 22 other titles; musical & dramatico-musical compositions, Baseball (America's national pastime) Musical composition30
Broken pieces (of my life) Written by Butler26
Come out and play & 8 other titles30
Cont. of music & lyrics by Joey George for Gorgeous Music as of 8/22/87, Reason to laugh30
Country music works of Terry Einhorn & Telsie Welch Einhorn part 230
Damaged goods & 2 other titles28
Deep down and real (magic) ; Love a man, Love above it all, A Phone call away20
Don't close your eyes tonight30
Don't jump the gun. By Douglas Smith, whose pseud. is Doug Voltage & P. Jaye Scott, whose pseud. is P. J. Voltage30
Give it up part 1230
Heads you win, tails I lose & 1 other title30
Henry Gross. Artist: Henry Gross, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc, Love is the stuff & 8 other titles30
High in the wild. w Alan LeBoeuf, m Michael J. Bonagura, Treat me like a stranger30
How can I say goodbye? & 2 other titles. By Wilber Leo McMillen25
How many country singers have you known?, Doghouse, You are with me (wherever you are25
I can't stay here & 1 other title26
I don't need you anymore30
If love is a train & 2 other titles, My heart hurts, Heart of ice & 2 other titles28
I'm beginning to think (that I can love again) Musical composition, You're my everything30
I'm feelin' no pain. From Ten girls ago. w Diane Charlotte Lampert & Peter Farrow, m Dion DiMucci30
I'm gonna be a star tonight & 1 other title, Stop the dancin' & 1 other title, So caught up in lovin' you27
I'm gonna love her for both of us bw peel out. SR 30-402 (1981)28
I'm not the reason (He's no) Composed by Amy Jill Shiner & Norro Wilson30
I'm still in love with you part 230
It looks like rain. By Terry Cashman, James Mee, It's a beautiful morning, Color TV30
It's makin' me wonder (why I'm goin' home) & 3 other titles, Peace, No titles given for musical compositions by Ronnie Rogers30
Janice & Jayne White & Andre Pessis spareroom collection V, Madeline, Madelaine30
Just friends on fire30
Let's make love & 1 other title, Let's hang curly Billy, Let's give it a try30
Life-cycle. m Terry Silverlight & Barry Miles, pseud. (of Barry Miles Silverlight)30
Livin' in the heart of our love & 2 other titles, If you're ever in Saint Louis & 1 other title30
Lost in love (sweet talking lady) By Stephen Coronel29
My side of the sky. From the motion picture For love of Ivy. m Quincy Jones, w T. P. West, Terry Cashman & Eugene Pistilli30
Never gonna give you up & 3 other titles part 230
No titles given for an oblique aerial photograph of Alburquerque, N. M. by John Peterson part 230
One track heart (passion in the dark) By Carmine Appice, Randy Bishop & Duane Hitchings27
Over and out. By Associated British Picture Corporation, Ltd30
Physiologic principles of surgery. By David I. Abramson et al., editors: Leo M. Zimmerman & Rachmiel Levine30
Pretty city lights & 1 other title, I dreamed of rain, Already home30
Say when & 3 other titles, My cameo girl, Live on in your dream29
Sweet sounds of music. w & m Ebbie Woolley, Billy Terrell, Ray Dahrouge, Gotta make it without you30
The ballad of Gunga Din. Musical setting, editorial revision & w James J. Croce30
The Life of James J. Marino, the early years ('78-'84), Another chapter, Books made men30
The Russians aren't coming (the Russians aren't coming), Ain't gonna hold your hand. By George Wallace30
Too proud to break down & 2 other titles, Tahiti, so can I, Bluegrass & 27 other titles30
Turn off the lights bw if you know like I know. SR 9-608 (1979)30
Wanna be with you. By R. D'Agostino30
What are the comparative advantages in using the Baptist expression of "the marriage encounter" .27
When there's no such thing as love, then it's over. w & m Ken Williams, Mel Kent & James Ralph Bailey (Ralph Bailey)30
Why do we leave him alone?, Malcolm X, Where's the summer?27
Will you smile for me? Musical composition, Somnambulists, Jesus said so30
Without your love (Mister Jordan) By Paul Vance & Perry Cone part 430
You always leave me wanting more & 3 other titles, Diane & 1 other title, Mamas, don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies24
You don't mess around with Jim. Artist: Jim Croce, sound recording by ABC Records, Inc30
You don't mess around with Jim. Artist: Jim Croce, sound recording by ABC Records, Inc part 227
You know what a woman really needs, Look what you made me do30
You wrapped your song around me & 2 other titles, Willie's room, Don't make a fool of my heart27
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