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2007 Blue Mountain Arts calendars (16-month editions) ; Dream big, stay positive, and believe in yourself and To a wonderful mother part 230
2007 Blue Mountain Arts calendars (16-month editions) ; Dream big, stay positive, and believe in yourself and To a wonderful mother part 330
After everything & 36 other titles. Written by Neil Mason & co-writers as noted30
AireBrush Feelings--Blue Mountain Arts28
All I want for Christmas is you (remix) Written by John Miller, Robert Allen, Ellis Williams, et al part 430
A Magic-lamp message for readers rubbed the wrong way by rough riders, Be positive28
Amish country choppers & 30 other titles; T-shirts in {Sack Spring 2005 T-Shirt line}30
A Mother's Day thought from your husband ... I love you always, Mother, I could never thank you enough for all you've done23
An adaptable neuro-control system for a 10--50GHz monolithic microwave integrated circuited-based intelligent front-end amplifier30
An investigation of compositional techniques in the orchestral works by Edward MacDowell27
Artes Monte Azul Valentine's Day notecards VX229 through and including VX234 and VX236 part 230
A sister's love is a wonderful love to have on Valentine's Day ; For my new love, on Valentine's Day30
A special little survival guide to always see you through ; You're in my thoughts more than you'll ever know ; When I married you ; The love I have for you part 230
A study of the perceptions of graduates and former students of the secretarial science technology at a publicly supported community college30
As you celebrate Easter, I believe in angels, and I know one is watching over you ; For a special granddaughter at Easter, you mean the world to me30
Attitudinal differences about the masters degree in hospitality administration and career opportunities in the hospitality industry30
Because I care I want you to know I've had good results from chiropractic treatment .30
Because we're sisters, every Christmas is a special memory ; To you, son, with all my love at Christmas30
Because we're sisters, every Christmas is a special memory ; To you, son, with all my love at Christmas part 230
Be different, but don't be the same, Thank you for caring, You let your real self show30
Believe in you & 15 other titles part 430
Believe in yourself, and live your life with thankfulness for all the gifts you've been given30
Believe in yourself ; Punch a press ; Wounds that never heal ... [et al.], Afraid of love30
Blue Mountain Arts notecards. No. PA101-PA120, PA201-PA211, PA213-PA226 et al. By Stephen Schutz & Susan Polis Schutz, employers for hire & Stephen Schutz part 330
Blue Mountain Arts Valentine's Day notecard SV405 "For the one who fills my life with love on Valentine's Day."28
Blue Mountain arts Valentine's Day notecard SV418 "You are my true heart, my true soul, my true love on Valentine's Day part 230
(But this time) it's fallin' all apart, At the movies, Chasing away the shadows30
Cheerleader doll, Grandma, Grandpa30
Children who have lost a father in the line of duty, Every once in a while, The Stop smoking activity book27
Comparison of Arts PROPEL and teacher-directed approaches to teaching music education to preservice teachers part 228
Dad, this is for all the times I should have told you thanks for being such a great father30
Daughter, this Valentine's Day together my heart is filled with love and pride for you30
Development of an approach for the measurement of case management service decision quality26
Do I love you, Iowa? (yes, indeed, I do), So ... this is love, Enough love25
Don't ever give up. Writers, Pete Stewart, Todd Collins, Jonah Sorrentino & Reid Shippen30
Early Nicholas County (West) Virginia marriage bonds (& records), 1818-1864, I miss you since you're gone30
Effects of virtual reality on symptom distress in children receiving cancer chemotherapy30
Efficacy of upper extremity strength training on upper extremity functional performance among elderly long-term care residents30
Every day of my life & 5 other songs about love & happiness, Thank you, my Lord, Same old situation30
Factors associated with falls in community-dwelling individuals age 90 years or older27
Forms problem supplement to accompany ... editions, West's Federal taxation. Individuals & comprehensive volumes30
For my beautiful sister on Mother's Day ; Happy Mother's Day to someone who has been a second mother to me ; To wish you, my friend, a Happy Mother's Day30
From deep within for Lynn. Emerald River dance. Cosmic cowboy ... et al, Mass of inspiration29
From my heart at Easter, I'm proud to have you as my husband30
Gas dynamics. Vol. 1. By Joe D. Hoffman & Maurice J. Zucrow, I love you30
God's blessings and anointing upon you30
Haley Camille Matlin starring in the amazing adventures of Sir Peepsqueek and Mouse Mallory30
Happy birthday, Sheldon! By United Features Syndicate, employer-for-hire of Brett Koth, Larry Fentz and Dwight Ferris part 330
Happy birthday! time to shake things up and get a little messy!30
Happy Father's Day to the best dad any daughter could ever ask for, The Flie [sic] fishing bear30
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