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6Garden wall. By Craig Bickhardt, Jack Sundrud, Kipp Lennon, One heart breaking30
A collection of music KGM, March 27, 1995, Tough enough, I want to be loved by you30
All night long (touch me); (Touch me) all night long. By Patrick Adams, Greg Carmichael & Cathy Dennis30
A Penny Christmas & 75 other titles. Written by Charles "Chuck" Harter & co-writers as noted30
Cadillac cowboy ; Comin' back to me ; Indigo moon ... [et al.], How could she leave?25
Characteristics of persisters and nonpersisters in a college .., Where the sidewalk ends30
Come to me part 2030
Doin' it in paradise, White rose, Home in the island30
Emerald Lion Music, winter 1987, From where I stand30
Everyday (I kick myself) By John McMurry p.k.a. Webb Wilder & R. S. Field, Paradise Park30
Eyes of the immigrant ; Gonna go crazy ; Every once in a pale blue moon ... [et al.]30
Eyes of the innocent, Revolution30
Feelin' good ; She loves to dance ; Shaky boom boom ... [et al.]30
Freight train thru Dixieland polka collection30
Got a hold on me & 1 other title, A Weekend in July, A Rebel without a cause30
Happiness ; Tomorrow morning ; Sentimental man ... [et al.], Miserere (overture)25
Happy birthday (It's your birthday), Goosebumps, Randy-O26
Heart like a roadsign, head like a wheel, Goodness gracious, Grandpa's little man collection30
Home free--return of the bald eagle, Framed, House and 90 acres30
Hurricane part 930
I apologize. Co-writer, Brice Long. DCR 2006, I apologize30
I don't get mad (I just get even), I've got a weakness for you, Never let him see me cry30
If I'm loosing [sic] you (life won't be worth anything to me), Fall in love again30
If my heartaches were silver and my teardrops were gold, I'll try again, Waxahachie waltz30
I found a love, & other lyrics, Stand still30
I love what love is doing to me. He ain't you. Compilation & 6 new bands: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc28
It's up to you--a management accountant's decisions30
Joe Williams died walking ; Be electric, Keeps me up all night ... [et al.], Up all night, and No one said goodbye30
Just my luck, and other selections, The Beauty of "the Phoenician.", More than yesterday30
Making ends meet and dreams come true, Flight of dreams, Rollin' into Roanoke26
Missing you. By John Waite, Chas Sandford & Mark Leonard, Missing you30
Mommy loves the bottle (more than me) w & m Joy Williams, Sweet mystery, Bad side of the tracks30
Not even crying; a.k.a. Not even cryin'. By Steve Seskin & Sandy Knox, Ooh-la-la. By Ken Barken, Keith Hyman & Sandy Knox30
Overcoming the problems and variables in the marketing of forensic experts to the property claims industry30
Rhapsody in black & 10 other titles, Bitter end, Abandon ship30
Sentimental women need not apply, a history of the American nurse, Sentimental30
Seventh Avenue ; The truth about you ; Tears falling down ; Fire of the newly alive30
Smile of the night, Fireball, Liana30
So many women (and too little time), Never say goodnight, Madeline's tree30
Sometimes part 1930
Somewhere there's someone. w & m Morris Hall (Sonny Hall) & Jimmy Copeland, Naked lunch30
S.O.S.(save our souls), Echoes of love30
Tear me out of the picture. By Bill Rice, Sharon Rice & Mike Lawler, Angelene, Moonlight magic30
Tell me how it feels (to be you), It's better this way, Maybe I'm crazy27
The mindless side of town, Rodeo Rose, Go out and plough26
Three moods for piano. By Paul Edwards (Paul E. Bettencourt), Table for one30
To feel that way at all. By Jack Tempchin & Jim Lauderdale, This is the big time30
To feel that way at all. By Jack Tempchin & Jim Lauderdale, Try not to be so lonely30
Turn down the lights ; My special someone ; A mission of love ; Leave a little room for God30
Two wrongs will make it right, Wild girls, You ain't hurt nothing yet30
Wheels of fire. By Josh Leo & Harry Stinson, The Passer, The Castaway28
When, exactly, did we become white trash?, Crashin' and burnin', Here's the keys30
When the Cimarron was red and on the rise, Every time I think it's over, Just for the love of it30
William Kitchens songs 88-001. By William A. Kitchens, Lot to learn, San Diego, California30
You'll never know (how close he came to hurting you)30
(You're never guilty) when love is your alibi, Till a tear becomes a rose, You didn't miss a thing26
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