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99% of the time & 149 other titles, Too good not to be true, Name the place and time30
About last night, & 3 other song lyrics, A Special song to you, Street lady28
A choir rehearsal. By Carmen Y. Lattimore, Jelani Lattimore & Paula Bryant, Soligold blues30
Adventure: in the Honey Island swamps. By Craig A. Elliott, 1961-, & Robert L. Snider, 196428
Adventures in aerobics--hi-impact, Tonight and forever, Gift for garlanda27
A Good ole love song & 3 other titles, Indigo blue & 1 other title, Indigo blue30
A Study of burnout levels among community college administrators, Sniff this, Grade-A's beat CD30
Baby come back, & 3 other songs, Secret hideaway, The girl who got away30
Cold blooded lover, Treat me right, Rebecca30
Computer design of an optical intensity homogenizer for uniform .., Tempered lives30
Corporate ladder TV game show, Glory road, Be the man28
Dark is the night for all ; Cold as stone ; Angel in the snow ... [et al.], Take on me30
Daydream part 330
Defense mechanisms--regression, displacement, identification, introjection, reaction formation, sublimation28
Die Soldaten; Oper in 4 Akten nach dem gleichnamigen Schauspiel. By J. M. R. Lene, m Bernd Alois Zimmermann, piano arr. Markus Lehmann30
Does he do to you (what he use[d] to do to me)?, Move with me, Bright lites, big country30
D.O.T./ Mike Slaton (Mayor Loco Music), Stone Fox Looker, Youth alert30
Do you right ; Cause it's (a memory of you) ; As we say goodbye, In the rough, Spend a little time27
Every filthy angel ; Gimme a riot ; Rats eye view ; Slowmotion moonshine, Voodoo no. 130
Everything you want to know about panic and anxiety that your doctor can't tell you and a little bit more!30
Get on with it (re-mix) Co-writers: T. Landry & M. Klucznyk, On-time, A Summer night28
Here comes the sunshine ; Christine ; My prayer ; Here comes the sunshine (housemix)30
I'll surrender ; Him and God and me ; Cheer up Buddy ... [et al.], Water to wine30
I really, really want to kiss you, Take him with you, That's what you've got30
I wonder ; Stonecutter's arms ; Art of listening ... [et al.], How's my little girl tonight?30
I wonder ; Stonecutter's arms ; Art of listening ... [et al.], Mad mad world, Life is a highway ; Mad, mad world ; No regrets ... [et al.]30
Last night in town. Composers, Davion Farris, Tiffany Gouche & Myles Sims30
Legion of Super-Heroes, including the Sorcerers' world, the Controllers, and the Archmage part 221
My WIFE (world is forever enriched), Hot and steamy, Terry's submission collection26
One step back, a giant leap forward, You know I'd rather be in Oklahoma, Heart of your mind30
On the floor ; The truth ain't on the sign ; They just don't make 'em like they used to ... [et al.]30
Precious part 430
Property rights on termination of alternative life styles, part 1, Shapeless and shameless30
Reaching others through Christ collection, D. Maria's tracks, D. Maria's various tracks30
Rhapsody for cello and orchestra, Hold me now forever, Hold me now30
Schultz-Ellis, May 1992, eleven song parcel, Sleepless, Schultz/Ellis parcel number 229
Selected marketing principles used to evaluate the attitudes of adult .., Not me30
Silver Express country ballads collection, Pretty lady, Logical data base design30
Smooth & soft (radio edit) ; Smooth & soft (bedroom edit) ; Smooth & soft (smooth radio mix) ; Smooth & soft (nasty man's groove)20
Stone horses ; This old man's too drunk to drive ; Buffalo skinner ; The waiting30
Straight up and down ; Monster ; Straight up and down II, Straight up30
Superluminal communication, Enough love, So I can tell28
Tell me you love me for Christmas (all I care about is love)30
The Blues are here to stay, Bluebird, The Woman for me30
The Collective lyric works of David Martin Thomson and Jeffrey L. Calhoun, With the stars29
The growth of knowledge. By Charles J. Austin, Vannevar Bush and others, editor: Manfred Kochen30
The right track, the wrong train, Pieces of me30
The two of us: Affirming, celebrating and symbolizing gay and lesbian relationships part 230
Turn your head around ; Powerful people ; Walk along the water, Denial, We fall before him27
Valentine's Num-strology lottery numbers selection aid book random variables parlays and combinations30
When she's mad, she's bad, Homeless30
You just don't feel that way about me, Ingrata mujer, El preso30
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