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13-straight! Story by Clifford E. Pulliam; screenplay by Rhonda M. Scott and Clifford E. Pulliam27
A comparison of academic achievement of education graduates and noneducation graduates part 230
A comparison of recreational reading interests/preferences of vocational-technical and transfer students enrolled in developmental reading classes30
Aggression as a function of sex and socioeconomic status in popular magazine fiction in the . part 230
American government--freedom, rights, responsibilities [by] Vivian Bernstein30
An evaluation of the USEPA model multimed and applicability to hydrogeologic conditions in Florida30
Austin Fine Arts Enterprises--"Let us put a jingle in your pocket", Music for Christopher30
Bible memory clues Old Testament edition29
Bible truths about health foods and how they can help you live longer30
Dave Durant and the mystery of the stone house, The Journeyman's farewell, Swiss holiday30
Effect of two general anesthetic agents on the cognitive function of neurologically normal adults following extracorporeal circulation for coronary artery revascularization part 330
Elements of literature, workbook, fourth course, grade 1030
English for Christian schools, 11, writing and grammar, Beginnings for Christian schools21
First grade English skills for Christian schools correlated lessons and materials30
First grade English skills for Christian schools correlated lessons and materials part 230
First grade English skills for Christian schools correlated lessons and materials part 330
First grade English skills for Christian schools correlated lessons and materials part 430
Five centuries of printing, 1450-1978, including at least one work from each of the past 500 years30
Fundamentals of Literature for Christian Schools, More tales from Dust River Gulch30
Gentlemen, start your engines, Hitting home, World-berry jam30
Golden wedding anniversary, Seventy times seven, Mirror by the window30
Home school education in Mississippi as perceived by public school district superintendents30
How to establish a spiritual atmosphere in the Christian school, Father of the light25
HPV-16 E6 and E7 disrupt cell proliferation and apoptosis control mechanisms in normal human cells part 330
Industrial development supercomputing with centralized notational invariants despite economic system30
Influence of mechanical stretch on smooth muscle cell death and proliferation in a rat vein graft model28
Instructor's manual for America's political system, third edition, Heritage Studies for Christian Schools30
Investment in real estate for employee benefits plans by a medium-sized trust department part 330
I stole your love & 25 other titles, Contemporary Christian music, When it ends, when it begins30
Jesus loves me ; God will find a way ; Road to Damascus ... [et al.] part 230
Larger number double tiles ; Number squared tiles ; Justify your thinking ; Today is the day for numbers30
Math for Christian schools--second grade workbook, Heritage Studies for Christian Schools30
N-dealkylation of tertiary amides by cytochrome P-450 and anodic oxidation, The Continuing saga of Mister and Mrs. Do and Mister and Mrs. Don't26
Old Testament reports (class member reports for Gospel doctrine teacher's suppl.)30
Perspectives of elementary school teachers concerning the link between mathematics taught in school and everyday mathematical practice30
Practical guide to surgical pathology with cytologic correlation: a text and color atlas25
Practi-Slate inserts for beginning handwriting and spelling, More about Jesus, Biology for Christian Schools30
Practi-Slate inserts for beginning handwriting and spelling, The Christian student dictionary30
Practi-Slate inserts for beginning handwriting and spelling, The Christian teaching of history30
Problems and drills for Applied business mathematics, [by] Fairbank, Schultheis, Kaczmarski30
Proceedings, Second International Symposium on Databases in Parallel and Distributed Systems, July 2-4, 1990, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland30
Pulling together. By R. G. Francis, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow30
Rainbow around the world; a story of U N I C E F. By Elizabeth Yates, illustrated by Betty Alden26
Reading for Christian Schools, worktext 2-127
Santa's miracles with faith's destiny and happy birthday new you, PCSS: program director's resource guide30
Shakespeare didn't quote that ; Natcha bone lover ; Live, love, and be friends ... [et al.]30
Spring flowers of the Upper Midwest ; Autumn flowers of the Upper Midwest, Young people ask--how can I make real friends?30
Student activities manual to accompany Encuentros = Cuaderno de ejercicios y manual de laboratorio to accompany Encuentros part 230
The adventures of town mouse & country mouse, Little Bear and the Springwood Spinners21
The Anatomy of the Africa multinational conglomerate enterprise strategy in international development30
The Ancestors and descendants of the Kuffel sisters, Vocabulary for Christian schools29
The cleansing of the soul of men, Enemy of the state, Rise and fall28
The development of a gay Latino identity, The Bridge, You can't hurry God29
The effects of leaf consumption by Trirhabda canadensis on the growth and resource allocation of Solidago missouriensis, with concomitant effects on leaf nutritional quality and the availability of light and soil nitrogen part 230
The Homes of America, as they have expressed the lives of our people for three centuries. By Ernest Pickering25
The Life and death of King John ; The Famous history of the life of King Henry the Eighth30
The Ministry-Potential Discerner, form A, grade 7, 8, 9 (or 10), short form part 330
The perceived appropriateness of the 1995 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award education pilot criteria for assessing quality in Georgia's technical institutes30
The political origins of the "Behavioral Revolution" in political science, 1937-195130
The predictive power of homework assignments on student achievement in grade three30
These are my people-angels in bunker coats, What is man, The West27
The Uncollected Zim Zemarel and his orchestra, Swinging with Bo, The best of Bo Thorpe28
Transformation of non-oxygenated, homocyclic aromatic compounds by aquifer microorganisms under methanogenic and sulfate-reducing conditions30
Wait and see, Annie Lee, Run for your life, Old enough to live30
White people do not know how to behave at entertainments designed for ladies and gentleman of colour30
World studies Africa guided reading audio CD ; World studies the ancient world guided reading audio CD ; World studies Asia and the Pacific guided reading audio CD ... [et al.]24
Would you like to dramatically expand your sales production?, When trouble comes to town27
Writing and grammar skills: punctuation, mechanics, and word usage: communication series29
Written case guide for the Case presentation method oral exam for chemical dependency counselor certification part 230
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