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A family that prays together, I wanna be a blues man, Escaping to Dayton30
A History of variety-vaudeville in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from its beginning to 190030
Ain't givin' up no ground. w & m Andrew Noland a.k.a. Clarence Satchell, Ralph Middlebrooks, William Beck, Leroy Bonner, Marshall Jones, Jim Williams & Marvin Pierce30
Ain't that lovin' you (for more reasons than one) & 29 other titles30
Alberty & Wilson's "Theze boyz have got 'lectric.", Rhymin' on the funk, Another sad ending30
All the right places (wrong time), Player, Heavy weight30
All the time & 252 other titles (part 002 of 002), No hope, Night games30
Amerijal Productions: Project Won, Holding on, Don't try to hurt her love30
A Methodology for the inferential derivation of retrieval semantics utilizing a relational .30
A Mind is a terrible thing to waste, 22 songs by Mike Wise, Two songs by Mike Wise30
Angel flying too close to the ground & 112 other titles, There's no tomorrow in sight30
Antecedents, correlates, and continuity of ego-control and .., Afterhours, Risin30
A Study of educational reform legislation, extracurricular .., Job, I had a friend30
A wedding poem for Nathaniel and Angela, Genesis 14-20, You are my Father up in Heaven27
Baby let me take you (in my arms) w & m Abrim Tilmon, -1982, Have your way, Lord30
Bad news, good news ; Can I go home ; Cold, cold ... [et al.], Chicken in the kitchen28
Cardiovascular laboratory cardiac catheterization report, The bull, Nik-Nik24
Chapter 5--The Princess as a little girl, Jesus is always there, Cathy's childhood poems30
Coming up on happiness ; World to lose ; Workman on the night-time shift, Holy Ghost power30
Cought [sic] between a cold place and a fire, Roll with the rhythm, Droppin' dem dogs, & 1 other song23
Danger (been so long) Co-composers, Chad Hugo & Michael L. Tyler, Been so long, and 3 other song lyrics30
Don't stop the praise ; Goodness and mercy ; Your praise ... [et al.], Bless me, Shall be mine30
Doug Duffey collection, Halloween 1990, I won't cry, Dance/feel good30
Down with the clown. By Joseph Bruce, Mike E. Clark, Joseph Utsler. (In The great Milenko) part 230
Endangered species. By Screen Gems, a division of Columbia Pictures, Industries, Inc30
Everyday living. By Jessie W. Harris, Mildred T. Tate, Ida Adelaide Anders & Alice F. Blood30
Fear not part 230
Financial freedom and wealth building in America today, Let's go with Dave DelDotto's cash flow expo30
Fleurs melodiques des Alpes numero 6 = Melodic flowers of the Alps, He's in the midst of it all30
For the sake of the children, & 11 other selections, I just want to say I'm sorry28
Get off my dick and tell yo *Removed* to come here, You can't fade me, Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis enema squad30
Gettin' it on? Co-composer, Chris Stapleton, The Geek. m Wilton Felder, That's it. m Wilton Felder30
Good thoughts are better than laxatives, You blew my mind away, Thinking only you24
He will give His angels charge over you, Lord, let me be your instrument, You're not walking alone30
He will provide, and 3 other songs, He's so real, Oh, what a time30
Hey, mama, whatcha got good for daddy? w & m George Clinton, Ed Wingate, Albert Hamilton, Norma Toney, William Garrett & James P. Varner part 330
How did you feel (when you came out of the darkness)?, Great things for me, Only a breath away30
How much do you love Jesus?, Pure gold, Oh, Lord, the children27
I don't know what it is (but it sure is funky) By Robert L. Beavers, Jack Hill, Peter Joyner & Dennis Taylor26
I feel the spirit, don't you? By Elmer Ward, Lo, this is our God, Story in my song30
I got a thing about living. w & m Jerry Keller & Dave Blume29
I haven't lost any faith in God, It was Jesus, God is tired now30
I just don't know how to say goodbye. w & m Henry Salisbury (Sandy Salisbury) & Joseph Stec30
I just wanna love ya, baby. By Dennis Coffey, James Epps & Cleveland Horne, Cityscape II30
I'll just wait (a.k.a. I'm gonna wait on the Lord), Don't do away with the old gospel music26
I'll let nothing separate me from the love of God, Let us lay aside every weight30
I long to see my Saviour face to face, Stay, My love is growing stronger30
I'm not gonna let the rocks do my praisin' for me, Let's shout, Is your all on the altar?26
In search of evidence; radio program. Created by George W. Trendle, & by Dan Beattie, as employee for hire of The Lone Ranger, Inc30
Instructor's manual to accompany Seasons of marriage and family life [by] William R. Garrett30
In the dark & 26 other titles; musical composition, In the dark26
In the Master's hand ; I put my trust, Ye shall have the power, Thou carest, Lord27
In the mind ; Center of the eye ; Kantinism ... [et al.], Strong woman, Helene Lustgarten30
I've already been to the water & 1 other title, I'm sanctified now & 1 other title29
I will fall prostrate before you, Happy in Jesus, My innocent Jesus30
Jesus, I'll never forget. w, m & arr. Aaron Phillip Nowden, Faith sings, Follow peace30
[Jesus medley ; performed by] Merrill Womach, Jesus medley, If I could pretend30
J-OH Productions for So Attractive Entertainment (collection), Devil dogs, Need a cure30
Keep holding on to the one you love30
Let Jesus fix it for you: the original manuscript, nine other choruses written by or introduced by Marvin V. Frey, in revival choruses published 1940. Folio eight30
Let's praise the Lord, children gospel praises, Two skits, BRAI and the A. S. B30
Madam Ruby's love boutique, Jack the bastard, Big dictionary22
Mama said we can't get married, Born in the ghetto, The uh-uh30
Mattie Moss Clark presents The Greater Williams Temple C. O. G. I. C. Choir, Show some sign30
Memories reflected in a broken mirror: a trilogy, From 1 Corinthians 13, God won't fail29
Mothership connection (star child) By George Clinton, Jr., William "Bootsy" Collins & Bernard G. Worrell23
My mind is made up ; We need love ; He will deliver, Unworthy, Crown him Lord of all30
My soul says yes to the Lord, & 1 other song, Saved and sent to sing, There is victory in Jesus30
Nothing will replace ; Tempted ; The big mistake ... [et al.], DBDB dop, Hot hits30
One thing have I asked of Yahweh, Rainy day fun, Manassas boogie30
On the brighter side of a blue world. w & m Norma Toney, Herman Weems, Al Hamilton25
Our space frontier. For band. m Glendon Boyce Goddard, The 23rd Psalm28
Party for your right to fight (Blak Wax metromixx) Written by Eric T. Sadler, James H. Boxley & Carlton Ridenhour22
Plain brown wrapper. From album I told you so, Free, One26
Planar laser induced fluorescence images of fuel mixing and the reaction zone in a supersonic combustor29
Promentolshitbackwashpsychosisenemas (the doo doo chasers), Adolescent funk, You and your folks me and my folks30
Return to the islands. By Sir Arthur Grimble, Tightrope, Soldier's heart29
Shakedown. By Columbia Pictures Publications, employer for hire of Robert W. Smith part 230
Signs of the time are shining brighter30
Something good (is going to happen to you) By David Porter & Isaac Hayes, Rap movie30
Some things weren't meant to be. w & m George Clinton, Clarence Haskin & Grady Thomas30
Something you got (I always come back) Co-writer, Royal Bayyan, Baby let me take you (in my arms)30
Songs written by Edward Anderson, Tedd Whiting & Kevin Bonners, Dedicated to the right wingers30
So sorry you went home alive, Cookie jar, I hate everything30
Squeeze my little finger. Put your faith in me. Artist: Mitch Mitchell, sound recording: This Record Company, Ltd29
Stay in the service of the Lord, Say amen, Lord, we praise thee25
Stephany Wells for NeNe Love Music Publishing, Sharonda Nichols for HoneyGold 721 Music30
The Blue bungalow ; Lonesome Hollywood blues ; Oh, you devil man, Cowtown, PUSH30
The Current forces acting on the United States hospice industry, and their likely future impact part 230
The effect of noncognitive variables on the prediction of academic difficulty and attrition of freshman student-athletes part 230
The effects of electric power industry restructuring on the safety of nuclear power plants in the United States30
The effects of perceived leadership style on the job satisfaction of mid-level student affairs administrators in institutions of higher education30
The Island of the voyageurs. By Anne Cherryholmes (Olive Price), What's in my head?30
The joy of the Lord is my strength, & 18 others28
The Magnificats of Francisco Lopez Capillas (1615-1673), Mexico City .., Long way around30
Themes of Truly Slick, & 7 other selections, Sweet sticky love, You and I, & 1 other song29
There is none like you, & 1 other song, Splendor and majesty28
The relationship between the school resource officer and patterns of suspensions from school due to violence, gang activity and substance/alcohol abuse30
The sun will shine, the grass will grow, Manhawk, Love, my precious love30
Today is the first day (of the rest of our life), Pilgrim, He'll do his part30
Touched by the master ; Things that matter the most ; There was God ... [et al.]30
Trapped by a thing called love & 52 other titles, You flunked out, Too late to check your trap30
True love is divine, Dr. Funkenstein, Who needs you?23
Trust Him and thank you Lord for being with me, I get joy, Powerfully packed30
Walking in the fruit of the spirit, There is no failure in God, I'll be faithful30
When will they learn to love one another?, We're raising gospel music higher, Right away27
Where to get job training in the D. C. area to become an auto or truck mechanic, bookkeeper, computer programmer, cosmetologist, dental assistant, drafter, registered nurse, welder30
Who do you give 8 hours a day of your life, 5 days a week, name one--work, God is the answer30
Will you love me when? Words & music by Henry D. Haynes & Kenneth Burns, Snookered but good!30
Your getting a little too smart. By Abe Tilman, Sweet children, Walking on the side30
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