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Abandoning parents and abusing caretakers, Can an actor be President?, Sally's Irish rogue30
Ablaze & 183 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, A brief moment in the life of Angus Bethune30
Absolutely fabulous fairy tales (2), Press gang, Press gang II30
[Acme Crimenet trading cards, Pattonville School, BUILD30
A Guide to the A N S I standards for post-secondary education, Latin-American music for the classical guitar28
And they dance real slow in Jackson, Talk to me, 'Tis a pity she's a whore30
A Weave of time--the story of a Navajo family 1938-1986, Danger tomorrow. By Parroch Films, Ltd30
Bad timing--a sensual obsession, The Hit, Brother23
Bed and breakfast inn (and home) By Entrepreneur, Inc30
Benny Leonard vs. Lew Tendler, for the Lightweight Championship, Jersey City, New Jersey, July 27, 1922. By Greatest Fights of the Century, Inc30
Best of...what's left of..not only...but also.., To play the king, The keeper of the Traken30
Blue with no green ; Shuffle and cut 'em ; POC, Soul survivor, When the laughter ends (the grief remains)30
Brother can you spare a dime? bullet proof, O Mary this London, Destroyers30
Building a liable operational coordinated kontrol system (BLOCKS) to counteract terrorist threats to the national public safety and security30
Crouching binome, hidden virus, The final cut, Greenmail30
Cytokine regulation of neuronal gene expression in sympathetic neurons and a neuroblastoma cell line30
Devil's bait. By Independent Artists (Production) Ltd, October moth, The Avengers30
Enchanted April. For orchestra. m Trevor Duncan, pseud. of Leonard C. Trebilco30
Equipping lay leaders for an effective teaching ministry in the First Baptist Church of Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York part 230
Family book of child care. By Niles Polk Rumely Newton, with editorial collaboration of Paul Gyorgy, Irwin Marcus, and Thaddeus Montgomery, ill. by Ora H. Harris30
FASB no. 87 pension accounting increases 1986 and 1987 earnings, Richard Pryor live in concert30
Gertrude Stein and a companion, Zero one, Loot30
Girl on approval. By Eyeline Films, Ltd, Zero one, All that jazz25
Great white death ; One more question ; Make up your mind ... [et al.]27
HBO comedy hou: Rodney Dangerfield's 7th birthday toast. By Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP part 230
He who would valiant be. For four-part chorus of mixed voices with organ or piano acc. m Florence Jolley, w John Bunyan30
Horror Hotel; a screenplay. By Bruce G. Hallenbeck; adapted from the screenplay by Milton Subotsky & George Baxt30
Instructor's manual to accompany Coming from home, Mass culture and electronic media27
Instructor's manual with Test bank for American public school law, sixth edition30
Katherine Graham. Services by Joan Didion, as a work-made-for-hire for HBO Films, Inc part 230
Kentucky Farmers Bank (the better bank), The Best I never had, For posterity30
Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out, David MacDonald collection 1, 91130
Konflikt s intellektual'noi elitoi, Brighton Beach, Braiton Bich26
Learning language arts through literature, NOVA, Doing what comes natural28
Legends of traditional fingerstyle guitar, [PM Earth, Inc., waste audit forms], That they may all be one30
Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance, Make way, Mortal combat30
Lessons on evangelism for study and discussion in a black American congregation, 42nd Street28
Le testament du Docteur Cordelier = The testament of Dr. Cordelier, The rules of the game30
Life of Python. By Devillier Donegan Enterprises & British Broadcasting Corporation, employers for hire of Tiger Television, Ltd30
Live forever in that home, S.O.S.(Sound of summer), Rock by numbers30
Major-minor (a song of yesterday), Messiah30
Match point & 52 other titles, Match point30
Morning pro musica, 1984 with host Robert J. Lurtsema on W G B H 89.7fm, Nova, Blacks Britannica30
My best friend ; Time ; Let's just sneak around ; Animal attraction, Everybody scatters at the sound of my gage30
My boss's daughter/ Dimension Films presents Gil Netter, John Jacobs production ; directed by David Zucker29
Nothing I've done compares to what you did, Duke's place, Siquest no. 130
Nova: The elegant universe : no. 3013, String's the thing, Simply Ming show, Family cooking30
Omnibus: Disney seventy years of telling tales, Fellow travelers, The Justice game27
One night stands (out in my mind) By William J. Aerts, Michael Mugrage & Carlotta McKee part 230
Pallbearers envying the one who rides, Saratoga backtalk, Saratoga fleshpot30
Parade; a musical play. Text: Hal Gardner (Rufus Hallette Gardner), Bergdorf-Gardner music28
Please hold tight ('cause, baby, we got all night), Love unknown, Get busy & 7 other titles30
Princess Diana: putting her life back together with the help of her two princes. TX 3-626-488 (1993)27
Ripley's Believe It or Not!, The Avengers, The Saint30
Rockey [sic] Mountain woman = Rockey [sic] Mountain fellow, Lord of the manor, Christmas, just a year ago30
Rollin' wit' my crew ; Number one ; Who rock da headz ; Wi luv dat, Every generation got its own disease30
Russia, without the cloak of censorship, The ace of spades & other titles, New Zealand scenic wonderland30
Scanning-tunneling microscopy of yttrium barium(2) copper(3) oxygen(7) and the quantum-dot thermoelectric refrigerator30
Shirley's collections of long stories, Vermont, Utah29
Simon said what? A.k.a. Simon, a.k.a. Middle of the rhodes, a.k.a. Stuck in the middle, a.k.a. Middle child part 330
Songs of Jana Rae Nile (psy. Jana L. Nathanson) & John McFadden, Stonewall, Songs by Jana Rae Niles and Alco28
Southern roses; excerpt. From Easy to love. Arr. Paul A. Marquardt, Storm of desire26
Stolen assignment. By A. C. T. Films, Ltd, The Diplomatic corpse, Kill me tomorrow30
Television writing--theory and technique. By Robert S. Greene & Robert Montgomery30
The Court martial of Billy Mitchell & 17 other titles; films, City after midnight. By R K O Teleradio Pictures, Inc20
The Day they kidnapped Queen Victoria, Royal flush, Royal flush heat27
The Effect of infection with herpes simplex viruses types 1 and 2 on cell DNA synthesis and thymidine .30
The funtastic Froglilly family adventure, Rainbow Island stories collection, Popular suite number one27
The hitchhiker's guide to VMS performance30
The John Larroquette show, Reggie, The Bounder30
The Last days of Frank and Jesse James, Do it to me till I sweat30
The last waltz: the final recordings at, The price of freedom, Kiddush hashem28
The Man at the Carlton tower, The early bird, The Clue of the new pin27
The orphans of Mordecai's Castle the Haven, The orphans, Music in the night22
The power and the glory. PA 641-538, Why me?, Monday at the market30
The President's child. By Fay Weldon, The Officer takes a wife, The Life and loves of a she-devil30
The Spoken word, New Testament, King James Version, My daily source, The Day I married you30
The sword and the cross, Nova, The AIDS quarterly30
The total synthesis of (+/-)-epoxysorbicillinol and progress toward the total synthesis of (+)-epoxysorbicillinol30
The woman who walked into doors, A star called Henry, One for my baby30
Unpublished new work of Penny Gentieu, 97 ways to make a baby laugh, Legends of jazz guitar30
Viktorianische Miniaturen; gesammelte Novellen. By John Galsworthy, translation by Leon Schalit30
Viktorianische Miniaturen; gesammelte Novellen. By John Galsworthy, translation by Leon Schalit part 226
West side story; text only. By Arthur Laurents & Stephen Sondheim, Everything's coming up roses30
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