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Attitudes and self-perceptions of singing ability and reinforcement for singing behaviors of self-proclaimed singers and nonsingers with a varied church background30
Chalk it up to the blues ; Bayou blue ; How did you love someone like me? ... [et al.]30
City water ; I heard the highway ; I'm not breathless anymore ... [et al.], Flooding my mind with you30
Down in Mississippi ; Song for Sunnyland Slim ; Little girl, little girl, Shake your moneymaker30
Elvis has left the building ; Southern lips ; Mystery, Sincerely, Back to Babylon30
Forget-me-nots ; Home ; It stops with me ... [et al.] part 330
Loser's paradise ; The man of somebody's dreams ; So far from God (and too close to you) ; Azulito30
Love me like that ; Dancin' on the edge of a razorblade ; I don't know what I want (but I want it now) ... [et al.]28
Lovin' don't go one way, & 2 other songs, Love is a compromise, Chris Hunter, summer 1987--9 songs30
(Ole daddy's got a) brand new love ; They did the boogie ; You shoulda thought of that ... [et al.]27
Parental problem recognition, help-seeking and service utilization for adolescent mental health30
Remember, forget, remember, forget ; Deceiver ; I hope she cries ... [et al.], One girl25
Sleeper hold on Satan ; Waffle house fire ; Just friends ; Strange butt blues ... [et al.]30
Slow down GTO ; Borrowed time ; No easy kind of loving ; Slide her up and down, Play 'em where they lay30
Songs written by George (Butch) Hancock included in record entitled "West Texas waltzes and dust-blown tractor tunes." By George Hancock30
Teenie weenie meanie ; Will there be a shopping mall in Heaven? ; Roberta ... [et al.]23
That's where I come in ; Our days are numbered ; Her number ; Where do I stand?, Got it goin' on30
The little green men ; I'm down now ; All over again ; You did a number on me, Hillbilly rockin' man23
What did I do? ; The visitor ; Nathan Lee ; What I used to do all night30
Wishy washy woman ; What is love? ; Crazy gone lover ... [et al.], The Fox and the hunt30
You promised me heaven, why you givin' me hell?, Peter and Jerry works, A beautiful woman29
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