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2004 SWEPA information product development seminar, You can't, Within27
6 AM Jullandar Shere ; 7.20 AM Jullander Shere ; My dancing days are done ; Wog, Jason Donovan/Tessa Sanderson30
About a boy (jingle jangle morning) & 7 other titles, About a boy, Pitch black30
A collection of songs by Terrance Alfred Taylor, Startin' Monday, Music by Terrell30
A Comparative study of computer-assisted instruction, .., I'm always on my way to Alabama28
Actions speak louder than words, & 3 other selections30
Activity grrrl & 137 other titles, Rabbit's got the gun, 8.9 on the Richter scale27
A distorted reality is now a necessity to be free, Strange parallel, Alphabet town & 11 other titles30
A Few good men, Rough cut, Gemini26
Afraid of babies 156 other titles. (Part 002 of 005), (Blank paper), Checking in30
After lovin' you (Is there) Composed by Howard Russell Smith & Wayne Perry27
A guy, a girl and a gun, Bon voyage, 24 frames/second29
Ain't gonna keep on being your fool & 356 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Blues has got to me30
Ain't no use & 34 other titles part 230
A Kiss in the dark a.k.a. Un beso du sol & 71 other titles, Chicasss catalogue, Stranger in my heart30
Alfred and Omega & 1 other title, Baby and me, Baby and me 56 other titles23
All night long. w & m Claude Benjamin, George David Weiss, Lou Singer & Al Stillman part 230
All that noise. By Peter Bain, Stuart Roswell & Kevin Cowen.; performed by Darkside30
All the things you could be right now if Sigmund Freud's wife was your mother. m Charles Mingus, -197930
Almost fed up with the blues, Far as we go, Feelin' again30
Almost love & 43 other titles, Almost love30
A love like yours (and fifty cents) Co-writer, Angela Kaset, Collective works of Jeffrey S. Marshall28
Angel of mine. Words & music: Tony Musco & Bill Stallworth, Red light runner, Love, wine and roses30
Angels in disguise & 58 other titles, City blood in my country heart/905, The Works of Phil Geiger30
Animate y conviertete, Este amor, No hay nada oculto30
Aqui vivo yo. By Arthur Egnoian, John Ledesma, Tobias K. Romero & Edward H. Sanchez30
Arnold Arnold (picture printer) No. 159847 & no. 158947 (1961), Advance to Boardwalk30
Asleep at the wheel. w Steven P. Eaton & Jay Senter, w & m Bill LaBounty, The Goldsmith's wife. By Jean Plaidy, pseud. of Eleanor Hibbert30
As long as you're here with me. Co-composers, Sara Buxton and Brian Maher22
A woman like you & 101 other titles30
Beautiful life & 10 other titles26
Because of you & 13 other titles30
Beck Sheehy's The Telesupport Group, Gang bang fantasy, Back in the dark ages (with you)24
Bedtime story & 22 other titles30
Billy Holiday & 1,039 other titles. (Part 005 of 005), The day that she left Memphis30
Black and blue market. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc part 230
Boom boom boom. From album What I see what I think. Recorded by Juster. PA 799-02925
Brand new day & 33 other titles part 230
Brer Rabbit; a play for children in three acts. By John English, Follow the illusion30
Can't get enough (of you love) By Mick Ralphs (Michael Geoffrey) (CA)30
Can't live without them anymore. By Jack Segal & Marvin Fisher27
Charley's picture & 4 other titles, Do wrong blues, Barroom fever30
Chasing the wayward heart, Unspoken30
Children like to smile ; You've got leaving on your mind ; Humpy bumpy ; Whiskey river27
Cinema Investments Company proudly presents MacBurnie King in Famine!, The Orphan30
Collaboration with David Michael Schifanelli, Diane Klimaszewski, Elaine Klimaszewski30
Comin' on strong & 14 other titles26
Consultation-liaison psychiatry: current trends and new perspectives, Questions, The Origins of pain25
Contrary country, a chronicle of Vermont. By Ralph Nading Hill, ill. by George Daly30
Con voce eu me sinto bem (a menina e o vento), I give up, Miss Z's strut30
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