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A Beep and a bed pan & 287 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Some kind of friend, She say's she's a loner30
Adam and Eve & 131 other titles, Bible stories, Jericho30
Aggravation & 114 other titles, Goin' to work, Don't go out with him25
Ain't no cure for love. Co-composers: Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Supa, Perfect dancer22
All the way & 371 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), All the way part 330
All the way & 371 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), All the way30
All to myself & 50 other titles30
A Loser with nothing to lose & 77 other titles, Yesterday's future, When she's wrong30
Am I pleasing you? By Ramsey E. Lewis, Jr, Act like you mean it, Shuckin' and jivin'30
And she takes the best of me, You won't be there, Seven songs by Zahn30
Are you home tonight? By Paul Sabu, Charles Esposito & Hunter Brucks, I can't shake your love B/W Sometimes storm28
Around the world & 2 other titles part 330
Arrangements by Pat Caddick in Danny Gans Live Show, Countin' on you this time, Papa Bear30
A secondary dimerization site in the 5' leader region of the HIV-1 genome, For the kids29
As real as it gets & 88 other titles, Painted on blue, Postcards from New Mexico26
Background score and cue music for the motion picture "St. Louis bank robbery." m Bernardo Segall30
Beauty and the beast & 10 other titles30
Breath of life (w/Ronnie Matthews, Toot Monk, etc.) Artist: Louis Hayes30
Can't get enough of your love & 51 other titles part 330
Cruel and unusual; radio mix, track mix, dance mix, vocal, and in[s]trumental. By Dough Johnston30
Don't call me (I'll call you) By Gordon Smith (a.k.a. Evans), Al O. Stewart & James Mitchell part 430
Don't let them take the child away & 4 other titles, She holds the key, & 1 other song30
Don't promise me roses and 28 other titles25
Every time I'm next to you & 15 other titles, Jaded and faded & 2 other titles, Dream date30
Eye in the sky. By Eric Woolfson, Alan Parsons & Columbia Pictures Publications30
Give a little more & 2 other titles30
Hearts on the run. Co-writer, Jennifer Hanson. DCR 2001, Feeling like a little kid again27
Heaven on earth & 28 other titles part 330
How could disco wrong? By Micheal Chapman, Nicky Chinn, Lynda Lawley & James Pennington30
I can wait ; Clock strikes twelve ; I guess it doesn't matter ... [et al], Sara's not sober & 10 other titles30
I couldn't love you more (if you were mine) By Michael P. Heeney & Jackson Leap30
If everybody left their soldiers at home, Inside looking out, In make believe27
If I could change the world, & 4 other songs, Your every touch, Light me up30
I got the ability to rock & 33 other titles, Hangin' by a thread, Midnight dancin'30
In over my heart. By James Walton Aldridge, Jr., Howard Thomas Brasfield, Jr. & James T. Rutledge29
I wanna a big, fat mama to fall in love with me = I wanna big, fat daddy to fall in love with me30
Kiss me the way you did last night and 2 other titles, It's more than you deserve30
Last call for love & 20 other titles, I didn't realize, D.W.I./ words & music by Walter A. Caldwell27
Mack and Mabel. The musical romance of Mack Sennett's funny & fabulous Hollywood. Artists: Donald Pippin, conductor with Robert Preston, Bernadette Peters, Lisa Kirk & others, sound recording by ABC Records, Inc30
Make it right & 5 other titles30
Myrna Renaud--portrait of a dancer, Wish it away, Heart full of songs26
Rebel with a cause ; Shattered hearts ; Good night, Lorraine ... [et al.], Skin to skin30
Right combination (looks like) & 1 other title, Through the window, Moment of madness & 2 other titles30
Skin deep part 425
Songs of Yvonne Gray a.k.a. Von Gray 1988, Ya it's you, (Thru the) window of the world30
Talkin to the man upstairs. a.k.a. Talking to the man upstairs, Sweep me off my feet29
The peanut butter prince; dramatico-musical composition. By John W. Moffat, She's a lovesong30
The Perfect crime; motion picture. By Lewman, Inc. & Revue Productions, Inc30
The Sun, the sand, and the sea. Words and music: David Walton, 1950-, Do ya, do ya & 29 other titles30
This and that & 10 other titles30
Till the end of time & 1 other title part 230
Time waits for no one. Co-author: Holly Knight30
Tongue of the prophets; the life story of Eliezer Ben Yehuda. By Robert Saint John26
Two left feet, two left hands, and too left on the bench, Words of faith & 15 other titles30
Walking on a wire & 35 other titles, Mary's melody, Organ grinder waltz30
What if it takes you too long to see? w & m Helen Washington, Permiller Ward, Willie Hall30
When it all comes down to love & 11 other titles. By John Beland, with co-authors as noted27
You did everything I told you not to do, Cold hearted woman, Stranded in the ghetto30
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