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7M-2 revised alt. yuri talks, Chaplin, Rambo: First blood, pt. II30
And God created woman & 37 other titles30
Angel of death & 29 other titles30
Basic & 5 other titles; theatrical motion pictures. (Part 002 of 002), Texasville30
Color coherent radiation in multi-jet events from proton-antiproton collisions at 1.8 TEV30
Cutthroat Island & 4 other titles30
Extreme prejudice30
First blood DVD special features & 2 other titles, First blood30
Fright night: creepy stories, poems, & other scary stuff part 230
Fright night II & 14 other titles; motion pictures30
In memory of "Christmas past, Christmas present", Compassion, Sunlit lady30
Jacob's ladder, and 1 other selection, I'll rise again, Spiritual shower28
Jacob's ladder & Climbing up de golden stairs30
Kim Aldrich, The deep six, no. 1597, Deepstar six. PA 410-59030
King of New York30
King of New York. PA 524-430 (1990)30
Leader of the band30
Maid to order & 11 other titles; motion pictures30
Maid to order & 11 other titles; motion pictures part 230
Mountains of the moon30
No titles given for the musical compositions constituting the catalogs of Communique Music, Fantastic Voyage Music & High Pinnacle Music30
Pascali's island & 11 other titles; motion pictures30
Pass the ammunition. By Lawson Wood30
Pound puppies & 628 other titles. (Part 004 of 004) part 230
Pound puppies and the legend of Big Paw, Rebel30
Pound Puppies, lovable, huggable: a big coloring bk.: no. 116230
Prologue, I shall tell you of William Wallace ; Outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes ; The royal wedding ... [et al.]30
Prom Night IV: deliver us from evil, Twisted obsession, Howling VI: the freaks30
Rambling rose. w & m Rose Marie McCoy30
Rambo: first blood III/Rambo III/ or Rambo, first blood, pt. 330
Remote control animal rescue unit--doggie: rescue (model no. 3314R)30
Shattered dreams--picking up the pieces30
Shattered dreams: picking up the pieces30
Terminator 2: judgment day & 25 other titles; motion pictures30
Thanks, Donna/drives, Pre-robbery, Prestige robbery30
The Exclusions of a rhyme; poems and epigrams. By James Vincent Cunningham, Stoner30
The invaders. By Columbia Pictures Television, a division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc30
The Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Doors, Pan Am 10527
Theme from "The accused". By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Brad Fiedel26
The night man, no. S1, Death wish, Veil30
Total recall; an introduction to past life & health readings. By Barbara Condron, 1953-, Daniel R. Condron, 1953-, Laurel Jan Fuller, 1958-, Sheila Benjamin, 1957-, & Pam Carpenter part 230
Total recall promotional material: theatrical teaser30
Trading heartaches30
Trading hearts. Directed by Neil Leifer30
Universal soldier30
Universal soldier part 222
Universal soldier, the return too30
Untold story: the search of Amelia Earhart, Aces: iron eagle 3, Westerns film library30
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