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36 creative ideas for children in the church school, Summer fun, Rainbow bags26
Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, Have you ever thought?, Being a bookworm30
Addition/subtraction without regrouping, Math drill 2-2, Mastering math30
All about me and the things I can do, now that I am three! part 230
All the math you'll ever need, Geometry30
Alphabet animal limericks, Assorted roses, 50's birthday27
A Muggle studies workbook for Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone, Hatch, Hatch, the first journey30
An analysis of attitudes regarding scientific literacy among students and faculty in the department of biological sciences, Idaho State University30
An Instructional guide for hospitals on developing policies and procedures for health care delivery to hearing impaired patients30
An Investigation of the effects of a researcher-designed string music .., Human body30
A teacher's guide to The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Moods of California autumn30
Barnes briefs (for Lincoln-Douglas debate), Map skills, Insight--graphics 430
Basic skills social studies workbook, Word games, Jumbo health yearbook30
Beginning reading, arithmetic, writing, and spelling (R A W S) C A T program for preschool, prekindergarten, kindergarten, and special education30
Certificate for one trillion shares of stock in Phoenix, Arizona, issued to our "out of town" visitors by Al's Family Book Store30
Champion map of Rowan County, North Carolina, with insets of Salisbury, Granite Quarry, East Spencer, Spencer, China Grove, Landis, Faith, and Cleveland part 230
Children's form supplement to the basic manual of The Rosenzweig picture-frustration (P-F) study30
Conflict resolution ability and social-cognitive correlates in severely language-impaired and nonimpaired children30
David Laws & Chris Fowler collection, Just gently call my name, Spanky30
Doc's place (old folks radio source) (In Flight of the navigator) By Guy Vernon Moon part 227
Dot-to-dot Bible pictures, make personal connections to God's world, grades PK-K30
Dot-to-dot Bible pictures, make personal connections to God's world, grades PK-K part 229
Effects of competition, group reinforcement, and individual .., Little stories for little readers30
Equitable, inclusive identification practices for underrepresented student populations in gifted and talented education30
Explore 24 splashtastic rainy day actvities, Reading Connection, grade 2, Shush-hush quiet activities21
Explore 24 yumderful cooking activities, Portland best places, If24
FACS; Fiduciary Assistance and Compliance Systems. Module 1. By Wayne Harris Miller, 1956-, Albert Douglas Foster, 1953 part 230
Faith speaks!, expressing God's word in sign language, grades K-4, Same & different30
Fill-in-the-blank Bible fun, includes a riddle for every lesson, grades 4-6, Coconuts30
Full flowering, a parent and teacher guide to programs for the gifted, Quit, Diet28
Ginger sling-preliminary artwork and logo & 5 other titles, Explorers, Dominant genes & 10 other titles; screenplays30
Graduation exit exam preparation for writing and language arts, How to write a great research paper30
Guerrilla Radio presents--The Adventures of Frottageman, champion of the left, Word play30
How to discipline children without feeling guilty, Dot-to-dot dinos, ER: Arty Smarty30
Identity, communities of practice, and learning in a professional development school30
Implementation of the nursing interventions classification (NIC) in five clinical sites30
Individual and group activities for fiction and nonfiction reading, Traditional manuscript30
Instructional activities for the development of appreciative and discriminative listening skills for first grade students in language arts28
Investigating the structure and function of Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase using site-specific mutagenesis and X-ray crystallography30
Kindergarten teachers' perceptions of staff development, change in practice, and the development of phonological awareness in at-risk students part 230
Language Arts Acitivities Using Colorful Cut-outs, It's number time!, Award ribbon30
Mastering math-every student in all schools, Working with numbers26
Math discoveries about fractions & decimals with manipulatives, Grammar rules!, Brainteasers30
Medicare documentation requirements for social workers in home health care, Book club groups27
Memory verses set to music. Compilation, m & some new w Ruth Linscott & Elsa Benyon27
Native American action stories, Spelling30
Nazareth sweetest home. Solo for medium voice & organ. By Ellen White, pseud. of Ellen M. Pompeo30
New Testament words re: husbands and wives : Behavior of a Christian : Behavior Christians are to abhor30
Nursery rhymes & fairy tales puzzles & games (grade PK-1)30
Nurturing God's way parenting program for Christian families, Plants and seeds, My body24
On the road to your dreams ... start each day with praise and a prayer ..., and other selections part 330
Phonemic awareness: the skills they need to help them succeed (new matter: additions and revisions) TX 6-062-09330
Place value and children's tacit theories of arithmetic, Place value, Keys to math success27
Play and learning (PAL) child development series, Slickchick, Don't be scared, & 6 other songs30
Problem solving performance and learning strategies of undergraduate students who solved microbiology problems using IMMEX educational software part 330
Reading comprehension strategies in secondary content-area classrooms30
Ready-to-use illustrations of children at play, Birthday fun, Colorful ornaments27
Schoolhouse architecture in American from 1830 to 1915, Schoolhouse30
Science fair projects--planning, presenting, succeeding30
Small apple & 6 other titles; crystal figurines, Small apple, No. 566 Medium Statue of Liberty30
Some effects of corporal punishment and psychological abuse on .., Addition & subtraction30
Stop and practice plurals, prefixes, and suffixes, Boning up on addition and subtraction30
Thanksgiving Day: let's meet the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims. By Barbara DeRubertis; illustrated by Thomas Sperling30
The manzanita leaf-gall aphid, Tamalia coweni (Cockerell) (Homoptera:Aphididae) as a model system for studies in elementary social behavior, sex allocation and life history evolution part 330
The substitute teacher's organizer with hints for a happy and productive classroom30
The wonders of physics. Text: Irving Adler, Western Publishing Company, Inc., employer for hire of Cornelius DeWitt (ill.)30
Time and money as health care rationing agents for the injured rural elderly, Mountain experience30
Trouble at the well. By Mary Manz Simon, Carson-Dellosa Publishing, How the world was saved & other Native American tales30
Uno, dos, tres! Spanish songs for children, Volvere a por ti, Volver a vivir30
Valentine's Day 1991, and other contributions, Star Wars episode 1, Colorful chameleons!30
Vocabulary building with crosswords--grades 3-4, Word puzzles plus, World maps skills27
Wild animals and birds of North America and the world part 229
Winter holiday in the Southwest U. S. A., 198930
Word problems with instant assessment30
World geography Texas essential knowledge and skills student profile30
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