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A biological approach to water quality analysis using 18SrDNA to assess microbial diversity across spatial and temporal scales29
A Communicative skills program for day care, preschool, and early elementary teachers30
A comparison of factor structure and composition of the student transition questionnaire in traditional aged residence hall students, traditional aged commuter college students30
A coupled upland-erosion, instream hydrodynamic-sediment transport model for assessing primary impacts of forest management practices on sediment yield and delivery30
Activities manual for Understanding electricity and electronics technology, fifth edition30
Address by David L. Bazelon, Senior Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit30
Adolescent pregnancy denial, dissociative symptoms and neonaticide30
A finite volume multigrid solution to the three dimensional nonlinear ship wave problem30
After-school and parent education programs for at-risk youth and their families, She wolf30
A Killing in the market. By George J. W. Goodman and Winthrop Knowlton, The Wheeler dealers. By George J. W. Goodman30
A kinetic and synthetic study of 2-keto-3-deoxy-6-phosphogluconate aldolase toward the synthesis of 4,5-dihydroxy-D-threo-L-norvaline, 4-cis-hydroxyproline, bulgecinine and 4,5-dihydroxypipecolinic acid30
All about hand-held and briefcase-portable computers: how to use them for business and personal work30
Am I dreaming? (Or am I awake?) (Dreaming puzzles and their solution), Stay (baby, don't go)27
An Analysis of walking surface reaction forces of normal and non-normal gaits, About you & 61 other titles; musical works30
An attributional analysis of the causes cited by junior high school band directors for success and failure at U.I.L. concert/sightreading contest and their attitudes towards contest30
An Introduction to modern criminal investigation, with basic laboratory techniques25
An investigation of the predictive effects of bullying behaviors and the psychosocial environment of schools on behaviors of middle school students30
A Practitioner's guide to understanding indigenous and foreign cultures, Introduction to American education30
A Septuagint translation technique in the Book of Job, Zechariah, Mountain songs30
A study of advanced musicians' mental representations of dynamic (loudness) variations used in expressive music performance25
A Study of nutrition education received by physicians and .., A hunnert years of French lickin'29
Brigance diagnostic assessment of basic skills revised student record book, Brigance prescriptive word analysis25
Budget decision criteria, selected institutional characteristics and demographics of chief fiscal officers in public community colleges30
Carbon monoxide observations in external galaxies and gas mass determination30
Clinical value-related bias effects on psychiatric judgments in psychodiagnostic nosology30
Conceptual-theoretical framework for the organizational study of hospital emergency services30
Contemporary poetic drama, three original verse plays, The Invitation27
Crime analysis unit operations manual of the Fairfax County Police Department, In my town30
Criminal justice expenditures in the American states for the 1948 to 1985 period30
Crisis management--the international takeover of a defense contractor30
Designing and implementing mathematics instruction for students with diverse learning needs30
Development and evaluation of a course dealing with sexuality and disability .., The dancers etiquette handbook22
Development of an instrument to measure the appraisal of cancer-related fatigue, Motor development30
Don't let anmything happen to you, A perfect duet, The card game29
Drama therapy as a treatment modality for facilitating the completion of unfinished business with terminally ill adult cancer patients in a hospice setting27
Dying we live; the final messages and records of the victims and martyrs, 1933-1945. Introductions: Reinhard Niebuhr and George N. Shuster, translation: Reinhard C. Kuhn, edited by Helmut Gollwitzer, Kathe Kuhn & Reinhold Schneider30
Effective teaching behaviors in award-winning community college teachers in the United States and Canada employing Fielder's contingency theory of leadership effectiveness30
Employee assistance programs and the Greater Cincinnati United Appeal/Community Chest30
Employer support for AIDS prevention and reported condom use among entertainment industry workers in the Philippines part 230
Ethics, legalities, and professional practice issues in marriage and family therapy25
Evaluation and educational programming of deaf-blind/severely multihandicapped students, sensorimotor stage30
Evaluation and educational programming of deaf-blind/severely multihandicapped students, sensorimotor stage part 230
Evaluation and educational programming of deaf-blind/severely multihandicapped students, sensorimotor stage part 330
Evaluation and educational programming of deaf-blind/severely multihandicapped students, sensorimotor stage part 430
Evaluation of criminal responsibility and the related dissociative disorders, Speech science30
Faculty development for electronic technology-based distance education in public two-year institutions of higher education with allied health programs29
Food allergy treatment, my way; exploring the most important food allergies. By William E. Walsh30
Fundamentals of human sexuality, 4th edition, Herant A. Katchadourian, instructor's manual for30
Fundamentals of human sexuality, 4th edition, Herant A. Katchadourian, instructor's manual for part 330
Fundamentals of private practice in physical therapy, Up to Jerusalem where he must suffer25
Generalization in ethics: an essay in the logic of ethics, with the rudiments of a system of moral philosophy. By Marcus George Singer30
Graduate students' perceptions of the inclusion of gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues during clinical training in practicums and internship26
Hot topics in land use law from the comprehensive plan to Del Monte Dunes, Living along an estuarine gradient30
How to publish and market your own book as an independent African heritage book publisher part 230
How to remember jokes, and 101 drop-dead jokes to get you started, Zounds!, Local K O L R27
How to solder gold chains and size gold rings, Mark--leader's guide, Pathogenic vibrios in the marine environment30
Hypnodynamic psychology; an integrative approach to the behavior sciences. By Milton V. Kline25
Identification and analysis of kinds of information needed by community junior college students about business career opportunities part 230
Instilling emotionally responsible values & practices in employees & supervisors through performance appraisals24
Instructions for applying the lens opacity classification system version III (LOCS III) in grading human cataracts30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Assessment in the classroom, a concise approach, second edition30
Instructor's manual/test bank to accompany Foundations of behavioral research, fourth edition, [by] Fred N. Kerlinger, Howard B. Lee30
Instructor's manual to accompany Guiding each child's learning of mathematics by Robert B. Ashlock, Martin L. Johnson, John W. Wilson, Wilmer L. Jones part 430
Instructor's manual with tests to accompany Understanding art, sixth edition [by] Lois Fichner-Rathus ; prepared by William Allen part 230
Integrating ego psychology and object relations theory: psychoanalytic perspectives on psychopathology part 430
Interrelations among attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, intention and behavior related to condom use by adolescents part 230
In the Christian school environment, why are we encouraging our youth to compete?30
Introduction and simplified explanation of "Monthly schedule of accounts receivables and accounts payables." part 230
Introduction to biological science; a study of the human body and of the world of plants and animals. By Clarence Whitford Young, G. Ledyard Stebbins & Frank Gary Brooks, ill. by Louise Bush30
Introduction to ordinary differential equations with mathematica: an integrated multimedia approach part 230
Item interpretation of the Luria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery, Bridging the gap between archaeological and indigenous chronologies30
Life and death on the corporate battlefield, Blind fight, Who needs enemies27
Magnetic breakdown dominated electron transport in ultra-pure metals, Roanoke and wampum24
Math instruction using media and modality strengths, Are you anybody?, Grounds for marriage28
Mental retardation: social and educational perspectives30
Method for fabrication--lab use directions--duo tee springs, group registration/photos, 14 photographs30
Modulation of stress responses and attenuation of oxidative free radicals in Alzheimer's disease models by the Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 76130
Music education as a means for fostering young children's knowledge of dual cultures30
Otto Weininger's "Geschlecht und Charakter" and Hermann Broch's "Die Schlafwandler."30
Parent education and case studies involving acting out behavior during the parent-adolescent separation period30
Peculiar kind of feelin'. Words by Sol Meyer, music by Paul Weston, Lesslie Newbigin30
Performance practice of the Dagara-Birifor gyil tradition through the analysis of the Bewaa and Daarkpen repertoire30
Physical dynamics of character structure; bodily form and movement in analytic therapy. By Alexander Lowen30
Physical science with environmental and other practical applications30
Prescription drug abuse and dependence, Traveling man, My second album30
Prescriptions for children with learning and adjustment problems30
Progressive grocer's foodservice supermarkets: delis, cheese shops, bakeries, in-store eating, catering, Feb. 199030
Registration and resale of securities issued under employee benefit plans, Opinions in S E C transactions30
Review manual for Speech, language, and hearing by Norman J. Lass, Leija V. McReynolds, Jerry L. Northern, David E. Yoder30
School psychologists' level of knowledge, practices, and standards of care with respect to confidentiality and duty to warn issues for preadoloscent children26
Secretly. w & m Lee Edmond, pseud. of Leon E. D'Entremont, Herb Stewart, pseud. of Herbert J. D'Entremont & Joe Sylvia (Joseph Sylvia)28
Shapers of religious traditions in Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, 1560-1600, Breasts30
Sign language and the comprehension of relational terms in deaf and hearing .30
Some people's children. w Ernest Alexander, m Richard Winograde, w, m and arr. Richard W. Williams30
Special education compliance monitoring practices as perceived by state directors of special education30
Spontaneous phase separation in aluminum gallium arsenide nanowhiskers grown by the solution-liquid-solid mechanism and analysis of the onset of SLS growth part 230
Student workbook to accompany First course in data processing with Basic, Cobol, Fortran, and RPG, 3rd edition & First course in data processing with Basic, 2nd edition part 230
Study guide for Financial accounting, an introduction to concepts, methods, and uses, second edition and Fundamentals of accounting, fifth edition part 230
Surrogate motherhood and the quest for self in selected .., Pacific edge, Codename: the silencer & 1 other title21
System/36 personal services/36 to distributed office support system and displaywriter guide30
Temple Fay, M.D.--progenitor of the Doman-Delacato treatment procedures, My mistake29
Test items to accompany State and local government in America & 298 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
The American passion play, originally k.a. The passion play, a scriptural visualization of the life of our Savior Jesus Christ part 430
The clinical use and interpretation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, third edition part 330
The Community mental health professionals' attitudes toward mental retardation and the percent of retarded persons in their caseload part 230
The Descendants of John Segar of South Kingstown, Rhode Island, including the descendants of William Browning and Mary Hoxsie (Lewis) Greene of Charlestown, Rhode Island part 230
The Diagnosis and remediation of learning difficulties of community college developmental mathematics .30
The doctrine of divine person considered both historically and in the contemporary theologies of Karl Barth and Jurgen Moltmann30
The effect of individual and task characteristics on unified modeling language use30
The effects of a legislated limit on the debt service fund of Indiana public school corporations30
The effects of mathematics curriculum materials and instruction on the achievement and conceptual understanding of sixth grade students30
The Forty most essential life-saving words, a teaching tool for E S E A parents, Funky Vibe, Inc. collection30
The Foundation of I, Inc., (Freedom of the Cosmos) presents Self I-dentity through Ho'oponopono part 230
The Impact of civil rights policies on achieving racial and sexual income equality, 1948-7630
The impact of student support services programs on academic success and retention for at-risk students30
The Lethal sex. The 1959 anthology of the Mystery Writers of America, Inc. Edited and introd. by John D. Macdonald, compilation and cover art by Mystery Writers of America, Inc30
The Marathon song ; The Honolulu marathon song ; America's marathon song (Chicago) ; The Marathon song (instrumental)26
The Psychoeducational use and interpretation of the Wechsler adult intelligence scale--revised30
The Psychoeducational use and interpretation of the Wechsler adult intelligence scale--revised part 230
The Real world order: zones of peace/zones of turmoil. By Max Singer & Aaron Wildavsky30
The relationship between and among policy variables, type of institution, and perceptions of academic administrators with regard to post-tenure review30
The relationship between self-perceived power bases of participants of the Center for Leadership Training program and 360-degree feedback evaluations from colleagues30
The Rosary. m Ethelbert Nevin, w Robert Cameron Rogers, arr. Shawnee Press, Inc., employer for hire of Roy Ringwald29
The Tax angles that are sewing up today's biggest life insurance sales. By William J. Casey30
The Under $10,000 computer systems market (including personal computers, home computers selling in this price range)30
The white knight. Artist: Cledus Maggard & the Citizen's Band, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc30
Undercover operations used by the United States inspectors general, The prosecution responds30
Understanding psychiatric medications in the treatment of chemical dependency and dual diagnoses part 230
Visionary leadership of chief student affairs officers and its impact on partnership initiatives with academic affairs and student retention20
Visual arts and architecture in ecumenical statements of the Holy See and the World Council of Churches, 1982-199730
Vocational and economic effects of chronic low back injury on workers' compensation claimants in Florida after receiving rehabilitation services part 230
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