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Achievement goals and student motivation in the middle school years, Overcoming shyness28
A comparison of New York State Section 3020-A legislation and hearing panel decisions to the model of due process as set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States, 1970-199525
A descriptive case study of secondary alternative education programs in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania part 230
A Desk reference of legal terms for school psychologists and special educators, Are you out there tonight?30
Agronomic and allelopathic effects of sequential cropping and tillage on tobacco and vegetable production part 230
A Handbook for the speech-language pathologist serving the visually limited, Coping with separation and loss as a young adult30
A Handbook of career education activities for use by secondary counselors and classroom teachers30
A Law enforcement guide to United States Supreme Court decisions, Tengo sueno, 'S wonderful22
A methodology for the evaluation of multi-objective stochastic systems with limited trade-off information part 230
Analysis of selected rural nonformal education programs in the Peoples' Republic of China30
An analysis of the acquisition, utilization, and compensation of legal services in public school districts in the United States30
An Analysis of the effects of attributional style, self-esteem, .., 2242 now & then30
An Exploratory study of the relationship between psychological variables .., On target29
An investigation of the appropriateness of field dependence delineation for learning-disabled children30
An investigation of the relative effects of blocked and random practice on the learning of ballistic motor skills in typically developing children and children with Down syndrome30
A parent's guide for selecting the best elementary and secondary schools within the Metropolitan St. Louis area30
A plan to equip selected Hephzibah and Kilpatrick Baptist associational leaders to help churches design their individual strategies for healthy development30
A Practical guide for the director of staff development in long-term health care30
Art therapy used to enhance the social skills of latency aged children with learning disabilities or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder30
A Specialty conference on Continuous Emission Monitoring--Design, Operations, and Experience30
A toolkit for success for national board candidates, mentors, and all good teachers everywhere30
Attitude measurement in a safety training program utilizing .., The Howie Mandel show30
Banished to the political wilderness? the standard narrative and the decline of the Luo of Kenya25
Career decision diagnostic assessment instrument development; dissertation on the construction of a psychological test. By John H. Sklare30
Career development service, partners-in-learning, a blue print for student self actualization30
Career education for students with mild mental retardation at the junior high level in the Taiwan area30
Career exploration considered from the perspective of the person-environment fit model30
Case study of a staff development workshop examining the application of teacher education and cooperative learning research in business education30
Chewa Nyau art and the Gule Wamkulu of Malawi, Africa, Sunny side of life, Thunder Carolina30
Child development, an introduction, fifth edition, [by] John W. Santrock, Steven R. Yussen part 230
Client and worker comparison of agency organizational design and treatment techniques in an .30
Compilation of poetry and various works by Maurice A. Brown, Back door friend, Justiz29
Confusion say, or: Eastern-flavored wisdom from fortune cookies in a world that is against you part 227
Consciousness, rules, and instructed second language acquisition30
Contradictory consciousness: Miskitu Indians and the Nicaraguan State in conflict and reconciliation (1860-198730
Creative plays and programs for holidays. By Rowena Bennett, In a pig's eye, Fundamentals of biological anthropology30
Creep of two-phase microstructures for microelectronic applications, Direct obstetric morbidity among adolescents30
Curriculum planning: integrating multiculturalism, constructivism, and education reform30
Dermabrasion and chemical peeling in the treatment of certain cosmetic defects and diseases of the skin30
Dermabrasion and chemical peeling in the treatment of certain cosmetic defects and diseases of the skin part 230
Diet Riot; television game show concept. Created by Charles A. Cino, 1958-, and James R. MacDonald, 1946 part 230
Eagles and small elephants help your child toilet train, Coping with arthritis, How to get ready, get set, and stop smoking26
Early identification and evaluation of slowly emerging problems related to the ubiquitous networked computing and communications environment in the state of Hawaii30
Effects of disputation strategies in rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) on the treatment of depression30
Effects of insulin on protein synthesis and phosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha during cerebral reperfusion30
Electron microscopy study of nickel disilicide, cobalt disilicide and (magnesium(x) iron (1-x) silicon trioxide (0 less than x less than 0.12) precipitates in polycrystalline silicon30
Enhanced metabolic testing activity chamber (EMTAC) for infants (EIMTAC) and for animals (EAMFA)27
Evaluation of criminal responsibility in multiple personality and the related dissociative disorders30
Financial planning after you retire: what to expect when you stop working for a living. By David Myers30
First language learning in deaf persons beyond the critical period, Thirty nine years30
For my brother, on Father's Day ... I want you to know how much I love you, Le miroir du coeur27
Functional characterization of the autographa Californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus 25K gene product part 228
Game booklet, scorecard, and question cards for "Geography quest--the United States map and board game"30
Hawaii. Words and music: Ronald Stein, Hawaiian words: Alvin Kaleolani, Adon olom22
Historic and geographic dive map for the ghost fleet in the Truk Lagoon, Eastern Caroline Island Islands30
Hormone replacement therapy knowledge, perceived risk of coronary heart disease, and likelihood to take among low-income African-American women30
I just love that western swing, and one other selection, High gear, LA City blues30
Illustration of parents frustration controlling teenager, boy chained in bed, mother swallowing key, father nailing window shut30
Images of missionaries and innovative rulers in east Slavic literature from early times through the reign of Peter the Great part 225
In Mexico, where to look, how to buy Mexican popular arts & crafts. By James Norman, pseud. of J. Al Schmidt, illustrated by Ruth Baldwin27
Instructor's manual and test-item file for Robert E. Lerner, Standish Meacham, Edward McNall Burns Western civilizations, thirteenth edition30
Instructor's manual for Lotus spreadsheet problems to accompany Fundamentals of marketing, ninth edition, by William J. Stanton, Michael J. Etzel, and Bruce J. Walker30
Instructor's manual for Understanding, assessing & counseling the criminal justice client30
Instructor's manual for use with Fuchs's Radiographic exposure, processing and quality control, fifth edition30
Instructor's manual for use with Fuchs's Radiographic exposure, processing and quality control, fifth edition part 230
Instructor's manual for use with Fuchs's Radiographic exposure, processing and quality control, fifth edition part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany The laboratory manual for understanding human anatomy and physiology by Ann Stalheim-Smith, Ron Gaines, and Sally Robinson part 330
Instructor's manual with tests to accompany Understanding art, sixth edition [by] Lois Fichner-Rathus ; prepared by William Allen30
Instructor spreadsheet applications template software for Microsoft Windows to accompany Fundamental managerial accounting concepts [by] Thomas P. Edmonds, Cindy D. Edmonds, Bor-Yi Tsay27
Instructor-student handbook to accompany Counseling and psychotherapy, Helping families help children25
Integrating moderately and severely handicapped learners, Skeletonz in the closet30
Jakarta ; Stella red intra-red ; Susie's dingbums ; Worlds waiting, Canine ; Revenge stew ; Salt lick ... [et al.]28
Laboratory manual and workbook for Fuchs's Principles of radiographic exposure, processing, and quality control, third edition part 430
Laboratory manual and workbook for Fuchs's Principles of radiographic exposure, processing, and quality control, third edition part 530
Legal considerations in the administration of public school physical education and athletic programs21
Legal reasoning and legal writing--structure, strategy, and style, Stay, Young rider30
Lesson plans for program 7300, digital computer circuits microprocessor and memory concepts30
Mame. We need a little Christmas. From the Broadway musical Mame. Arr. for young bands: Jerryco Music Company, employer for hire of Warren Johnson30
Management of infections of the oral and maxillofacial regions, Ophthalmology, Ocular trauma30
MCMI II/III interpretive system, version 2, psychological assessment with the Millon clinical multiaxial inventory (II)30
Meaning in life mediates the relationships between physical and social functioning and distress in cancer survivors30
Medical portfolio for obstetricians and gynecologists, The Patent and copyright game30
Melancolie. French lyric: Pierre Dudan, English lyric: Richard Blake, music: Al Romans27
Missing children--parental notification30
Modern woman's guide to sexual maturity. By Frank Samuel Caprio30
O' brothers, Osama and Umar, where art thou when I need you the most and to all evil of the kingdom of darkness transcending the universe30
Parapsychology and human happiness. By Robert Gaillard, pseud. of Robert C. Humphreys30
Pediatrics Clinics of North America. Aug. 1960, symposium on neuropediatrics. By Meyer A. Perlstein, Stanley M. Aronson & Henry D. Isenberg30
Possibility of a civil suit for abuse of process, malicious prosecution and subornation of perjury30
Principles of dynamic psychiatry, including an integrative approach to experimental and clinical psychology. By Jules H. Masserman27
Proceedings of Three-Dimensional Bioimaging Systems and Lasers in the Neurosciences part 225
Providing efficient, cost-effective, quality health solutions in the 21st century30
Role orientation of music administrators at selected institutions of .., Burnin' love30
Shattered vows & 144 other titles; episodes in series, Your love is life an angel30
Shepard's Federal citations. Part 2, Federal supplement, Federal rules decisions, Court of Claims30
Social awareness, hygiene, and sex education for the mentally retarded-developmentally disabled30
Social workers and the terminally ill: social workers' feelings about clients' job satisfaction and organizational settings. By Joan Kaufman Parry30
Solutions manual to accompany Analysis and design of integrated electronic circuits, second edition part 430
Student affairs practitioners implementation of spiritual development programs in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities30
Study guide t/a Alive and well: decisions in health. By Mary K. Beyrer, Joyce H. Brannan, Diane Cmich, and Robert N. Ross part 230
Study skills: the keys to your success. By Margaret S. Geosits (author) & David O. Miller (illustrator)30
Stuttering; a psychodynamic approach to its understanding and treatment. By Dominick A. Barbara30
Stuttering/disfluency as a variable of mother-child interaction, The Truth about gorillas30
Teachers' perceptions of the characteristics and influences on their personal .30
Teaching eating and toileting skills to the multi-handicapped in the school setting part 230
Teaching mildly handicapped children--methods and materials, Study & teaching of political science27
The Automobile under the blue eagle; labor, management, and the automobile manufacturing code. By Sidney Fine30
The biblical basis for the Articles of Religion for the African Methodist Episcopal Church30
The Business manager's guide to time accounting systems and payroll processing in the 80's30
The Campout; television program. By Lassie Programs, Inc., employer of Jackson Gillis27
The Cancer patient's guide to social services and hospital procedures, Sexuality and cancer30
The Clinical use and interpretation of the Wechsler intelligence scale for children--revised30
The Clinical use and interpretation of the Wechsler intelligence scale for children--revised part 230
The Counselor (a workbook in business law). By A. Lincoln Lavine & Morris Mandel30
The Development of form in the German organ sonata from Mendelssohn to Rheinberger, a lecture .30
The Domino theory. By Sally Joe Wagner, Worth Avenue, Katy Star-Rider30
The Effectiveness of strength intervention as an educational approach to a personal health course for university students28
The effect of group treatment on obese women utilizing a cognitive and an interactional process-oriented approach30
The Effect of support services utilization of self-esteem, academic .., (Take my) healing to the nations30
The Effects of performance appraisal on staff performance, Polka dots and moonbeams27
The effects of the integrated learning system on reading and mathematics achievement of magnet program students in the school district of the city of River Rouge30
The insatiable mistress of Rosedale & other stories, House of three, SRS rating form & 3 other titles30
The Interaction of government and private-sector responses to an .., Pheasant under glass30
The key to weight loss--how to stop overeating without even trying, Basic releasing30
The Law of arrest and search and seizure: a state's attorney's guide for the prosecution and/or the law enforcement officer30
The managerial grid--a self examination of managerial styles (self examination film instrument) & 129 other titles30
The most delectable history of Reynard the Fox. By Joseph Jacobs, pref. for parents by Philip Rieff25
The principals' and pupil services director's role and relationship in the context of inclusive practices in two elementary schools30
The relationship of information system training methods and cognitive ability to end user satisfaction, comprehension and skill transfer30
The Rochester Regional Hospital Council. By Leonard Sidney Rosenfeld & Henry Benedict Makover30
The Role of vision in the multidisciplinary approach to children with learning disabilities30
The Teaching of composition in state two-year technical institutions in the United States30
The Television program, it's writing, direction, and production. By Edward Stasheff & Rudy Bretz30
The use and evaluation of special education parent advocacy groups as reported by public school principals and special education directors in four New Jersey counties30
The Will to live--five steps to officer survival, Anywhere there's people, The Walls still stand perpendicular27
Total communication, the meaning behind the movement to expand educational opportunities for deaf children30
Transthoracic fine-needle aspiration of infectious diseases, The Galloping game, Adultery in spades30
Understanding and guiding the career development of adolescents and young adults with learning disabilities30
Urology and psychosocial aspects of chronic, critical, and terminal illness, The Pursuit of happiness25
Valued based: life planning for real people; blueprint for the business living. Written and presented by Herb Mueller and Russ Anderson part 230
Vestibular physiology in understanding the dizzy patient, When I look into your eyes28
Wills, trusts, probate, administration, and the fiduciary, Agency and partnership30
You can play in the barn, but you can't get dirty, The Rights of the pregnant parent30
You've got a chance ; It's a long way to the Promise Land ; A world without melody ... [et al.]30
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