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Chemical Bank documents
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1981 basic set, baseball trading cards & 94 other titles, 1992 rookie sensations30
1990 update to the Genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard family in America, 1649-190830
1991 basic set & 519 other titles. (Part 003 of 003), 1994/95 flair hockey scoring power30
1991 basic set series II (NBA basketball players cards) Basketball cards. VA 628-149 (1994)30
1995 Brown's directory of North American and international gas companies & 1360 other titles. (Part 001 of 008)30
1996 Fleer excel minor league baseball (American & National leagues) VA 774-395 (1996)30
21 Jump Street. From album Television's greatest hits, vol. 7: cable ready. SR 174-75527
$5.20/hour dream & 2,327 other titles; motion picture photoplays. (Part 004 of 011)30
$5.20/hr. dream & 2633 other titles; films & literary property. (Part 001 of 013)30
$5.20/hr. dream & 2633 other titles; films & literary property. (Part 003 of 013)30
Acapulco H.E.A.T. & 254 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Order to kill, One armed executioner30
Aces: iron eagle III & 347 other titles, Chasing the angels, Enemies like you and me30
Across the great divide & 460 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Counterforce, Aces24
Across the great divide & 460 other titles. (Part 002 of 003), No, never again, My dear lady28
Across the Great Divide & 464 other titles; motion pictures, screenplays & outlines. (Part 002 of 002)30
A dangerous life & 233 other titles; films30
Adventures from the book of virtues, episode no. 101 & 12 other titles; motion pictures30
Afraid of the dark & 108 other titles, Absence softens the memory, Video just don't lie29
African dream & 238 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 002 of 002)26
Age isn't everything & 17 other titles; motion pictures30
Alpha flight & 2,739 other titles. (Part 002 of 014)30
Alpha flight & 2,739 other titles. (Part 014 of 014) part 230
America, 1978 & 1,797 other titles. (Part 007 of 007)30
American standards of writing, with a comprehensive handbook of current usage, Dreams can come true30
Angora love & 650 other titles; motion picture and television productions. (Part 004 of 004)30
Animal planet ZooVenture skeletal show script & 36 other titles, Greetings from Earth28
Artemin Goldberg: custom tailor of brassieres, Amanda, Cold war blues30
A Western journal; a diary log of the great parks trip, June 20-July 2, 1938. By Thomas Clayton Wolfe30
A Woman of substance II: fighting for the dream & 2,060 other titles. (Part 004 of 011) part 230
A Woman of substance II: fighting for the dream & 4,610 other titles Copyright mortgage and assignment. (Part 004 of 022)30
Back to school & 1426 other titles. (Part 002 of 007), Retrospective, Connor's crisis30
Back to school & 1426 other titles. (Part 005 of 007) part 230
Bamboozled & 1 other title; motion pictures & television product, Tougher than leather20
Basic instinct & 12 other titles; theatrical motion pictures30
Basic instinct & 14 other titles; theatrical motion pictures part 330
Beauty & the beast (main theme) Song. From album The very thought of you: the most romantic piano ballads ever30
Blade runner (main title) By Evangelos Papathanassiou Vangelis30
Book of love & 151 other titles; feature length color 35 mm. motion picture photoplays part 230
Calamity, a Barnyardfunk Production, Armed and innocent, Don't ever kiss me goodbye30
Call of the wild & 29 other titles part 230
Cytoplasm-nuclear translocation assay method & 4 other titles; text of user's manual & computer program30
Dottie dalmation & 347 other titles, Small star halo wand, Skunk30
Dream machine & 2 other titles; motion pictures part 324
Exhibitor/sponsor contract: game marketwatch conference & expo 2003 & 1666 other titles (part 004 of 009)30
Field engineering technical manual number 180, Primos revision 20.0 & 44 other titles30
Go towards the light & 543 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Freddy's dead: The final nightmare30
Gravity (extended dance mix & 7 edit)/gravity (12 dub mix & the big "G"-dig this mess) SR 72-32330
Happy birthday, Sheldon! By United Features Syndicate, employer-for-hire of Brett Koth, Larry Fentz and Dwight Ferris30
Heal the bay & 8 other titles; episodes of television series, Baywatch, Nightmare bay30
Honeymoon in Vegas & 6 other titles; motion pictures30
How did we get here? Episode no. 1890 of the television series The New WKRP in Cincinnati30
Incident in a small town & 1 other title, A lantern in her hand, Sudden fury30
Individual reference file; suppl. Vol. 1. By Gladys Davis Turner, an employee of the Association for Research and Enlightenment30
Innocent victims (4hr. mini) PA 764-204 (1996), My God, Fly27
In the line of fire. (The new detectives) PA 1-065-332 (2001)29
Large soft-sculpture doll of Marshmallow, Charlie, Praying Marshmallow and Rainbow29
Leif Garrett & 112 other titles; record albums, AZ-1 By AZ-1, Best of Ace records30
Love! valour! compassion! Theatrical motion picture, based on screenplay, Fall time30
Madonna: truth or dare & 492 other titles. (Part 002 of 003)30
Mary Tyler Moore in Three cats from Miami and other pet practitioners.Three cats from Miami and other pet practitioners23
Mirage de la sante (Mirage of health) English translation by Nelly Weinstein, pref. by d'Andre Maurois-Paris. AF18460 (1961)30
National Geographic: Africa's stolen river & 138 other titles; motion pictures and other properties part 230
National Geographic: Africa's stolen river & 142 other titles; motion pictures and other literary properties part 230
Needful things26
Needs-driven selling skills for business consultants in the information services group M & M/Mars30
No titles given for all Korean language television programs with scripts written by members of the Korean Radio Television Writers Association & produced by Korean Broadcasting System, Korean Television Enterprise, MUN-HWA Broadcasting Corporation & Seoul Braodcasting System part 330
No titles given; notification (under 17 USC 508) of final order or judgement (docket no. C-78-301 WAI filed 8Feb78 in Northern District of California, San Francisco) Request to enter default attached part 330
Opportunity knocks but once (at thuh door) From the TV production, Aladdin. w & m Cole Porter, arr. Oscar Catsiff30
Periodic table of the elements with ion beam etch and sputtering rates, The Human & the environment30
Point break & 8 other titles. (Part 003 of 003), Point break, Freaked26
Rambling rose & 1 other title; films30
Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption, Little big league, Damages23
Running scared (cable) part 428
Russkies & 264 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 002), Christmas at the movies30
Space rangers. Artist: Neil Merryweather, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc25
Storybook friends, no. 1694 (24 pictures from favorite stories) RE 442-564 (1989)27
Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street (cast recording) PA 41-126 (1979)30
Teenage mutant ninja turtles: April gets in Dutch & 34 other titles part 330
Temptation part 1230
Terminator II: a screenplay. PAu 1-046-52430
Terror on the hell loop 2000 & 278 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 002)30
The Amazing adventures of Albert and his flying machine, The Dream team, Meet Miss Dracula29
The Elvis consipracy & 1 other title; special television programs, JFK conspiracy & 13 other titles30
The Hunting sketches. By Ivan Turgenev, new translation & afterword by Bernard Guilbert Guerney30
The incredibly true adventures of two girls in love, Corinna, Corinna, Pet30
The King and I; a musical play. Edited by Albert Sirmay, music by Richard Rodgers, book & lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2d30
The letter & 2 other titles. For the 1940 motion picture, The letter, 91/2 weeks30
The Odyssey. By Robert Fitzgerald, illustrator: Hans Erni, The Odyssey28
The outsiders, no. 24 part 230
The price is right, production no. 9721D & 4 other titles, Never turn back, Followers29
The shadow program. By Adi Hasak & Ric Gibbs, Judge Dredd, Little wife30
The Temptations; lithograph. No. 336. By Elsie Anna Wood, author of renewable matter: Providence Lithograph Company30
Topps 1979 baseball cards & 21 other titles, Topps 1980 baseball cards, Wanted stickers26
[Tundra detail, quartz, lichens, tundra foliage in autumn colors, Denali Nat'l Park, Alaska. ; Alaska, Denali Nat'l Park, Tundra detail, quartz, lichens, tundra foliage in autumn colors]30
Year of the comet & 6 other titles30
Young guns & 11 other titles; screenplays & feature length motion picture photoplays30
Young guns & 28 other titles; motion pictures, Ace Ventura, Chasers29
Young guns & 28 other titles; motion pictures, Restoration, The king's gift30
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