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Churchill Livingstone documents
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10 basic recommended rudiments for "beginning & intermediate" percussionist, The Foot30
A Basic guide for surplus lines and specialty lines managers and underwriters, Outpatient anesthesia & analgesia30
A Bibliography of Latin American bibliographies, Hematology, The Hungry blues30
A case study of co-teaching in an inclusive secondary classroom, Orion's wing, Lawmaker30
A Christian science lecture entitled What do you mean Christian Science treatment? part 230
A comparison of adult nontraditional student values preferences measured in 1992-1993 and 1982-1983 part 230
A comparison of adult nontraditional student values preferences measured in 1992-1993 and 1982-1983 part 330
A Comparison of perceived educational outcomes among selected .., The piper, Little lamb28
A cross cultural study of the learning styles of practicing accountants in Mexico and the United States30
A descriptive analysis of the use of filled pauses among native and nonnative speakers of English28
A dual ultraviolet/microwave system in tandem with an ozone system for comprehensive air disinfection, with special reference to the inactivation of avian infleunza25
Alligator girls go to college, Four plays for obvious theater, Essentials of neuroimaging26
All of your promises & 13 other titles, The BreakFree System, Cancer of the groove30
A Multicomponent training program to teach children social and problem-solving .25
A Multidisciplinary analysis of controversies in the management of prostate cancer30
An Analysis of the relationships among academic achievement, attendance, and .., One up on Wall Street30
An assessment of the relationship between critical thinking and success in presolo flight training part 230
Ancestry of Lincoln J. Harris (1865-1955) with allied lines of Allen, Miller and Benson26
An evaluation of the USEPA model multimed and applicability to hydrogeologic conditions in Florida part 430
An exploratory survey of occupational stress, and behavioral and physiological stress symptomatology in correctional workers27
A Psychological examination of learning voluntarily to control essential hypertension30
Arthroscopy Board of North America certification examination in arthroscopic surgery29
Assistive technology in traumatic brain injury vocational rehabilitation30
Atlas of differential diagnosis in dermatology, Sharing the risks, Calaban26
Bartering links everything & everything is linked to the bartering system, Anesthesia for vascular surgery30
Beautiful beads of June = Hoonisi hiloonnehruh, Abilene stagecoach, Different "bags"30
Biomechanics of the anulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus of the human lumbar intervetebral disc and the effects of degeneration part 230
Breast cancer patients' preferences for local and systemic therapy and willingness to participate in clinical trials30
Cardiac surgery manual for nurses, orientation, policy, and procedures27
Cardiovascular pharmacology, test booklet. TX 3-884-706, Basic cardiac arrhythmias29
Career paths of women clinical laboratory scientists who have become higher education administrators28
Checklist of editions of Greek and Latin papyri, ostraca and tablets, Columbia papyri VII30
Clinical anesthesia procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital, seventh edition26
Clinical guidelines for rational use of granulocyte transfusion therapy, Neoplastic diseases of the blood30
Clinical pediatric neurology: a signs and symptoms approach29
Clinical practice of cognitive therapy with children and adolescents30
Clinical synopsis of Moss and Adams' Heart disease in infants, children, and adolescents, including the fetus and young adult25
Compassion and conviction in the life and writings of Marguerite of .., A Better world30
Complications of viral and mycoplasmal infections in rodents to toxicology research and testing part 230
Contemporary management of ventricular arrhythmias, Nuclear cardiology, Office cardiology26
Craniofacial & upper arteries: functional, clinical, and antiographic aspects, Correlative neuroanatomy21
Diabetes mellitus screening in the family medicine clinic30
Diseases of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Text: Hugh Owen Thomas, biographical note: Leonard F. Peltier30
English at your fingertips [by Rosella Bernstein, Charles W. Gay, Robert B. Kaplan, Ron D. Schoesler]30
Ethnic, gender, language, and socioeconomic bias in academic fluency probes of reading among caucasian and hispanic students30
Evaluating the measurements and effectiveness of treatment programs for men who are violent against female intimates30
Financial problem solving made easy by use of the HP-12C calculator, Anesthesia review30
Fine needle aspiration cytology of superficial organs and body sites, Good measures30
Fluid, electrolute [sic], and acid-base disorders, volume 1 & 2. By Allen I. Arieff & Ralph A. DeFronzo30
Foot and ankle injuries of flamenco dancers, Hip and knee, Manual of cardiac surgery23
Frank Aydelotte and the Oxford approach to English studies in America, 1908-194030
Functional movement in orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, Cosmetics in dermatology30
Grant's Method of anatomy, by regions descriptive and deductive, Biofeedback & rehabilitation medicine27
Head injury prevention awareness campaign --"Use your head--wear a helmet!", Head injury30
How to teach your dog basic obedience--formal and informal, Otolaryngologic clinics of North America28
If there be any virtue, or any praise, think on these things, Journey to God, C3, C430
If you ever wanted to be a "room parent," you must have this book, The Monster bed, op. 28b30
Individuality: the meaning and content of individuality in comtemporary America. By Henry A. Murray part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany Contemporary financial markets and services part 430
Instructor's presentation and student assessment software for Criminal investigation, third edition25
International review of experimental pathology. Vol. 2. Editors: G. W. Richter & M. A. Epstein30
Intraoperative, laparoscopic, and endoluminal ultrasound, Principles and practice of nursing home care29
Lost Sioux warrior ; Blue Ridge Mountain waltz ; Union Grove stomp, Flutterkick, Asylum live!30
Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases, A Tuning of the sky30
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases. Supplement part 330
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases. Supplement part 430
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases. Supplement part 530
Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's Principles and practice of infectious diseases, The silk road30
Maximizing the profitability of industrial products through the application of improved pricing and costing methodologies30
Milestones in modern surgery. Edited by Alfred Hurwitz and George A. Degenshein, foreword by J. Englebert Dunphy21
Mosby's Resource guide to children with disabilities and chronic illness, A parent's guide to childhood and adolescent depression27
Musculoskeletal system: part II, developmental disorders, tumors, rheumatic diseases and joint replacement. (The Ciba collection of medical illustrations) TX 3-792-291 (1994)30
New surgical and medical approaches in infectious diseases, Septic shock, Respiratory infections30
Numerical optimization of recursive systems of equations with an application to optimal swine genetic selection30
Optical diagnostics for fluids/heat/combustion and photomechanics for solids, Degenerative and demyelinating diseases30
Orthopaedics Krames on-demand. TX 5-751-556 (2002)28
Pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory considerations30
Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and metabolism of nonsteroidal androgens part 230
Physical therapy preoperative teaching effect on postoperative treatment time and length of stay in cardiac surgical patients part 230
Physical therapy preoperative teaching effect on postoperative treatment time and length of stay in cardiac surgical patients part 330
Proceedings of the 2000 ASME design engineering technical conferences and Computers and information in engineering conference part 230
Project L I N C S (linking infants in need with comprehensive services) final report, June 198430
Racial change and community crisis--St. Augustine, Florida, 1877-1980, The African American heritage of Florida30
Renal pathology with clinical and functional correlations, Hormonal function and the kidney30
Research and studies concerning the validation and cost effectiveness of chiropractic care22
Ron Richards method of directing using the language of film/video director, Soft tissue reconstruction in the upper extremity30
R. Yitzhaq Alfasi's application of principles of adjudication in "Halakhot Rabbati."28
School climate and organizational characteristics of middle level education programs in six Department of Defense dependents schools, European region30
Software for computer analysis of autoradiograms from two-dimensional gels, Catalogue 1, disc 130
Sources and uses of Tsalagi (Cherokee) sacred songs, prayers, poetry, dances, and rituals/ceremonies and recommendations for their use in United Methodist Church worship30
Sports injuries of the hand and upper extremity30
Sports medicine roles and responsibilities for high school team physicians and athletic trainers30
Stephen Taylor and descendants, Johnston and Anson Counties, North Carolina and westward 1750's-199630
Stephen Taylor and descendants, Johnston and Anson Counties, North Carolina and westward 1750's-1996 part 230
Structure and function at a replication origin region within the tetrahymena thermophila RDNA macronuclear chromosome part 230
Structures of HIV-1 and SIV proteases with implications for the catalytic mechanism and drug resistance part 330
Swear with flair ; Uptight white ; Blind date ; Imus in Washington, Medical Portfolio for General Practitioners30
Synthesis of serotonin-selective reuptake inhibitors with novel side chains, When you need me, I'll be right on the spot30
System/36 personal services/36 to distributed office support system and displaywriter guide part 223
Teachers manual to accompany Patent law, including trade secrets--copyright, trademarks, sixth edition part 230
The basal ganglia and new surgical approaches for Parkinson's disease, Reflex epilepsies and reflex seizures26
The Boomerang effect and Japan's adaptive policy adjustments, Silent treatment, Clinical neuroanesthesia29
The Bowker international serials database update, Cardiovascular medicine, Illinois journal of family law25
The Effects of foreign intervention on Chinese "self-strengthening" efforts, Jaz-mobi project30
The Estrogenic hormone in the treatment of anxiety in the premenopausal woman, Physical therapy of the cervical and thoracic spine30
The fable of free markets in the land of Oz, Menopause, Treatment of the postmenopausal woman, 2/e30
The Faith of Qumran. By Helmer Ringgren, translation: Fortress Press, employer for hire of Emilie T. Sander30
The Goldstein, Silberberg, Karmel Gosika English language oral proficiency examination27
The New Funk & Wagnalls' encyclopedia. Vols. 18, 28, 29, 30 & 32. By Unicorn Publishers, Inc., employer for hire of Joseph Laffan Morse30
The Politics of funding state senior higher education in Texas, Mission handbook30
The repertory of MS MR8--a medieval Pauline antiphone plus a portfolio of compositions (original compositions) part 230
The Tuberculous epidemiological trend in the U S S R and its gradual confluence with European and North American trends30
The use of phrase-cued text as an intervention to facilitate oral reading fluency for struggling third graders30
Training the nursing home volunteer in a biblical-psychological .., I beg your pardon, Dolly Parton29
Transvaginal US in infertility and new applications of uterine sonography, Risk and benefit of mammography27
Treatise on the heathen superstitions that today live among the Indians native to this New Spain, 162930
Tumors and tumorlike lesions of the uterine corpus and cervix, Pathology of the colon, small intestine, and anus25
Two (each) of the first and second copies of A collection of original commercial advertising text, more to follow part 330
Use of controlled engineering mass balance analysis to develop a hazardous air pollutant reduction method for an aerospace manufacturing firm part 227
Vector potential functions and stream surfaces in three-dimensional groundwater flow28
Vienna Chiropractic Associates, PC news, The wandering patient express, Neurological fitness19
Viewmark Productions, Inc. & Todd Communications, Inc., present Going portable, The juice pumpin' rhythm30
Work through me, Lord, Stroke30
You are a rock, Peter, and on this rock foundation, I will build My church, The FreeBSD corporate networker's guide24
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