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Colgems-E M I Music, Inc. documents
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25 hours a day ; I'll help you get there ; I'm home ... [et al.], Treasures from the heart30
After thoughts: the first music of Nicole T. Jones, It don't hurt like it used to30
A handbook for complying with the program & review requirements of the 1989 amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act30
All is quiet & 5 other titles, Secret part of my life, Hammerhead shark. VA 1-274-18129
Al Rosa's demonstration tape for 1989, David Rivera collection of songs, Collection of songs27
A natural woman (you make me feel like a natural woman) w & m Gerry Goffin, Carole King & Jerry Wexler, piano arr.: Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc., employer for hire of Bill Oliver30
An old friend is lonesome (please stop by and lover her sometime) By Eddie Webb30
Another day in the life of a fool & 74 other titles, Another day30
Another heartbreak Saturday night & 3 other titles part 230
Another man's rhyme, and 1 other song, People talk & 3 other titles, Universe of two28
Are you gonna walk out on your heart tonight? Words/music by Alan Roy Scott & Margaret Harris part 230
At every end there's a beginning & 47 other titles, Heap-a-trouble, For those overcome30
At the party, & 2 other songs, 'Cause I love you, Stank machine27
Aurora part 325
Baby, don't go too far27
Barron's How to prepare for real estate licensing examinations, salesperson and broker30
Beautiful people cause beautiful things to happen30
Believe it or not & 5 other titles, What is this world coming to? By William R. Brown23
Better leave love enough alone & 2 other titles, You've got to believe30
Boomerang music. Folio no. 1. By Jim Quarles & Human Expression, pseud. of Jim Foster28
Broken promise & 3 other titles; musical scores from the films, Survival of Dana30
Build me up buttercup & 29 other titles; sound recordings. (Part 002 of 003), Build me up28
California, 1932 & 17 other titles, The Kindest race in history, Davis is warned17
Careful & 7 other titles. By Jennifer Kimball, with co-writers where noted, Lucky tonight30
Ce serait trop bete que tu partes avant moi, Promenade, Je l'aime28
Christmas Eve will kill you when you're tryin' to hitch a ride to anywhere30
Cold showers out of your hands, Back stabber, Island holiday30
Color my world & 3 other titles25
Come home with me. By Frank Filipetti & Carlotta McKee, I'll love you from now on30
Come home with me now; motion picture. By Revue Productions, Inc30
Commodore Crypto's curious menagerie, "Live" to dat, 9/19/97, Jolene's theme30
Complex multilateralism and the question of global governance, Keep it, Yoda wannabe30
Could it be love I found tonight?, Let my love be, Suitcase life22
Dancin' in the shadows & 1 other title, Magic in the night, Passion & 2 other titles30
Don't forget me (when I'm gone)30
Don't stop now & 2 other titles30
Don't stop now, we're nearly home30
Don't touch that dial. Artist: US Radio Band, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc27
Don't you know love when you see it? By Gene McFadden, John Whitehead, Leon Huff & Theodore Life part 230
Do unto others. Words & music: Al Eubanks (Alonzo Eubanks)30
Do you feel the same way? Musical composition29
Draper families in America. By Ethel Nichols Anderson, authors & compilers: Mrs. Willie Howard Draper Huddleston, Christine Spivey Jones, Eleanor Drake Mitchell & Mildred Draper Summers30
Dreaming about our tomorrows & 4 other titles, Seven candles, Taking the long way around (waking up)27
Each and every part of me. w Doc Pumus (Jerome Pomus), m George Fischoff, arr. for piano: Larry Stanton part 230
Even Steven. By Will Lipkind (William Lipkind) & Nicolas Mordvinoff, Picture on my wall26
Everytime I think of you. w & m Jack Conrad, Raymond Louis Kennedy, Every time I think of you26
Every time we touch; a collection of five songs. By Ronald Kalstein, It's just like the first time & 1 other title30
Farewell to arms: introd. & aria: for tenor & small orchestra (or strings) Words by Ralph Knevet & George Peele29
Finding out about the early Russians. By Tamara Talbot Rice, introd.: Harrison E. Salisbury30
Forever and a day & 4 other titles29
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