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A comparative analysis of the leadership styles of head football coaches from traditionally black and white universities and colleges30
Alpha, arms & ambush, pt. 2, Blind luck, Enter the black dragon26
American chronicles: End of the ordeal (1943-1945), The 72 hour club, The greatest game ever played26
An Episode in the life of Ezekial Whitmore--a person of small learning but great wisdom30
An Ordinary copper; theme from the TV series Dixon of Dock Green. w Jack Warner, m Jeff Darnell30
A revolution in language: words, gestures, and the politics of signs in France, 1745-180430
Ascent: the spiritual and physical quest of Willi Unsoeld, Ascent, Assignment23
Baby let go. w & m Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer & Robert Crew, Once is enough, I wonder who28
Basically roamin' w & m Billy Masters, Fresh surrender, I need You30
Battle hymn of the republic & 1 other title; arr. of the musical compositions part 230
B.C. strikes back. Foreword by Rod Serling, compilation of comic strips by Johnny Hart30
Bertie and the crime of passion, Goldengirl, The False Inspector Dew30
Beyond the labels--the human side of AIDS28
Black and white cocker spaniel sitting in front of fire hydrant with sign thereon "Wet paint." Artist: Albert Staehle part 230
Blessing in disguise & 14 other titles part 230
Body and soul (lost in the rhythm) Artist: Think Out Loud30
Brand new kind of love, Big trouble, Buddah27
Breathing lessons: the life and work of Mark O'Brien, The Piano lesson, The lemon grove30
Bright lights, big city. w & m Norman Whitfield & Eddie Holland30
Bright lights of Brussels & 2 other titles30
Change of heart & 18 other titles part 230
Cold dog soup29
Dearest love. w & m Frank Coppola & Irene Ciezenski, Search, Le souffle au coeur =27
Destiny part 630
Doc Elliot. No. 43-8166, The pharmacist. By Lorimar Productions, Inc, Beyond obsession30
El Dorado cafe & 1 other title; recordings, Handbook for the modern guitarist, Public appearances/private realities30
Emmett's mark (Killing Emmett Young) PA 1-194-799 (2003), Fists of fury, Green mail27
Ese muchacho no es mio. Spanish w & m Juan M. Morales a.k.a. Moralito, El Corrido del gringo viejo II30
Ethan Frome; a dramatization of the novel of the same title by Edith Wharton [i.e. Edith Newbold Jones Wharton] By Owen & Donald Davis30
Fantastic four in the trial of Galactus28
Fantastic voyage, cue no. FV-3-18-130
Fortune is a woman: gender and politics in the thought of Niccolo Machiavelli, The black moon; a novel of Cornwall 1794-525
Franck: Symphonie-re'mineur, D minor, D moll. Faure: Pelleas & melisande suite. Artist: Andrew Davis & New Philharmonic Orchestra, sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
George: an unauthorized biography of George Steinbrenner, Pinko, Paul Zimmerman project30
Happy birthday to me. w Fred Ebb, m John Kander, arr. Sunbeam Music, Inc30
Hearts part 230
Heat lightning; concert march for band. m Richard W. Bowles26
Home of the brave28
I can fly. No. 459. By Simon and Schuster, Inc. and Artists and Writers Guild, Inc., employers for hire of Ruth Krauss (author) & Mary Blair (pictures)30
If I was your man & 4 other titles. Written by David Martin Frank & co-writers as noted30
I'm looking over a four leaf clover. SATB. w Mort Dixon, m Harry Woods, arr. Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmy Carroll, piano transcription: Remick Music Corporation, employer for hire of Ernest Carnicelli30
I only dreamed this could happen, Shuttle, Getting it30
It doesn't matter if it's love or not & 1 other title, Destiny, Song suite number 530
Jagged edge of a broken heart, Jagged edge, There is no substitute30
La Cumparsa. Arr. for organ & additional melodic lines: Metric Music Company, employer for hire of Shay Torrent a.k.a. William D. Moore30
Love is one of the greatest experience to me. By Clarence A. Morgan27
Marlow, no "e" = prev. ti., It never entered my mind, Real men, Second wind30
Married life. w & m George Khoury & Huey Thierry29
Midnight express; piano solo. m Lynn Freeman Olson, artwork: Summy-Birchard Company30
Modern romance & 2 other titles; musical scores30
Money can't buy me love. By Charles A. Bobbit, James Brown & Darren Floyd30
Monty Python, Shakespeare, and English Renaissance drama30
National theaters in the larger German and Austrian cities, Apollo, Galina from Moscow30
Night shadows. From The Jennifer Churchill story (Wagon train) m Revue Studios, employer for hire of Roy Webb26
[Not in the literature and other contributions] By Christopher Anvil, pseud. of Harry C. Crosby, Jr30
Nuestra desgracia. Words: Gabriel Luna DeLaFuente, music: Chucho Palacios (Jesus Palacios)25
On the beach I'm latest with the leastest--brunette in skimpy bathing suit part 230
Out of Africa & 12 other titles, My testimony, Her story25
Out of Africa. By Isak Dinesen, author of renewable matter: Time Warner, Inc30
Perfect strangers & 16 other titles; episodic television programs part 230
Politician ; Empty car blues ; King George, Land's end, If we pull you over23
Prairie Schooner. Vol. 44, no. 3, fall 1970. By Norma Klein, Virginia Elson, Douglas H. Thayer, et al28
Preschool simple objects paint with water. No. 1700. Drawings by Beverly Johnston & Richard Johnston, author of renewable matter: Western Publishing Company, Inc30
Purloined printing press, Mother-in-law30
Requirement for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools30
RNE ; Claudia Cohen ; Plant life ; Secret medicine, Return of the dragon, Tao of Jeet Kune Do. By Bruce Lee30
Round round world. No. 4007. By Golden Press, Inc., employer for hire of Michael Douglas30
She'd make a bulldog (break his chain) & 2 other titles, Four bar turnaround, I see me30
Sherlock Holmes/secret, Nothing sacred, Zorros fight legion28
She's out of control. PA 412-516, Troop Beverly Hills, Fresh horses24
Sock hop. w & m Michael Lee Allman, Robert M. Miketta & Willie C. Price, El Dorado cafe & 1 other title; recordings30
Someone's always hitting Bill, Agnes of God, Tryptyque30
Spiel fuer 3 Blaeser. 2 Trompeten in B, Posanne/2 Fluegelhoerner in B, Bariton (Posanne)/2 Klarinetten in B, Fagott. m Hermann August Regner, arr. Willy Schneider30
Split decisions, "the power learning game." Submitted by Steve Kennedy, 195930
States of grace; eight plays. By Philip Barry, edited & with a biographical essay by Brendan Gill, -199730
Television writing--theory and technique. By Robert S. Greene & Robert Montgomery part 230
That's life & 1 other title; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. 5-78-0002 filed 3Jan78 in U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota--5th Division, Duluth) Judgement attached part 330
The Big U, Zodiac, Interface26
The Chinese and Dr. Fish. Additions & revisions to text: Murray Schisgal, Would I lie to you? m Tom Baird, w Ronald Miller30
The Country girls, Betrayal28
The Far side of paradise: a biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Text: Arthur Mizener30
The Freedom Writers diary: how a teacher and 150 teens used writings to change themselves and the world around them30
The Gods must be crazy II, Shakes the clown, South Central26
The Great migration & 6 other titles, Biloxi blues, Parador & 9 other titles28
The Guardian & 4 other titles30
The Hitchhiker, by Georges Simenon, translated from the French by Norman Denny. The Burial of Monsieur Bouvet, by Georges Simenon, translated from the French by Eugene MacCown30
The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy & 2 other titles; literary materials (trilogy) By Serious Productions, Ltd., employer for hire of Douglas Adams30
The Insiders' guide to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Hatteras blue, Bahamas blue27
The Legislator; parliamentary law slide rule. Spanish translation: Benjamin John Griffin30
The Mandarin Palace on the grand concourse. From the musical play, Molly. w Mack David, m Jerry Livingston30
Theme from Ice castles; (Through the eyes of love) By Gold Horizon Music Corporation, Golden Torch Music Corporation & Columbia Pictures Publications30
Theme from Mission impossible. From album The big picture, Invention, Tearin' down the wall26
The Mentoring relationship between major advisors and doctoral .., Cactus flower open SG Rg & Rg SC computer program30
The Other woman & 3 other titles30
The Private files of J. Edgar Hoover, The Villain, Lady in red30
The Real book of electronics. Text: Edward Stoddard, ill.: Frank Schwartz, Straight man29
The Senator from Shirkeyville. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, The Senator30
The Seven year itch; romantic comedy in three acts. By George Axelrod, Touch of desire22
The Solid gold Cadillac; comedy in two acts. By Howard Teichmann and George S. Kaufman [i.e. George Simon Kaufman] part 230
The Villain arrives and 11 other component parts to Outdoor life calendar, The Villain26
They said it couldn't be done, My kind of guy, Back seat driver30
Things change & 2 other titles27
Three stooges crazy toons: main title29
Three women in front of large church. By Al Mettel, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow29
Tomorrow & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78 Civ. 815 (MP) filed 23Feb78 in U.S. District Court for Southern District of N.Y.)30
Treatise on painting. By Leonardo DaVinci, translation: A. Philip McMahon, introd: Ludwig H. Heydenreich, translation of introd: Dora Jane Janson30
Wait till daddy gets home & 1 other title, Warlock II, Whore28
Welcome home with Ron Kenoly, no. 10831vd30
What women want to know: a noted gynecologist's guide to the personal problems of women's health. By T. Blanchard Dewey & Harold M. Imerman25
When everything else is gone. w & m Will Boulware, Influence, Solemn ; Seek and find27
World without end. By Allied Artists Pictures Corporation24
X-ray diffraction procedures, for polycrystalline and amorphous materials. By Harold P. Klug & Leroy E. Alexander29
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