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Amazing grace & 4 other titles; arr. of preexisting public domain musical compositions part 330
A Year in the life--a visual time capsule of Redwood City, 1990, Almost grown, Northern exposure30
Background musical score of the motion picture photoplay "Quick before it melts." m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of David Rose part 230
Bahama mama. From Republic picture, Flame of the island. Words & music: Jack Elliott & Sonny Burke (J. Francis Burke)30
Barron's How to prepare for the AP calculus advanced placement examination, White line fever27
Breed & 2 other titles; stories, Gold coast, At the anarchists' convention27
Bring the baby in with the bacon. m Unart Music Corporation (employer for hire of Randy Edelman), w Bart Edelman30
Current affairs in today's social studies--a frame of reference for the modern teacher30
Dawn of the dead & 222 other titles; motion pictures, Oyster, The rundown27
Double trouble & 1 other title part 330
Double trouble and 105 other titles; episodes of television animation series part 330
Do you want to? By Paul Crutchfield, Norman Durham, Woody Cunningham & Eumir Deodato30
Dragonfly: NASA & the crisis aboard Mir, Matinee, A Public affair26
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind & 1 other title; motion pictures, The last outlaw30
Evidence of births, marriages, and deaths in Lowndes County, Mississippi, 1830-198727
Evil woman. w & m Unart Music Corporation & Jet Music, Inc., employers for hire of Jeff Lynne29
Father Time is knocking at my door. Words & music: Ozie Waters (Vernon S. Waters) & Trees Johnson (Forrest Johnson)30
First taste of love. w & m Phil Spector (Harvey Philip Spector) & Doc Pomus, Money (from you honey)30
Fools rush in (where angels fear to tread) EP85452 (1940) Termination effective 1May9630
Gift song (I will remember you forever) & 14 other titles; original musical compositions & arr. of preexisting musical compositions30
God be with you; song. Featured in the B. B. C. programme Silver chords. Composer of words & music: Rice Gibbon, pseud. of Mai Jones30
Hawaii tattoo. m Michael Thomas, pseud. of Martin Bottcher, arr. Glen Powell, The Dangerous edge30
Hometown American heroes (fire and police) and 2 other poems, Hearts in Atlantis30
I dreamed of Africa, Simon sez, Fortress 227
If morning ever comes. By Anne Tyler (Anne Tyler Modarressi), Earthly possessions28
If we could only stick together, Citizen Cohn, Six feet under29
Jimmys gotta little bit of *Removed* in him. w & m Grace Cook, w & m, arr.: George Clinton, Jr30
Les miserables. By Clifton K. Hillegass30
Little American maid X X X X X X X X, South Bronx boy, Element of truth30
Little women & 5 other titles part 230
Long day's shopping in L. L. Bean's, and other contributions. By Nathaniel Benchley30
Man of the hour, my ideal. By L. Maxine Schmidt & Louise M. Bros30
Meeting Davidson County workforce development needs for the 21st century, July 199730
Middle of the night & 3 other titles30
Moby Dick part 429
Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman. (Knockouts) PA 366-001 (1987)30
No title given for comment by John C. Weicher on article entitled Which housing policy is best? (In Housing policy debate)30
Now you see it (now ya see it) By Donnie Franks, Brandon Murphy, Charles Winchell, Edward Cernosek, Jr., et al30
Pinocchio part 330
Pour in the sky. By John Bentjen, Buck Murphy, Todd Rigione, Kelli Scott & Scott Tracy30
Prince charming. By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc25
Punky Brewster30
Sam Fox Variety series for television-radio-film and general performance. Vol. 11. By John McLaughlin, L. E. DeFrancesco, & Jacques Dallin, pseud. of Jack Belasco30
Searchin' for the sun, & 1 other song, Bluer than blue, Let her play rock & roll30
She's out disco dancin' (while I'm in some honky tonk bar), Jump: the adventures of Br'er Rabbit28
Spider-man 3 (red with black reflection), Quark, Score from "Last of the good guys."30
Task force. Pt. 2. By Columbia Pictures Television, a division of Columbia Picture Industries, Inc30
The adventurer ; Telling Ndugu about the family ; About Schmidt ... [et al.]30
The finest hour. Produced by Menahem Golan; a film by Shimon Dotan, Second love at heart30
The good shepherd. By J. Paul Williams, 1937-, & Joseph M. Martin, 1959- (Douglas Nolan, pseud.)30
The Karate kid, part I & II, The next Karate Kid, Le nouveau Karate Kid29
The key part 230
The last rebel. By Orten Associates, Reluctant hostage, Ransom of Rita Renee30
The Magic world of Topo Gigio (the Italian mouse) By Columbia Pictures Corportion30
The Magic world of Topo Gigio (the Italian mouse) By Columbia Pictures Corportion part 230
The Magic world of Topo Gigio (the Italian mouse) By Columbia Pictures Corportion part 330
The patriot (off with yer hat!), The patriot30
The third miracle = El tercer milagro, Lech Walesa, Olivier est la30
The Transatlantic Smiths. By Robert Allerton Parker, Poodle springs, Outrageous Los Angeles30
The wedding procession of the rag doll and the broom handle and who was in it. Text: Carl Sandburg, ill.: Harriet Pincus part 330
Time out of mind, and other stories. By Pierre Boulle and Xan Fielding, translated by Elisabeth Abbott, author of renewable matter: Vanguard Press, Inc., employer for hire of Elisabeth Abbott30
Tomorrow never knows. w & m John Lennon & Paul McCartney30
Treasure of the four crowns. PAu 401-93924
Upon this rock. For four part chorus of mixed voices with organ or piano. m John Ness Beck30
Vivre pour vivre & 17 other titles; motion pictures, Upstate story, Copland30
Watching your cholesterol, your good health is worth the effort30
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