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3 minutes ; Girl with the world in her eyes ; Big beat evangelists ... [et al.], Feds in town30
42 days and nights on the Iberian Peninsula with Anis Ladron, G.I. Joe, Dragon flyz21
Ablaze & 152 other titles; motion pictures, Prisoner, Captured30
A breed apart a.k.a. Perfect assassins30
A critical analysis of the intentional efforts of Baptists to distinguish themselves theologically from other Christian donominations25
Adjustment of the cycle of action in presession, Miracles, Dianetics the evolution of science30
A little bit of good. w Fred Ebb, m John Kander, arr.: Unichappell Music, Inc. & Kander-Ebb, Inc., employer for hire of Robert H. Noeltner30
American yakuza & 4 other titles, Death in Brunswick, The Scent of green papaya22
Arlington Road27
Art of war & 9 other titles; motion picture projects, Made in Bangkok, Me and Monroe20
Austin Powers: the spy who shagged me, Ordinary decent criminal, Galapagos rediscovered30
Bean Appreciation Day artwork, Hangman, Connection30
Better count the lady in, Crossroads & mornings, Slow & easy30
Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments (2157) R45223730
Bible stories to read aloud. By Wonder Books, Inc., employer for hire of Oscar Weigle (text compilation) and Ann Brewster (ill.)30
Black and white in school: trust, tension, or tolerance? By Janet Ward Schofield30
Blackout part 430
Black & white cocker spaniel observing two small ducklings30
Blood of Dracula & 11 other titles; screenplay & motion picture30
Bride of the wind & 1 other title; motion pictures, The gift, Company man30
Buster & Chauncey's silent night & 8 other titles;motion pictures, Das experiment & 2 other titles30
But first a word from our sponsors (Murphy Brown) PA 504-861, The usual suspects30
Buying the cow & 9 other titles, Slackers, Repros30
Cafe society blues (for piano) EP11814724
Cyclone & 7 other titles. Instrument of transfer, Dream for an insomniac, Life during wartime30
Day trippers, No exit, Fatal combat26
Dead zone season 5 special features. Productions by Sisu Productions as a work-made-for-hire for Lions Gate Films, inc30
Disturbing behavior--soundtrack24
Dragon tales, episode no. 101A & 168 other titles; musical scores part 230
Drowning Mona & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
Exclusive license of distribution rights, security agreement & mortgage of rights including copyrights28
Eye of the beholder, episode no. 272-13030
Finding grace in the wilderness, Armageddon piano, Death of Mir (CD version)24
Forbidden sins, Indiscreet, Naked lies30
Formal reduction and the empirical ideal, 1750-1914, Who am I?30
Frankstein & 1 other title; motion pictures. Joint financing, production and distribution agreement. (Part 002 of 002) part 230
Green dragon; animated motion picture. By King Features/Cavalier25
Heart of stone & 24 other titles; master recordings/albums30
Hellraiser III: hell on earth (movie adaptation) part 230
How to feel most excellent! about who you are (and really enjoy it), Secret adventures30
I love you, I love you. w & m Norris Wilson, Danny Walls, Sammy Lyons30
It takes two to make a team. By National Periodical Publications, Inc., employer for hire of Dennis Marks30
Johnny Mnemonic II30
Jungle book & 13 other titles, Jungle book30
Killer instinct & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
Killing time & 5 other titles part 229
Last call part 430
Last temptation of Hank & 25 other titles; episodes in the erotic series entled {Sex games Cancun}30
Leni Reifenstahl: Triumph of her/final filmic solution, Implicated, Zoopolis30
Little mountain angel, Hangman, Can't get it right30
Living it up, or, they still love me in Altoona & 3 other titles30
Love walked in. By: Ruby Braff & George Barnes30
Love walked into my heart, I am singing, Willow weep for me30
Melissa & Marci confrontation, Funeral, Dan finds answer in machine30
Never say die (give a little bit more) Words and music by Terry Britten & Sue Shifrin part 230
Never say die: the pursuit of eternal youth: America undercover30
No way back. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Cambridge Productions, Inc28
Obadiah B. Brown, pioneer Baptist denominational editor and US Post Office official part 230
Once upon a time & 4 other titles30
Once upon a time, a hero in China & 3 other titles; films30
Option of motion picture, interactive & merchandising rights, Jay Jay the jet plane30
Pippi Longstocking 01, Pippi returns to Villa Villekula30
Pippi Longstocking 22, Pippi finds a mysterious footprint30
Pippi returns to Villa Villekula & 27 other titles; episodes (except as noted) From the animated television program series, Pippi Longstockings part 430
Princess Caraboo & 1 other title25
Private parts. From album Leisure suite30
Rambo IV & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Replicant, Anasazi moon30
Reptilian (Yonggary) Motion picture, New blood, Grey owl30
Resurrection medley: Lonesome valley, Christ arose, Great gettin' up morning, Christ the Lord is risen today, Were you there? PA 9-024 (1978) part 330
Ring of fire & 4 other titles; episodes30
Rocky Mountain gourment cookbook: gourmet recipes with unique Rocky Mountain appeal part 230
Rubberface (introducing Janet), Proteus, The sleeping car30
Santa Claus: the movie & 13 other titles; motion pictures, White raven, The Night the Japs attacked30
Sing like the singer in the band, Catch that kid, The fast and the furious 230
Somebody is waiting. PAu 2-177-46627
Space Station One & 1 other title, Montana, Saturday. By Jeb Rosebrook28
Stones in my passway, hellhound on my trail, The road to Wellville, The Hit man30
Studiolive with Freddie Hubbard, Homegrown, Third world30
Super peanut butter and jelly, Warriors of virtue, Cage30
Survive the night & 1 other title; motion pictures, Curacao, Child of the Western Isles & 1 other title27
That same old song = C'est la meme chanson, Jeffrey, I am whole25
The Audrey Hepburn story & 157 other titles, Blue murder, season no. 4, Heroes: pt. 230
The Berenstain Bears and messy room & 56 other titles; animated programs part 330
The best and the brightest & 18 other titles, Bats, Bats & 11 other titles30
The big blue & 6 other titles, Dracula: dead and loving it26
The covenant a.k.a. Warlock. Screenplay, One, Aeon Flux30
The criminal justice system of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia30
The curse of inferno & 32 other titles, Albino alligator25
The disappearance of Natalee. (Dr. Phil, episode no. 4021) PA 1-297-95930
The first snowfall. From album Guitar solos, Set my soul free, Side-tracked27
The gift part 830
The last supper. (War of the worlds, episode no. 019) PA 415-95230
The Last supper. Words & music: George Tibbles, George R. Brown & Ramey Idriss29
The Politics of child abuse, The watcher, Gunnar23
The prisoner & 91 other titles30
The prisoner & 91 other titles part 330
The right temptation & 3 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays, Dead end, Game over30
Thirty-two short films about Glenn Gould, The big brass ring, Outside ozona30
Thomas and the magic railroad & 6 other titles, Whipped, Beautiful & 2 other titles; motion pictures26
Turbulence & 1 other title; motion pictures, A smile like yours, Kingpin27
Under suspicion, year 1, 94/9530
Untitled Paul Haggis project & 3 other titles, Made men, Touching the void30
When Brendan met Trudy, Persuasion, Saltwater28
Who am I? Written by Big Daddy Kane, pseud. of Antonio Hardy & Gamillah Shabazz part 230
Widget's great whale adventure & 12 other titles; motion pictures, King's whore, The King's whore30
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