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A Biography of the Constitution of the United States: its origin, formation, adoption, interpretation. By Broadus Mitchell and Louise Pearson Mitchell30
Academic freedom and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Experience, 1979-198930
A Cycle of Cathay; the Chinese vogue in England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. By William W. Appleton27
A Guide to the principal sources for American civilization, 1800-1900, in the city of New York; manuscripts. Text: Harry J. Carman & Arthur W. Thompson27
American bankcard certification guide and reference manual30
American poetry and poetics; poems & critical documents from the Puritans to Robert Frost. By Daniel G. Hoffman30
American speech; a quarterly of linguistic usage. Vol. 40, no. 3, Oct. 1965. By Columbia University Press30
Amiri Baraka/Leroi Jones: the quest for a "popular modernism." By Werner Sollors30
An African song (on that great civilized morning). w E. Y. Harburg, adaptation & arr.: Milton T. Okun, William C. Mitchell, Michael Kobluk & Joseph Frazier30
Anatomy & physiology. Vol. 2: urinary, respiratory and nervous systems, sensations and sense organs, endocrine and reproductive systems. By Edwin B. Steen & Ashley Montagu part 230
A "New literary history" of modern poetry: history and deconstruction in the works of Whitman, Stevens, and Olson30
A "New literary history" of modern poetry: history and deconstruction in the works of Whitman, Stevens, and Olson part 230
An Investigation of selected variables for the prediction of computer .., Conceptual models of organization30
A Quarter-century of un-Americana. Envoi: James Baldwin, introd.: H. H. Wilson, ch. 1: Carl Marzani, profiles & compilation: Charlotte Pomerantz30
A Reader in the history of the eastern Slavic languages, Moon over Parma, It's beginning to rain30
Aristotle's metaphysics. Newly translated as a postscript to Natural science. Text: Richard Hope28
Atlas of higher education in the United States: the geographical distribution of accredited four-year colleges, universities and technical schools in 1950. Editor: John D. Millett30
Bank holding companies & their subsidiaries. Kentucky & 147 other titles. (Part 011 of 011)30
Basic issues of American democracy. By Hillman M. Bishop & Samuel Hendel, with the collaboration of Bernard E. Brown29
Can I play my horn for you?, Urban traffic, Jam man prod29
Can't yo' hear me callin', Caroline? Music by Caro Roma, pseud. of Carrie Northey, words by William Henry Gardner, arr. for male quartet: M. Witmark & Sons, employer for hire of Ed. Smith30
Central Asia in Forest Hills, New York--Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shashmaqam27
Chamber concerto. For piano, wind & percussion. By Karl-Birger Blomdahl29
Chansons de belise et de perlimplin. Piano et chant (ou guitare) Musique: Claude Arrieu, pseud. of Louise Simon, paroles de Federico Garcia Lorca, version francaise de Jean Camp30
Clown number. Pt. 1. From Easy to love. Musical arr. from Johann Strauss' Tritsch-tratsch by George Stoll & Albert Richard Sendrey30
Collaborating with community-based organizations through consultation and technical assistance part 220
Colorado's war on militant unionism: James H. Peabody and the Western Federation of Miners30
Come, thou Fount of Every Blessing. w Robert Robinson, m hymn tune, Warrenton, new arr. for four-part chorus of mixed voices, a cappella: Lloyd Pfautsch part 230
Come, ye blessed. Words from Matthew XXV:34-36. For three part chorus of mixed voices with piano or organ acc. By John Prindle Scott, arr. G. Schirmer, Inc., employer for hire of Carl Deis30
Constantine and religious liberty. By Hermann Doerries, Constantine, The glimmer man25
Crystals and light: an introduction to optical crystallography. By Elizabeth Wood28
Destructive and non-destructive approaches for quantifying the effects of a collagen cross-linking reagent on the fatigue resistance of human intervertebral disc30
Diabelli variations; 16 contemporaries of Beethoven on a waltz tune. m Anton Diabelli & others, editing: Summy-Birchard Publishing Company, employer for hire of William S. Newman26
Economic systems in action: the United States, the Soviet Union, and France. By Alfred R. Oxenfeldt & Vsevolod Holubnychy29
Effects of forest conversion on soils and hydrologic processes in the Terraba Basin of Costa Rica30
Emotions and bodily changes; a survey of literature on psychosomatic interrelationships, 1910-1953. Introd. to 4th ed., at end of each chapter of pts. 1 & 2: developments since 1935, pt. 3, supplementary bibliography, index: Flanders Dunbar30
Ethnic Americans for the health professional, Natives and strangers, The Leo Frank case28
Fantasy on "How brightly shines the morning star." By Calvin Custer, Dramatic essay, grade 330
Fifty years on the trail, a true story of western life; the adventures of John Young Nelson as described to Harrington O'Reilly. Foreword: Donald E. Worcester part 230
Freedom and reason; studies in philosophy and Jewish culture in memory of Morris Raphael Cohen. By Salo W. Baron, Ernest Nagel & Koppel S. Pinson27
From Shylock to Svengali; Jewish stereotypes in English fiction. By Edgar Rosenberg30
Great Britain type set, Victoria, 1837-1901. No. 9520. By Whitman Publishing Company30
Henry James's Daisy Miller, The Turn of the screw, and other tales, Zakhor, From Spanish court to Italian ghetto30
Higher education in transition: a history of American colleges and universities, 1636-197628
Historians and their craft: a study of the presidential adddresses of the American Historical Association, 1884-194530
Historians and their craft: a study of the presidential adddresses of the American Historical Association, 1884-1945 part 230
Historians and their craft: a study of the presidential adddresses of the American Historical Association, 1884-1945 part 330
History of the United States during the administrations of Jefferson & Madison. Vol. 1.: Jefferson. By Henry Adams, George Dangerfield & Otey M. Scruggs30
Home is the hunter; a comedy in two acts. By Helen MacInnes (Helen MacInnesHighet)24
Information retrieval systems: characteristics, testing and evaluation part 230
James Stewart, Earl of Moray: a political study of the Reformation in Scotland. By Maurice Lee, Jr30
Jour de chaleur aux bains de mer. For voice and piano. w Duchesse de Rohan, translation: Sherry Mangan, musical setting: Virgil Thomson30
Lie groups, lie algebras and some of their applications, Everyday card designs & 9 other titles; artwork30
Local government finance in the Third World: a case study of the Philippines30
Mental health care unit discharge planning group stress and medication teaching guide30
Modern science III (1965) By Sam S. Nlanc, Abraham S. Fischler, Olcott Gardner30
Nationalism and the international labor movement ; the idea of the nation in socialist and anarchist theory30
Nature and historical experience; essays in naturalism and in the theory of history. By John Herman Randall, Jr28
New approaches in cell biology; proceedings of a symposium held at Imperial College, London, July 1958. By P. M. B. Walker30
New Hampshire, keyway 2, broker, form no. 04213, salesperson, form no. 03213-NH3L3B30
Once, through a woodland Mary walked. For four-part chorus of mixed voices a cappella. English translation: John Coleman30
Part 1. Medicinal applications of the click chemistry synthesis [1,2,3]-triazoles. Part 2. The potential of a chemical graph transformation system30
Paternalism in the Japanese economy; anthropological studies of oya bun-ko bun patterns. By John William Bennett and Iwao Ishino30
Peter in Rome, the literary, liturgical, and archeological evidence, Mona, No bull27
Planning for better hospital care; report on the hospitals and health agencies of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Text: Eli Ginzburg & Peter Rogatz30
Pompeii and Herculaneum; the glory and the grief. By Marcel Brion, photos.: Edwin Smith, translated by John Rosenberg part 225
Prelude and variations for chamber orchestra, Fantasy for piano, Sonata quasi una fantasia for violoncello28
Prentice-Hall 1958 Federal tax course. By Prentice-Hall editorial staff, consulting editors: William F. Connelly and Robert B. Mitchell part 230
Printers and technology: a history of the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union30
Printers and technology: a history of the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union part 227
Public schools and moral education: the influcence [sic] of Horace Mann, William Torrey Harris, and John Dewey. By Neil Gerard McCluskey27
Randall Jarrell, 1914-1965. By Hannah Arendt, Robert Lowell, Peter Taylor & Robert Penn Warren30
Reflections of human leadership in the heritage of Asian dogs--an interdisciplinary study in leadership, religion, art, genetics, symbolism, history, psychology, and real and mystical beings30
Rehabilitation counseling: foundations/consumers/service delivery, Cosmo woman, Cartoon Saturdays30
Representation theory of finite groups and associative algebras; pure & applied math. Vol. 11. By Charles W. Curtis, Irving Reiner30
Robin Hood: the outlaw of Sherwood Forest. By Orville Prescott, ill.: Random House, Inc., as employer for hire of Charles Beck27
Science in the making. By The Trustees of Columbia University (Joel H. Hildebrand, employee)30
Selected papers from the Proceedings and transactions of the Royal Society of Canada = Anthologie des Memoires et comptes rendus de la Societe Royale du Canada30
Shared government in employment security; a study of advisory councils. By Joseph M. Becker30
Social work in the American tradition: field, body of knowledge, process, method, and point of view. By Nathan Edward Cohen30
Stop and start. By Irving Music, employer for hire of Allee Willis; Yrufatt Music, employer for hire of Richard Simmons, & Bruce Roberts part 430
The African beer gardens of Bulawayo: integrated drinking in a segregated society. By Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Inc., employer for hire of Harry F. Wolcott part 230
The Breaking of the circle; studies in the effect of the "new science" upon seventeenth-century poetry. By Marjorie Hope Nicolson30
The Classic ballet. Author of historical development: Lincoln Kirstein, author of descriptive text: Muriel Stuart, illustrator: Carlus Dyer30
The Concept of the church as Christian community in the works of Emile Mersch, Lionel S. Thornton, and Robert S. Paul30
The Dilemma of Mexico's development; the roles of the private and public sectors. By Raymond Vernon30
The Director looks at his job; the record of a symposium sponsored jointly by the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, and the McKinsey Foundation for Management Training. By Courtney C. Brown and E. Everett Smith29
The Economy of the western hemisphere; the Weatherhead Foundation Lectures delivered at the University of Puerto Rico in February 1962. By Arnold Joseph Toynbee29
The effects of single and compound violations of the assumptions applicable to data sets when using the oneway, fixed-effects analysis of variance and the one concomitant analysis of covariance statistical models30
The Emergence of professional social science: the American Social Science Association and the nineteenth-century crisis of authority30
The Enlightened machine: an analytical introduction to neuropsychology, Dan Robinson's folk anthology30
The Founding of new societies; studies in the history of the United States, Latin America, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. By Louis Hartz30
The Gallic war and other writings by Julius Caesar. By Random House, Inc., as employer for hire of Moses Hadas (introd., translation, gazetterr [sic]) & William Meek (map artist)30
The Ghandi [sic] reader; a source book of his life and writings. Edited by Homer A. Jack25
The Heritage of J. M. W. and Sophronia Thornton Masingill, including brief histories of their relatives, the Hawkins, Sloan, Mullin, Martin, Johnston, Rogers, and Chew families30
The Meaning and maintenance of Catholicity as a distinctive characteristic of American, Catholic .30
The original soupline man: vol. 1. By Steve A. Blevins, 1965-, Thomasino F. Bettini, 196030
Theory and practice in building an EAP workplace follow-up support network program for EAP practitioners and counselors30
The Personality of the young child: an introduction for puzzled parents30
The Politics of totalitarianism; the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1934 to the present. By John A. Armstrong30
The Presence of Walt Whitman; selected papers from the English Institute. Edited with a foreword by R. W. B. Lewis30
The Romance of American transportation. Text: Franklyn M. Reck, picture editor: Ava Morgan (Ava Morgan Weiss)29
The San Francisco caper episode. By Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. (The Fall guy series)30
The Scientists speak--Biology; unpublished script for recording. By George Gaylord Simpson, Eugene Rabinowitch, Rene Dubos, H. J. Muller & Sir Julian Sorell Huxley30
The Sculpture of Donatello; incorporating the notes and photographs of the late Jenoe Lanji. Vol. 1: plates, vol. 2: critical catalogue. By Horst W. Janson30
The Sculpture of the Hellenistic age, Judgment, Hot chili29
The Selected writings of John Jay Chapman. By Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, Inc., & Jacques Barzun30
The Spirit of Seventy-six: the story of the American Revolution as told by participants. Vol. 2. By Henry Steele Commager & Richard B. Morris part 230
The Theatre in Soveit Russia. Author: Nikolai A. Gorchakov, translator: Edgar Lehrman30
The United States, the Northern Tier, and the origins of the Cold War: great power conflict and diplomacy in Iran .30
The Venezuelan democratic revolution; a profile of the regime of Romolu Bentancourt. By Robert J. Alexander30
Traditional heartwarming favorite, hot Ronrico, buttered rum30
United States foreign policy and the decolonization of British central Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi), 1945-196528
Urban planning and the quality of life in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, Approaches to planning30
Urban renewal. Artist: Murphy's Law, author of renewable matter: ABC Records, Inc26
Wallace Stevens on the podium: the poet as public man of letters30
Walt Whitman--background for his works. By Coronet Instructional Films, a division of Esquire, Inc30
Wealth of a nation to be: the American colonies on the eve of the Revolution, Parents' night26
What happens to student learning in mathematics when a multi-faceted, long-term professional development model to support standards-based curricula is implemented in an environment of high stakes testing?30
What they say in New England and other American folklore. Collected by Clifton Johnson, author of renewable matter: Carl Withers30
Where? Words and music: Al Trace, pseud. of Clem Watts, Teddy Simms, Dave Shapiro & Ben Trace, pseud. of Ben Lewis30
Yesterday will come again tonight. w Terry Clayton Harris (Jeremiah Stone), m Glenn Ray McGuirt (Glenn Ray)27
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