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A Antibiography [sic], a true story, a hilarious, thrilling, amusing, fascinating, bewitching, and fantastic story of a lady born on Ground Hogs' Day30
Advanced Descripto-Cards for functional language and cognition, Language remediation and expansion25
Always (thinking about you) Written by Clements, Wolfe & Wolfe, Around the town30
An anthropological investigation of three information technology firms using James C. Scott's theories related to everyday forms of resistance to power part 230
An examination of state income tax check-offs and credits as a policy mechanism to encourage voluntary contributions for public schools30
A study of college and university counselors' and counseling psychologists' level of knowledge of students diagnosed with learning disabilities30
A wolf's embarassing true story about a red caped girl and a clean forest, Never leavin' home28
Career awareness/basic skills (C A B S) staff development (inservice) program--welcome to C A B S29
CASE (communication and self-esteem) study. By M. Ann Marquis, 1945-, Elaine Addy-Trout30
Combining neuro-development treatment and sensory integration principles, Wings, Wedding classics30
Communication college administrators' and governance officials' perceptions of community-based programming in 114 community colleges in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina part 330
Creative play cut-outs for speech and language development, Classroom listening and speaking27
Destination--rain forest: a game of syntax, morphology, and phonology. By Elaine Burke Krassowski & Thomas Burke part 230
Destination--rain forest: a game of syntax, morphology, and phonology. By Elaine Burke Krassowski & Thomas Burke part 330
Easy activities for using Kid Pix software in the classroom, Interactive bulletin boards27
Effects of scripting Readers' Theater, participatory basal activities, and customary pull-out instruction by chapter I students on comprehension, vocabulary, participation, and attitude30
Evaluating acquired skills in communication (EASIC)/ by Anita Marcott Riley, Book of words30
Factors involved in the selection of music teaching as a career choice by 11th- and 12th-grade African-American students29
Fidgeting fat, exploding meat & gobbling whirly birds and other delicious science moments30
Guidelines for using the DELSC, developmental and language skills curriculum, 101 reading activities30
Guidelines for using the DELSC, developmental and language skills curriculum, Picture source30
Guidelines for using the DELSC, developmental and language skills curriculum, What's that I hear?30
Hispanic and Anglo female public school administrators in New Mexico, Thanks for stepping out on me24
I can tell by the way you dance (how you're gonna love me tonight) By Robb Strandlund part 330
Individualized, detailed preoperative instruction and its effect on anxiety and recovery for the mastectomy patient30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Principles of abstract algebra. By Richard W. Ball30
Investigation into the current practices in the identification of the eligibility and assessment of 3-year-old early childhood intervention programs in the public schools part 230
Kids in motion & 26 other titles, Pictures in a magazine, Baby's walking on the moon28
Language activity booklet for use with Stickybear town builder, You held my hand30
Let's communicate (communication skills) facilitator manual, Frenchee, Downtime with the blues30
"Macbeth" in performance in the twentieth century. a promptbook examination of stagings by four directors over half a century30
My Oklahoma home (it blowed away) w & m Sis Cunningham, pseud. of Agnes Friesen, & Bill Cunningham30
Peel & put speech and language pictures instructional manual. By F. Elizabeth Metz, Valeda D. Blockcolsky, Joan M. Frazer & Barbara Kurn30
Preaching to a new generation--baby boomers and the implications of this phenomenon for mainline preaching27
Predictable errors in financial analysts' annual earnings forecasts and the evaluation of earnings forecast-based securities returns anomalies30
Ready to go home, and 2 other selections, Ready to go, Religion's worst nightmare30
School inventory of problem solving skills for children with multiple disabilities30
Solutions manual to accompany Practice problem I for use with Intermediate accounting [by] Clark Sporting Goods, Inc28
Story machine: episode ti., star dreams, Juggle's rainbow21
Study guide and solutions manual to accompany Organic chemistry, second edition with nucleophile/electrophile reaction guide [by] Donna Nelson30
Texas teachers' perceptions of the Texas teacher appraisal system, I am ready when you are30
The constituency control of American secondary schools, The 40-second omelet guaranteed24
The Effect of oral reading by senior citizens on the oral language and .., The source for brain-based learning27
The Native Vermonter and his sense of humor, Just for laughs, Living in a hellish time30
The patterned elicitation syntax screening text. By E. Young and J. Perachio, Still more games kids like30
The patterned elicitation syntax test, with morphophonemic analysis, TEAMS, Rules for using linguistic elements of speech22
The story of clocks and calendars, marking a millennium, Camping out, Camping out days at Putnam Hall30
The Transition from a traditional shift foreman to the semi autonomous role of an area facilitator as seen through the eyes of a traditional shift foreman part 230
Use of American Diabetic Association's national standards for diabetes self-management education programs among clinics in Kentucky part 430
Winterberry dinner plate, pewter rimmed/stoneware, Winterberry25
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