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A comparative study of child-rearing practices and family environments of adoptive and biological families30
Afghanistan's uncertain transition from turmoil to normalcy, New priorities in South Asia30
(A Guide to) Illinois politics. By Austin Ranney, Eurocommunism: challenge for East and West30
A High technology gap? Europe, America, and Japan, Waiting for yesterday, Breaking stride30
An accountant's guide to organized writing & 205 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
Atlantic unity and the American interest; a report on the views of leading citizens in thirty-two cities. Text: Joseph Barbar22
Bilateralism, multilateralism, and Canada in U. S. trade policy, Europe in search of its identity30
Correspondence regarding the manuscript Mortality outcomes and attending surgeon presence at the time of operation18
Das Fundament fuer Morgen; die neuen Wirklichkeiten in Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, und Politik. By Peter Ferdinand Drucker & Walther Schwerdtfeger28
Dick Clark presents radio's uncensored bloopers. By Dick Clark Company, Inc, Get off your barstool26
Endgame: the inside story of S A L T II. By Strobe Talbott, Endgame, Khrushchev remembers27
European telecommunications and broadcasting glossary, The one minute or so healer30
Extended tonality and voice leading in "Twelve songs", op. 27 by Alexander Zemlinsky part 230
Free at last extended play remixes30
Impact on development using the Stepping intervention model (SIM) for infants with motor delay30
Impediments on environmental policy-making and implementation in Central and Eastern Europe27
Notes on the poems of Leopold Sedar Senghor (poet of lost villages), Cobalt, La Volonte de paix26
Ocular manifestations of potentially life threatening diseases identified by physician during physical examination, & 1 other title part 230
Patterns of participation and leadership in the American agricultural community, Gray dawn27
Perceptions of preservice educators, inservice educators, and professional development personnel regarding effective methods for learning technology integration skills. By Linda Marie McDonald part 230
Political handbook of the world; parliaments, parties, and press as of January 1, 1955. By Walter H. Mallory30
Proceedings of the ... Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, Coffee and the Ivory Coast30
Protective factors that predict adjustment in children who witness conjugal violence30
Solutions manual to accompany A P L-S T A T, a do-it-yourself guide to computational statistics, using A P L30
Strategy, structure, and performance of United States-based multinational organizations28
Taking a private company public--a practical guide for the executive and general practitioner attorney30
The Dollar, debt, and the trade deficit, The Peart & Solomon project, When I cry23
The Farmer's gonna have to fight (again), Ridin' in the wrong rodeo, Born to be a farmer23
The imperial family domesticity and nationalism in the Victorian novel30
The Middle East in the coming decade--from wellhead to well-being?, Reducing global inequities26
The Other side of Kenneth Clark's "Leonardo da Vinci, an account . part 330
The Philippine Madrigal Singers Alumni Ensemble New York concert, Central America30
The political economy of Korea-United States cooperation, Beyond sweatshops, Oil prices and the future of O P E C27
The Promise and perils of business ethics, The Promise30
The Residential real estate handbook for the professional. By Jay Lawlor & Jean Gordy-Kirkpatrick30
The Russians and Berlin, 1945. By Erich Kuby, translation into English: William Heinemann, Ltd., employer for hire of Arnold J. Pomerans30
The Sino-Soviet conflict, 1956-1961. By Donald S. Zagoria, Medical portfolio for family practitioners21
Third world women's participation in income-generating projects and empowerment, Third world30
Walt Disney pictures presents the Rescuers downunder, The Big show, Meet the Puffalumps30
Watch it Syclone Sycloness Syclones generation first world order, Negotiating survival25
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