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721 (deeper the groove the better), Workin' man's blues, Music machine27
An eye for an eye and a heart for a heart, Not goin' out that way, Treat 'em like a man30
Back 2 the way it was & 11 other titles, Get your walk on, Criminal set30
Back like that as contained in "back like that"| def jam #000631711, Apollo kids30
Betrayal; Hoe games; Don't tell me et al. By Ricardo Thomas a.k.a. Rick Rock, Antron Singleton a.k.a. Big Lurch, Marvin Selmon a.k.a. Doonie Baby30
Birds in the kitchen & 11 other titles, True love, No broke niggas30
Butterscotch's playground songs, drawings, and business plan30
Change the game (remix) Written by Ricardo Thomas, Shawn Carter, Dwight Grant et al30
Chief Great Smoke Productions presents TIT$, Just right, & 10 other selections, Automatic30
Concrete jungle (the criminal) Director: Joseph Losey part 230
Dopeman. By Dedrick Rolison, O'Shea Jackson, Anthony Banks. (In Based upon a true story) part 430
Do U wanna roll (Dolittle theme) By Calvin Broadus (p.k.a. Snoop Dogg) , Robert L. Huggar (p.k.a. RL), Kimberly Jones (p.k.a. Lil' Kim), Kevin Gilliam (p.k.a. Battlecat) (In Dr. Dolittle 2) part 230
Do U wanna roll (Dolittle theme) By Calvin Broadus (p.k.a. Snoop Dogg) , Robert L. Huggar (p.k.a. RL), Kimberly Jones (p.k.a. Lil' Kim), Kevin Gilliam (p.k.a. Battlecat) (In Dr. Dolittle 2) part 530
Do you want me?, & other selections30
End of the world with symposium to follow, Sleep30
Fearless; Keep your eyes on the prize (a.k.a. Eyez on the prize); The struggle et al. By Ricardo Thomas (p.k.a. Rick Rock, pseud.) & Marva Cook (p.k.a. Marvaless) (In Fearless. AWOL/Noo Trube Records 7243 8 45675 2 1, c1998)30
Ghetto love high performance put it up, Ghetto love, Money makers29
Hero. By Djalma DeAndrade, Curtis Wilson, Will Smith, Lia Grant, Kim Sydney, Sandy Plute, Katherine Shorey. (In Wild, wild West) part 230
High-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance. By J. A. Pople, W. G. Schneider & H. J. Bernstein30
Home of philly as contained in "paid in full" roc-a-fella records #440-063-201-2 part 230
Home of philly as contained in "paid in full" roc-a-fella records #440-063-201-2 part 430
I wanna sex you up (urban vocal remix), & 4 other songs, Kraazy, The gift of gratitude28
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto. By Tupak Shakur p.k.a. a2Pac Shakur, Larry Goodman, Derrick McDowell part 230
Listening to your heart. w Raymond Sterling Gibson, 1952-; m Carolyn Rochelle Willis, 194329
Mastering with E (skit), I'm that nigga, Come thru30
Much love for you ; Pray ; Rough Edges ... [et al.], The clinics, The company man29
Nervous & 34 other titles, My yard, Best of me30
Once upon a time, in the hood. By Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, NBC Studios, Inc., Regency Television Productions, Inc. (UC: undercover)30
One less Frenchman, Gasoline, Strobe27
One night stand IV, Jon Hayman30
Payback. By Montell Jordan, Doug Rasheed & Artis Ivey, Back to the underground, In a twist30
Preparing the witness for a deposition, Collage, Beyond the borderline hits30
Pretty Boys. w & m Fred R. Banner, Carl H. Beatty & Darryl Geralds, Circumstance30
Recognize ; Recognize (instrumental), Gotta have game, Num num juice27
Rules & regulations, steamship service, United Fruit Company. A472620 (1917) & A653965 (1922)30
Sex appeal (radio edit), Emotions (remix), Korrupt world30
Songs & lyrics written by Marcus A. Moore, whose pseudonym is "It's Marcus", County jail (insert)30
Songs of Eugene Bohlmann and Terrance Boyd, Sticky fingers30
Stevens' arrangements collection, Baller's lady, It's all better30
Stickin' to the "G" move. By Robert Lee Green, Jr. p.k.a. Spice 1 & Terry K. Allen p.k.a. DJ Slip part 230
Ten crack commandments. By Christopher Wallace (p.k.a. Notorious BIG), Chris Martin part 430
The Chinese prime minister; a comedy in three acts. By Enid Bagnold (Enid Bagnold Jones)30
The Earth's sharp edge, What is it?, Room without a view30
The further adventures of Alec Ramsey and the black stallion, Mistakes were made30
The individual and the group: boundaries and interrelations, vol, 2, practice, Me and my radio heart30
There won't be another go around, Ambitionz az a ridah, Skandalouz26
The saddest day of my life ; Survival ; The man who rolls ... [et al], Red house30
The struggle goes on to set my people free, & 13 other songs30
Ticket to paradise, The way30
Toe nail time ; You should be my baby, Creative works G&S 1 no, My song book30
Too late to go dancing. By Paul Hotchkiss & Michael Terry, She just don't know, & 4 other songs30
Virginia Venturer: a historical biography of William Claiborne, 1600-1677. By Nathaniel Claiborne Hale30
What the *Removed* is this? By Terrence Kelly, Ted Hogan & Kevin Payton, All about the cash and riches28
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