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Across the great lonesome & 463 other titles. (Part 002 of 003), Gotta get your feet wet30
Ain't no use in crying. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Andrea Martin, & Kevin Smith30
Almost over you. Crazy living. My greatest inspiration. Count on you. By Chantal Nelson26
Beyond the blues. By Craig Michael Wiseman, Doug Swander, The Ole family farm30
Box of lovers, & 15 other songs, Money and love, Bottom line27
Can't get there from here ; You taught me how to lose ; Where angels weep30
Chill with you ; Hangin' around (sicka gettin' treated ...) ; Stepchild journey to mars30
Collection of works by Will Sexton and Gary Scruggs. By Will Sexton & Gary E. Scruggs30
Cuando caiga la tarde. w & m Mario Camacho R. (Mario Camacho Ramirez), Increase the peace30
Dancin' on pieces of my broken heart, Here goes nothing, & 1 other song, Zac Mac30
Demo no. 2--The early years, Back to me, Your smiling face30
Eye of the tiger. By Frankie Sullivan 3d & Jim Peterik; Warner Brothers Publications, Inc., employer for hire of John Higgins part 230
Hold everything28
I'm not the one you need, & another song30
Inspiration. w & m Richard Page, Steve George, Pat Mastelotto, Inspiration part 230
It's about time we put generation X to work part 230
It's all been a-run-a-round, It was you, Love is where the heart is28
Jump. By Paul Dean, Mike Reno, Matthew Frenette, Bryan Adams & James Vallance, Back to basics30
Just another day (without you) By Jon Secada, 1961-, & Miguel Morejon, 1961 part 230
Love for you to love me. w & m Diane C. Molyneux, 1964-; w Alicia Mahoney, 196830
Love's my middle name. By Richard David Huckabay, 1975-, Cleo Anderson, Paul Nelson, 1946 part 230
Never say never. m Tom Beyer, 1962-; w Rossi Kane, 1953 part 230
Ready, willing & able. w & m Stephan Feinberg, 1951-, Evan Zazula, 1956, Faithful30
Richard Tate. Performed by Richard Tate; sound recording by ABC Records, Inc, The Pain Killers30
Shadow Mountain rumors, Rainbows30
She loves me (she don't love you) By Conway Twitty30
She wants to know love ; Too fast ; Things like that ; Number 34, I'm not Superman27
Someone like you. w & m Cloyd W. Moll; m Randy Leiner30
Stepping stones, & other selections30
Tarye no longer. SATB. w John Lydgate, m Summy Publishing Company, employer for hire of Russell G. Harris30
The deep end of the ocean, Majic of the nite, Alpha and the omega30
The last thing I planned to do today was cheat30
The last time that you leave me, & 3 other songs30
The push in my tush, Small town30
The sword and the Bible: the story of Nat Turner, I got you30
Three chords and a prayer, collected works, vol. 630
To get to you & 20 other titles part 230
Warm in my baby's arms again, You lovin' me, Awaiting redemption27
Wendel's world of fantasies, Real love30
Who's to say? ; Everything out of water ; Run right through ; Eighteen30
Who was that man that beat me so? By Rick Pilgreen, I am his son, Valley of the unborn27
You can lead a horse to water (but you can't make it drink), It's a beautiful thing30
You don't know. By Fujipacific Music (USA), Inc. (d.b.a. Full Keel Music Company) & Second Wave Music (employers for hire of Jennifer Kimball), Kim Richey30
You take my breath away. By Barbara Carter a.k.a. Ashley Evans, Bush hog heaven30
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