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Administration and organization of the Campus Sports and Recreation Center at the University of Miami, Coral Gables30
A History of K-12 instructional television, Silhouette, Randy Maule, number II30
Analyzing art works through components affecting visual expression, Portfolios, Practical conic sections30
An assessment of the professional development needs of Oklahoma Cooperative Extension county staff27
A Parent partner's activity calendar, Star walk, World of language28
Applications of multiquantum wells, selective doping, and superlattices, Programming pearls30
Brother Alfred Brousseau problem-solving and mathematics competition, NewsSchool30
Brother Alfred Brousseau problem-solving and mathematics competition, Super problems30
Chronology of transportation in the United States, The debate, An event based science module27
Computer simulated experiments for electronic devices using electronics workbench multisim part 230
Creating effective programs for students with emotional and behavior disorders, Accounting for the hospitality industry30
Creating effective programs for students with emotional and behavior disorders, Linux for programmers and users30
Creative expression (literary) expected to form up a meaningful and constructive portion in composition of the Spirit of Liberty30
Dale Seymour Publications ... Educational products catalog, TOPS beginning problem solving30
Extended residential care as a treatment for male recidivist alcoholics without stable residences29
Graphing power middle school activities for the T1-81 and T1-82, Help she's having a baby30
Graphing power middle school activities for the T1-81 and T1-82, I can read and write about animal homes, grades 1-230
Graphing power middle school activities for the T1-81 and T1-82, TOPS communication deck30
HyperCard projects for mathematics, A Bite of Basic for the Apple II, Visifrog25
Impact of an integrated learning system on third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade mathematics achievement30
Implementing and administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 directory services infrastructure part 230
Insights into modern mathematics. 23d yearbook. By Frank Lynwood Wren, chairman of editorial committee18
Inspirations for living with HIV in the circle of life part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Population--demography and policy, by Robert H. Weller and Leon F. Bouvier30
Instructor's manual to accompany student's solution facilities, Kingston Company spreadsheet templates, IBM PC version 1.1, for Auditing, sixth edition part 330
Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Mathematical thinking at grade 2, From paces to feet30
Laboratory manual to accompany Introductory DC/AC electronics, sixth edition and Introductory DC/AC circuits, sixth edition, by Nigel P. Cook part 430
Lighthouses of Oregon--guardians of the rugged coast, Ostentatiously cautious, The Mesmerization of water30
Little fingers, little toes, Settled man, Mainstream spawning30
MathLand materiales duplicables cartas para la familia, recursos para los maestros part 230
Merrill geometry microcomputer supplement, version 1.0, Glencoe Geometry, Algebra30
Navigating through data analysis and probability in grades 3-5, Precious child Jemima30
Navigating through data analysis and probability in prekindergarten-grade 2, Fractions and decimals30
Navigating through problem solving and reasoning in grade 3, Eternal passage, Fire30
Newsschool: using the newspaper to teach math, science, and health, Writers in training30
Place value and children's tacit theories of arithmetic, Place value30
Prealgebra makes sense--interactive tasks for algebra learners, A Book of English belief28
Quilt design patterns by New Expressive Quilting Designs originals for quilts, Blessed Virgin Mary with child30
Sargon III--adaptation for I B M PC computers, Word challenge II, Ensemble25
Seeds of change--the story of cultural exchange after 1492, Jeff Hellman, I, Ascent of the Messiah29
Shopping spree for the Commodore 64, Athenian secret, Lost tribe of Tocowans27
Stegosauridae partial skull & dentaries-series of fossil skull bones, Four series--phase one (first phase)28
Symbolizing motion, flow, and contours--the experience of continuous change, Changes over time30
Teacher's manual to accompany cases and materials on Federal Indian law, fifth edition [by] David H. Getches Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr30
Tell me about your love, and one other song, Nimble with numbers, Incredible edibles and nonsense26
The adventures of Rat Stuff, NASA's first miniature mechanical astronaut, Houghton Mifflin descubre ciencias28
The collective works of Kristofer Alexander VI, Elements of art, Beginning art30
The humanities in the schools. Edited by Harold Taylor, George Polya, master of discovery, 1887-198530
The lonely passion of Judith Hearne, Checking out Nana, Water30
The Penguin dictionary of American English usage and style, Merry music, Merry music box30
The Random House book of bedtime stories, Spin around the birthday planet, Grandma Dragon's birthday30
The Yankee pinstripe numerical memeory [sic] concept, Rock & roll life, Everybody's fantisy [sic]30
Transcript to accompany the videotape on The teachers workshop, The Pythagorean theorem30
Understanding measurement ; Working with perimeter and area ; Working with surface area and volume30
Your hair and Eddie Izzard and the Chateau Marmont, Math connection, The Studio30
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