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A country boy like me & 1,390 other titles. (Part 001 of 008)30
Another man. From Slammin' on the west side, Another man30
Any other way, & other selections30
(Anything I do) doesn't do any good & 1 other title, Baby needs new shoes, Shadow world30
Baby, you ain't ready. w & m Earl Jackson & Kitty Williams, He took controlled, Lonnie and Kim Williams, '84 songs--gp III30
Bell & Ponce (at the movie show) ; I see the light ; Bluebird ; Red ant (nature) part 230
Best kept secret in the world & 101 other titles, Drivin' & cryin', Feel for you29
Call of the wild. By Cameron Farmer, Don't belong to anyone, Curtain of life theme30
Charles Jones, the first collection, Hazel, Alphabet soup30
Collection: DES, IWD, NVGVYUP, AWC, BLTSUN, UPDNOVRD, energy, Before it's city, J.A.L.S./ Ray Steward30
Collection of works by Troy Seals, Don Goodman, and Will Jennings. By Troy Seals, Don Goodman & Will Jennings30
Don't touch me, Jimmy Brown, New horizon30
Don't you wanna be the band?, Turn to me, Dreams30
Going down. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955-, & Keith Stegall, 1954, She'll come around30
Guest artist; a novelty for band, solo celebrity (Glockenspiel) and narration. w & m Richard W. Bowles30
Hands of time, & 4 other songs30
I'd like to borrow some time from tomorrow ; They gave me till sunset ; I don't know how much longer30
If I could make time. By Gerald Lee House, 1948-, p.k.a. Gerry House, Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, & Tammy Pierce, 1968 part 230
I need a good woman bad. By Christopher Waters Dunn, 1951-, p.k.a. Chris Waters, & John Jordan Northrup, 195430
It gets me every time. By Wade Allen Kirby, Butch Baker, Thom McHugh, I need to hear it from you30
It takes two of a kind (to make a pair) By Fred Rose & Glenn Strange part 330
I've been there and I've done that, Keep on running this race30
Jenny. Text & ill.: Mary Kennedy & Adrienne Adams, A Moonlit cove, Little red hat30
Just a little bit of me for just a little bit of you, You know what I'm talking about30
Last Bachelor tunes (January 1996-mid March 1997), The hard way, Green line30
Long streak of bad luck. w & m Tony Taliaferro, 1956- (Tony Toliver, pseud.), Jeffery Howard Jared, 196025
Love must be telling me something. By Keith Follese, 1951- & Thomas Eugene McHugh, 1963 part 330
Missing you ; All you ever do is bring me down ; The writing on the wall ; Loving you30
Once upon a dream. A Dream for sale. Them city lights. What goes around comes around. By Marlena Coffyn Dorr, A. Rando-Grillot & Frank Leanza30
Over and over again, & other songs30
Overture: eyes of Osiris, & 4 other selections, I am who I am, We shall be caught up30
Side by side by Sondheim: a musical entertainment part 230
That ain't me (that's the man I used to be) Co-writer, Harlan Howard part 230
The Innermost cage. By Kathrine Talbot, pseud. of Ilse Barker, Until you30
The last days of the United States; an original screenplay part 330
The last frontier, year 1, 86/8730
The music of Mark Firehammer collection 2, What are we fighting for?, Uptime music28
The old rugged cross ; There is power in the blood ; I surrender all ... [et al.]30
The queen of hearts. w & m Alisa Anderson; m Mark Ludwig, Wild women never get the blues30
There ain't no easy street off memory lane, You didn't burn that bridge, You had it all wrong30
There goes the bride. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company d.b.a. Full Keel Music Company, as employer for hire of Jennifer Kimball Kimmel p.k.a. Jennifer Kimball, & Tommy Lee James30
The untitled works of Steven H. Taylor and John B. Gaines, The Third managiery [sic]30
Times are hard (so you must understand), This one's for you, Nightime, no lights30
Wacko magneto. By Paul Bushnell, Rusty Anderson, Carla Azar, Scott Cutler & Anne Preven30
What you do to me (it's all new to me) part 230
When love is right By John Greenbaum, Paul Nelson & Gene Nelson. (In When love is right)30
Where were you? w & m Mark Hauptschein; w David Hauptschein part 230
You didn't know me when. By Harry Connick, Jr., 1967-, & Ramsey McLean, 1951, Dreamgirl30
You got that kind of love. By Bettye Crutcher, Eddie Floyd, Alvertis Isbell, Homer Banks & Raymond Jackson part 330
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