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A country song knows how to move my act, & other songs, She took my heart, Goodtime girl30
All I can do (is do the best that I can) & 13 other titles30
At the laundrymat & 10 other titles, Don't stop, Laugh at the cold30
Bigger than life & 10 other titles part 224
Change the world & 7 other titles30
Collection of works by Mike Reynolds. By Michael Reynolds a.k.a. Mike Reynolds, & April Goodman30
Come to me, little angel & 13 other titles, Broken wing & 6 other titles, The Curtain & 9 other titles30
Don't let me down easy & 2 other titles30
Don't make me go. w & m Paul Clayton, pseud. of Paul C. Worthington27
Everybody loves me but you. w & m Ronnie Self, piano arr. Champion Music Corporation30
Every now and then (I still dream of you) By Phil Earhart & Larry Kingston30
Every single day; Goodmorning, Mr. Grey. By Cock DeJong, Jan DeJong, Wieb Zigtema & Peter Dispa30
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear or was he?, Bad attitude30
Heads you win (tails I lose) & 8 other titles30
It just don't get no better than this & 1 other title, My own worst enemy & 3 other titles30
It just don't get no better than this & 1 other title, Whoever said that you was cool?30
It's alright (send me) Co-composers: Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins 3rd, Loren Dawson & Harvey Mason, Jr part 230
Only for love & 4 other titles. By Fred Koller & Steve Conn, Close enough & 2 other titles30
On my way to you & 4 other titles30
Shark pretty ; Nine lives to Rigel Five ; The Red Baron ; Too late for tears, Tom, Dick & Harry, & 7 other selections30
She wouldn't kiss me up the river, so I paddled her back, My hometown, My hometown. From the musical production Up23
Something to believe in. Diamond in the rough. Steady on. Shotgun down the avalanche. Cry like an angel. The Story. By Shawn Colvin & Jon Leventhal part 230
Straight, no chaser. From album Live at the Northsea Jazz Festival, Coral sea, Well you needn't coral sea28
The hands of time & 5 other titles30
The real McCoy & 2 other titles26
The real McCoys. From album Television's greatest hits volume 4: black & white classics. SR 186-53530
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