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A comparative study of freshmen college students' achievement and attitude toward reading when receiving a holistic, literature-based approach versus a basal, skill-based approach to30
A Confirmatory factor analytic investigation of the comprehensive .., That lonely old bed30
A Diagnostic for grammar, mechanics, and spelling, version II, Book of songs by Arthur H. Bell30
Advances in biomedical engineering and medical physics. Vol. 4. Editor: Sumner N. Levine, contributors: Denton A. Cooley, Gary D. Christian et al part 224
An American diaglogue; a Protestant looks at Catholicism and a Catholic looks at Protestantism. By Robert McAfee Brown and Gustave Weigel, with a foreword by Will Herberg30
Answers to questions and problems, Statistics as applied to economics and business. By Robert H. Wessel & Edward R. Willett27
A Study of the effects of a cooperative learning program on the achievement of ninth grade multi-cultural general biology classes29
Behavior modification/we will rock you (crowd control mix) From single Behavior modification/we will rock you, recorded by EBN. PA 931-69230
Business policy and its environment. By Thomas Moranian, Donald Grunewald & Richard C. Reidenbach27
Charles Preston's Giant crossword puzzle treasury ; no. 16, Lonesome without you30
Chorus and drinking song. From Cavalleria rusticana. By Pietro Mascagni, arr. for TBB with tenor solo & English text by Bernard Fitzgerald30
Commercial proposal to Ford Motor Company for syndicate for automation company; Financing automation; Business proposal to Ford Motor Company for syndicate for automation company. By Robert John Schwartz part 230
Component handwriting skills among early elementary children with average and below average printing ability30
Data stores, data warehousing, and the Zachman framework managing enterprise knowledge30
Deglaciation of the Champlain Valley New York and Vermont and its possible effects on North Atlantic climate change30
Design-build contracting handbook, second edition [by] Robert F. Cushman, Michael C. Loulakis, editors ; 2003 cumulative supplement part 230
Developing and validating a conceptual model for describing and developing individual character and principle-centered leadership in students of traditional martial arts part 230
Differences in elementary school principlas' perceptions and the Texas Education Agency's guidelines regarding the content and process used to evaluate elementary school principals30
Drug gangs of the Caribbean - Caribbean policing, Think twice before indulging, Think twice28
English in the letter-books and plea and memoranda rolls of the Corporation of London .30
Equilibrium and growth in the world economy. By Ragnar Nurkse, edited by Gottfried Haberler and Robert M. Stern30
Equipment leasing and loan brokers' operation and procedures manual30
Experiments in electronic devices, third edition, to accompany Floyd's Electronic devices and Electronic devices--electric flow version30
Factors contributing to return to work outcomes and costs in California's Workers' Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Program30
Factors controlling the distribution of the black mangrove, avicennia germinans L., in a Louisiana mangal/salt marsh community30
Financial analysis and report with recommendations for the consideration of [blank] and [blank], and their advisors30
Financial swaps: new strategies in currency and coupon risk management, Interest rate swaps30
Firemen and fire engines stamps; LGB activity bk. No. A27. By Jane Goldsmith, Ric Estrada, Golden Press staff30
Fixed income analysis for the Chartered Financial Readings program. By Frank J. Fabozzi, 1948-, d.b.a. Frank J. Fabozzi Associates. 2nd ed30
General chemistry laboratory manual for Chemistry 122, 123, 130 and 202, Steve Albrecht works 230
Geology underfoot in Death Valley and Owens Valley, Jackie, and 10 other songs, A collection of songs lyrics by Robert H. Sharp30
How to collect accounts receivable: the art of getting paid [a high energy, one day seminar that starts where conventional collection training leaves off] TX 2-754-231 (1989)22
How to collect money for your international sales and how to pay your international suppliers30
How to get the money to buy your new home, Deja vu time, Five Savannah gardens30
How to save taxes on up to $30,000 in income with the Merrill Lynch Basic (Keogh Plus) retirement plan30
IBM electric punched card accounting machines, customer engineering manual of instruction. Card sorting machine types 82-80-75. By International Business Machines Corporation, employer for hire of Thomas Guthrie Cross30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Business communication in the personal computer age30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Collective bargaining and labor relations, cases, practice, and law, second edition26
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Foundations of personnel/human resource management, fourth edition, [by] Ivancevich, Glueck30
Instructor's manual/test bank to accompany Successful small business management, fifth edition [by] Leon C. Megginson, Charles R. Scott, Jr., Lyle R. Trueblood, William L. Megginson30
Instructor's manual to accompany Analysis for marketing planning, fourth edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Elements of systems analysis, fourth edition, Computers and data processing today30
Instructor's manual to accompany Probation and parole in the criminal justice system, second edition [by] Paul F. Cromwell, Jr., George G. Killinger, Hazel B. Kerper, Charls Walker30
Instructor's manual to accompany Strategic marketing management cases, seventh edition30
Instructor's manual with transparency masters to accompany: Introduction to business, a societal approach30
Instructor spreadsheet applications template software for Microsoft Windows to accompany Fundamental financial accounting concepts, third edition [by] Thomas P. Edmonds, Frances M. McNair, Edward E. Milam, Philip R. Olds30
Instructor's supplement to accompany Federal taxes and management decisions, third edition30
Integrated resource manual to accompany Marketing the core, second edition, by Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius and Michael J. Vessey part 230
Know thy customer! How to follow marketing's first commandment, Working with jerks29
Laws and regulations enforced by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Mark Twain's steamboat years22
Life after debt: results of the National Student Loan Survey24
Martian hop. Pf., voice, guitar solo. w, m & arr. John Spirt, Robert Lawrence Rappaport & Steve Rappaport, Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc., employer for hire of John Spirt, Robert Lawrence Rappaport & Steve Rappaort30
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, will abstracts, 1791-1868, books A-J, tax lists, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1806, & 180730
Neural networks for noise-tolerant category discrimination with application to continuous speech segmentation part 328
Noveau traite de l'accompagnement du clavecin, de l'orgue, et des autres instruments (1707) by Michel DeSaint Lambert30
Our land, our people; people in pictures from Look magazine. Editors: Edward A. Hamilton & Charles Preston, coordinator: George Benneyan27
Plants in the city. By Herman Schneider & Nina Schneider, pictures by Cynthia Koehler30
Responsibilities of corporate officers & directors under federal securities laws part 230
Saa'der ingen, der har det som mig. For klaver og orkester. Music: Hugo Gyldmark, words: Sven Buemann27
Sales manager's survival manual for recruiting sales representatives30
Satirical improvisations, short stories, philosophical comments, essays and Rain, shapes30
Smart moves--a crash course on merger integration management. By Early Price Pritchett 3rd & Ronald Edward Pound30
Songs from a happy heart; a collection of poetry written to and about the world's one perfect woman, Lorali Hart. By Bob Swanson (Robert McClean Swanson, 1922-)30
Songs from a happy heart; a collection of poetry written to and about the world's one perfect woman, Lorali Hart. By Bob Swanson (Robert McClean Swanson, 1922-) part 230
Strong vocational interest blank for men. Form T399-R. By Edward K. Strong, Jr., David P. Campbell, and Ralph F. Berdie30
Structural and hydrogeological analyses of deformed sedimentary bedrock aquifers in the Pinebrook Subdivision, western Summit County, Utah30
Study guide to accompany Kolman, Denlinger, Calculus for the management, life, and social sciences, second edition30
Study guide to accompany Maternal and child health nursing--care of the childbearing and childrearing family, third edition, [by] Adele Pillitteri part 230
Supplement to the Instructor's manual for Introduction to computer data processing, second edition, for use in conjunction with Introduction to computer data processing with Basic part 630
Synthesis and utilization of fluorescent cobalamin analogues to examine the cellular uptake of vitamin B1230
Teacher implementation of mathematics curriculum initiatives in a test-driven accountability environment30
Teaching transparencies, transparency masters and teaching notes to accompany Marketing30
Technomics: the economics of information technology and the computer industry & 1 other title30
Technomics: the economics of information technology and the computer industry & 1 other title part 230
TFC, Thompson Floatation Company quality floatation systems for commercial installations--marinas, houseboats, private docks, heavy-load platforms, industrial installations--dredge pontoon lines, caustic environments, pond walkways30
The Development of an instrument for the evaluation of published materials in adult basic .30
The Dow Jones averages, 1885-1985. By Phyllis Pierce. Centennial ed, The Business OneIrwin investor's handbook 199322
The Dow Jones-Irwin dictionary of financial planning. By Robert William Richards part 330
The Dow Jones-Irwin guide for entertainers and their professional advisers, Volume cycles in the stock market30
The Dow Jones-Irwin Lawyer's guide to online data bases, A taste of magic, Jesus inside30
The Dow Jones-Irwin technical reference guide to microcomputer database management systems30
The Dow Jones-Irwin technical reference guide to microcomputer database management systems part 230
The Dow Jones-Irwin technical reference guide to microcomputer database management systems part 330
The effects and perceptions of early musical training on high school students, Local & regional anesthesia preoperative30
The effects on achievement of using computer software to reduce hand-generated symbolic manipulation in freshman calculus part 226
The employer's guide to understanding and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act30
The Harvard Medical School guide to men's health, Nesya, Brasilian dream27
The Investment tax credit has been sanctioned by Congress as sound fiscal policy to stimulate investment of U. S. funds in U. S. business for the growth of the U. S. economy30
The Money machine; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
The office of the Ottoman court historian or vak'anuvis (1714--1922), Changes in the area30
The Professional teacher's handbook: a guide for improving instruction in today's secondary schools & 1 other title part 330
The Real estate investor and the federal income tax & 1 other title28
The relationship between teachers' perceptions of geography education and their participation in the Alabama and Mississippi geographic alliance summer geography institutes part 230
The relationship of urban first graders' reading attitude and concepts of reading to their teacher's theoretical orientation30
The Structure of labor markets; wage and labor mobility in theory and practice. By Lloyd G. Reynolds27
The Three R's youth and family out-patient treatment program, The God box, Sketches from the 1980's29
The VNR desktop word divider/speller and area code directory, The Dow Jones-Irwin guide to franchises25
The Wall Street journal on management: the best of "Manager's journal." Edited by David Asman & Adam Meyerson30
Using the I B M personal computer: organization and assembly language programming30
Valuing small businesses and professional practices, Valuing a business, Guide to Business valuations26
When you can't please (the one you love) Written by Louvin & Young30
Workbook to accompany Principles of insurance, 5th ed., by Robert I. Mehr and Emerson Cammack. By S. A. Hashmi part 223
Writing for action: a guide for the health care professional, Henry Adams, Henry Adams and the politics of chaos29
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