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According to the Bible & 80 other titles, Just do the best you can, Everybody's gotta be somewhere30
Age of contamination. By Parris Mayhew & Rob Buckley, Test of faith, The Blood bath30
Age of contamination. w & m Parris Mayhew, 1964-, & Rob Buckley, 1970, You know it's true. w & m Parris Mayhew, 1964-, & Rob Buckley, 197030
An Open letter to management on increasing profits through reduced overhead: from the pages of The Wall Street journal30
Christmastime in my hometown & 28 other titles, Testament of faith, O Lord we pray30
Don't blame it on me. w & m Don Addrisii & Dick Addrisi (Richard P. Addrisi)30
Don't this road look rough and rocky?, Two little orphans, I'll still be around25
Famous transcribed recorded jazz solos. Compilation: Aubrey Mayhew, arr. Aubrey Mayhew, employer for hire of W. Dorsey Stewart30
Freedom part 2329
I close my eyes and see it all30
I'm not your superwoman, you're not my superman, Life of my own, It's a tragedy28
I'm waitin' for someone. Words and music: Clyde Moody, Clarence Lee & Glenn Smith30
I overlooked an orchid. Words & music: Carl Story, Carl Smith & Shirly Lyn, pseud. of Jerry Organ30
It's too late (you're falling in love) Co-writers: Billy Austin & Greg Barnhill30
I worship you, By Wally Fowler & Clyde Moody part 230
Mister President, please admit me to the U S A, Amen, Altazor, canto III30
Mulata de mi amor (instrumental) From album Wild card, In the end. From album Wild card30
One at a time all at once: the creative teacher's guide to individualized instruction without anarchy30
(Pardon me) I've got someone to kill & 6 other titles, I'll be handling you, You don't look like the Devil (to me)28
Return of the man from U. N. C. L. E, Easy Street, Jazz--Ramsey Lewis/Anita Day30
She's killin' me with those love songs (and I'm dyin' for her love), Blue Jean, Leavin' you would be a sin30
The Confederate Air Corps; novelty form for a commission in the Confederate Air Corps. By John Ellsworth Morrison, Jr. & Milton Frank, Jr27
The disk eyes collection, no. 1, When push comes to shove, Less pride, M. P27
There's never been a moment that You turned Your back on me27
The Role of political, religious, and economic institutions in .., I'm losin' my hair26
The Shell book of epic motor races. By Nicholas Vane, Ltd., as employer of Peter Roberts30
What about you and me? By David Darling, Brian Reeves & Scott Cutler part 330
What can I do with a foolish little girl like you? By George Little, Sr., Albert Amshwel & Irving Bibo part 230
Wherever you are & 4 other titles part 329
You can't insure a house of dreams. Words & music: Carl Butler, The talk of the town26
You've got me (right where you want me) A Picture of me (without you) Artist: C. Smith part 230
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