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1910 federal census schedules for the town of Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma and adjoining townships part 230
A Conceptual/user friendly guide for high technology/research and development firms in making the transition from domestic to international business30
Acoustic, thermal wave, and optical characterization of material, Handbook of natural products data30
Algebraic geometry and its applications: collections of papers from Shreeram S. Abhyankar's 60th birthday conference26
An empirical study of factors that determine the effectiveness of computer-based information systems in food retail decision-making30
An index of Cistercian authors and works in medieval library catalogues in Great Britain part 230
Appraisal insights for business appraisers using closely-held company data bases30
A study of the required, self-perceived, and assessed basic skill needs for personnel within a paper mill industry30
A survey of factors that influence computer access and usage among students with and without disabilities30
Biochemical and immunocytochemical analysis of three novel microtubule-associated proteins in Drosophila melanogaster and the rat brain part 230
Biomaterials for delivery and targeting of proteins and nucleic acids27
Bolivar and the war of independence. By Daniel Florencio O'Leary, translator & editor: Robert F. McNerney, Jr30
Brain neurotransmitters and receptors in aging and age-related disorders, Antidepressants25
Charge transfer reactions in electrochemical and chemical processes, Growth of crystals30
Chemical effects of nuclear transformations in inorganic systems, Computers and the humanities29
Cognitive-behavioral group therapy for specific problems and populations, Not until now30
Communications about nonstandard English usage of four suburban public high school English teachers and their nondisadvantaged African-American students30
Computational statistical mechanics, Life cycle, Dustbowl soul29
Computer networking with Internet protocols and technology, On the take, continued26
Contemporary diagnosis and management of Lipid Disorders, Atherosclerosis reviews26
Cooperative learning for the college mathematics classroom to accompany Elementary Algebra with applications, fourth edition [by] Terry H. Wesner, Harry L. Nustad part 330
Crazy Campsongs! An original collection of new campsongs for kids eight to 80!, Christopher Cross30
Current practices and future developments in the pharmacotherapy of mental disorders part 230
Database management with dBase III: workbook to accompany database management systems: a practical approach30
Degradation mechanisms of carbon-based electrocatalyst support materials and development of an advanced support based on electrically conducting diamond30
Delirio de amor; bolero. Spanish w Gaston Vila, m Rene Chavarri, arr. Antonio Nunez30
Determining pesticide mutagenicity and DNA-damaging activity with bacillus subtilis30
Developments and interactions of the Precambrian atmosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere30
Developments and interactions of the Precambrian atmosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere part 230
Effects of background, academic, environmental, and social integration influences on student attendance in community college30
El Diario de una burbujita = The Diary of a little bubble, Farmers, Jamie reborn30
Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical investigations of the redox and ligand binding properties of myoglobin and myoglobin-ligand complexes at indium-tin oxide electrodes30
Elsevier's dictionary of fishery, processing, fish and shellfish names of the world30
Elsevier's dictionary of fishery, processing, fish and shellfish names of the world part 230
Elsevier's dictionary of fishery, processing, fish and shellfish names of the world part 330
Elsevier's dictionary of fishery, processing, fish and shellfish names of the world part 430
Endorsement patterns of M M P I subtle-obvious items and ability in a .., Birth of the blues30
Epidemiology of viral respiratory infections and the kinetics of influenza and RSV antibodies among Navajo and White Mountain Apache infants from birth to 6 months30
Evaluation of environmental data for regulatory and impact assessment, The first degree30
Fats in animal feeds: a brief review of fats-kinds, make-up, digestion, absorption and use in rations of both ruminants and non ruminants. TX 3-237-712 (1991)30
Fictional representations of readers and writers in Hawthorne's tales and romances30
Free radicals in biological systems; proceedings of a symposium held at Stanford University, Mar. 1960. By M. S. Blois, Jr., Robert O. Lindblom & H. W. Brown et al part 221
Gas chromatography; third international symposium held under the auspices of the Analysis Instrumentation Division of the Instrument Society of America, June 13-16, 1961. By Nathaniel Brenner, Joseph E. Callen & Marvin D. Weiss30
Giving and receiving; an adventure in African medical service. By Anthony Barker part 228
Guide pratique d'electromyographie dans les lesions des nerfs peripheriques, Les Mutilations de la main30
Handbook of theoretical computer science, Formal models and semantics, Real-space renormalization25
Heat transfer analysis of vertical U-tube heat exchangers in a multiple borehole field for ground source heat pump systems part 230
Hermann Hesse: a pictorial biography. Edited by Volker Michels. Translation: Theodore Ziolkowski & Yetta Ziolkowski, employees for hire of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc30
High hopes ; an original half-hour television show pilot & treatment, My heart's symphony30
High temperature corrosion of advanced materials and protective coatings, Analytical voltammetry30
High temperature corrosion of advanced materials and protective coatings, A Practical companion to reservoir stimulation30
IEEE conference record of ... Annual Conference of Electrical Engineering Problems in the Rubber and Plastics Industries part 430
International financial markets as sources of crises or discipline, Reaganomics suite30
Inventories and business cycles, with special reference to manufacturers' inventories. By Moses Abramovitz26
Investment in real estate for employee benefits plans by a medium-sized trust department part 230
Kinetic and thermodynamic lumping of multicomponent mixtures, Organic functional group preparations30
Languages, compilers, and run-time environments for distributed memory machines, Experimental analysis of behavior30
Languages, compilers, and run-time environments for distributed memory machines, Informetrics 87/8830
Languages, compilers, and run-time environments for distributed memory machines, Vitamins and coenzymes. By Arthur F. Wagner & Karl Folkers30
Lesions of Primary Afferent Fibers as a Tool for the Study of Clinical Pain, Land of a thousand sorrows30
Liquids, cristallisation, et transition vitreuse = Liquids, freezing, and glass transition30
Los Angeles Philharmonic Hollywood Bowl all access pass 2004 (new shell with fireworks)28
Management of acute headache in the emergency department, Headache, Sailing song22
Marine biology and oceanography experiments & activities, fourth edition30
Mathematical modelling in biomedicine: optimal control of biomedical systems, Islam and Bosnia24
MCSA/MCSE managing and maintaining a Windows Server 2003 environment, Round bale silage bags29
Me and my brother (remix) Co-composers, Michael Antoine Crooms, Deongelo Holmes & Brian Anthony Tealer30
Measurement of the pressure drop of a liquid metal flowing through a packed bed of uniform conducting spheres with transverse magnetic field30
Mechanical properties of whey protein isolate-based edible films as affected by meat processing conditions and optimization of these properties30
Mechanism of probenecid-associated perturbations in the hepatobiliary disposition of acetaminophen glucuronide part 227
Meeting the challenges of change, stress & productivity through high performance leadership part 230
Mental imagery ability in high- and low-performance collegiate basketball players29
Mergers and acquisitions benefits, compensation and other HR issues, T6 (version 1.05.1be)30
Michael Schlesinger sun and rain compilation 2002, Punta roja, The Double dip27
Microeconomics test bank to accompany Introduction to economics and introduction to microeconomics part 230
Modern immunocytochemistry, fixation strategies, and demonstration techniques, Rumours30
Morphometric analysis and cytokine localization in fibrous tissue capsules surrounding TCP ceramic implants loaded with androstenedione, dihydrotestosterone, and testosterone using adult male rats as a model30
My fountain pen went dry. Words & music: Richard Peter Kane, Creative real estate financing, 198529
New generation guide to the butterflies & day-flying moths of Britain & Europe30
Nitric oxide synthase inhibitors designed as heme ligands and attempted syntheses of ether-containing peptidomimetics for nitric oxide synthase inhibition30
Nursing interventions classification (NIC), A Vain attempt to please the muse, Book three30
Optimization of composition and structure of cobalt-chromium-platinum and cobalt-chromium-platinum-boron thin films for very high-density longitudinal magnetic recording media30
Perspectives of hospital chief executive or chief operating officers regarding the hospital accreditation and certification process30
Photoemission and absorption spectroscopy of solids and interfaces with synchrotron radiation = Fotoemissione e spettroscopia di assorbimento di solidi e interfacce con radiazione di sincrotrone30
Preparation and characterization of the phases formed by the reactions of transition metal precursors with magnesium oxide, gamma aluminum oxide and magnesium aluminum oxide, and preparation and characterization of titanium(IV) oxide photocatalysts part 230
Problems of capital formation: concepts, measurement, and controlling factors. Editor: Franco Modigliani26
Production control and costing runbook, I B M system/38 manufacturing, accounting, and production information control system, version 2 (MAPICS II)25
Recombinant Plasmodium berghei merozoite surgace protein-1 expressed in Salmonella30
Responsibility of the corporate parent for the activities of a subsidiary, 1988, ElSalvador28
Scenario for "Renaissance!"... a musical play, Silhouette, Distant music and other stories29
Selective organic transformations. Vol. 2. Editor: B. S. Thyagarajan; J. G. Buchanan, Henry Z. Sable et al21
Spectroscopy of tetravalent chromium in different hosts in search for new, tunable, broad band lasers in the 1.2 micron band30
Stochastic models in medicine and biology; proceedings of a symposium conducted by the Mathematics Research Center, US Army, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, June 12-14, 1963. Editor: John Gurland30
Structural evolution and metamorphic petrogenesis of a metasediment and metaigneous complex, Coosa County, Alabama30
Structural stability and in vitro biological activity of proteins during microencapsulation into biodegradable polymers26
Students' handbook for Textbook for psychology [by] D. O. Hebb and D. C. Donderi30
Study guide to accompany Ouellette's Introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry30
Telecommunication--IP telephony equipment--voice gateway transmission requirements30
The Analysis and control of less desirable flavors in foods and beverages, Large-scale mammalian cell culture21
The Antecedants and the descendants of Drury Willoughby Rhyne of Lexington, Mississippi, and related lines, Brewer, Childress, Herring, Hoffman, Hudson, Keithley, and Rhyne30
The best test preparation and review course for the MCAT, medical college admission test part 230
The Chemical physics of atomic and molecular clusters = La Fisica chimica degli aggregati atomici e molecolari30
The Chemical physics of atomic and molecular clusters = La Fisica chimica degli aggregati atomici e molecolari part 330
The Chemical physics of atomic and molecular clusters = La Fisica chimica degli aggregati atomici e molecolari part 430
The frequency and duration of angina pectoris and their relationship with depression in patients with stable coronory heart disease30
The heavens will shine from above, Detroit, Toward Colombiasin A30
The Mechanical properties of the isolated sacculus of Escherichia coli B/r .30
The Northwest corner; the Pacific Northwest, its past and present. Murray Morgan30
The Oxidative dehydrogenation dimerization of olefins over metal oxides, Heterogeneous catalysis in practice & 1 other title30
The Recognition and control of nonverbal signs of speech anxiety in communication .30
The Role of membranes in cell growth and differentiation, Yeast stress responses27
The Voyage of the Self guide book for the Chakra and Reiki healing and empowerment cards30
Transcultural aspects of perinatal health care, Journal of nurse-midwifery, Applied mathematics and computation24
Transplantation of genetically modified hepatocytes containing a copper-transporting atpase, direct hepatic delivery, and the potential for the treatment of Wilson's Disease30
Tropical forest archaeology in western Pichincha, Ecuador, Back to Brasil, Little Jenny27
Uncertainty in illness and attitudes towards cardiovascular health behaviors in first-time myocardial infarction patients and recurrent myocardial infarction patients part 230
United States leadership and postwar progress, Big government, myth or might?, Free the children27
Viral hepatitis and surrogate testing for non-A, non-B hepatitis30
What impact will personal position location technology have upon the management and administration of mid-sized law enforcement organization by the year 2000? part 330
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