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A bunch of lonesome heroes & 147 other titles, Don't mean anything, Quarterback30
A Collection of dictionaries and related works illustrating the development of the English dictionary30
Adhesive reactions & 29 other titles. Composed by Eugenio Sanchez, Jr, 2morrows future 2day30
Along for the ride & 63 other titles part 230
Angelfire & 11 other titles, Sleepwalk, Love hunter28
Baby come back (make the pain go away) Co-writer, Dennis W. Morgan, Cancellation & 4 other titles26
Beware of love. w & m James Moore, Helen Simpson, Bobby Solomon, Morris Chestnut & Ralph Chestnut30
Big bad world & 2 other titles, I'm diggin' it, Specters of the mind29
Blame it on love and all the great hits, Precious gem, Thanks for the memories27
Burn ; Just like you ; I hate everything about you ... [et al.], Wake up, Let you down25
Can I? w & m Angelo Michael Martin, 1965, Nobody but my baby, Dirty rhythm30
Cherry-nose by Cerise logo illustration & 1 other title; logo illustration & four-sided gift tag30
Chord charts and fingerboard notes for the left-handed guitarist, Blue Max demo IV29
Creature. By David Usher, Mark Makowy, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Young, Jeff Pearce, For the last time30
Creature. By David Usher, Mark Makowy, Paul Wilcox, Kevin Young, Jeff Pearce, Straight ballin'30
Diana's lullabye [sic], But I do, Waiting for Isabella27
Espuma de mar. By Anahi VanZandweghe, Diego Verdaguer & Amanda Miguel, Un Dia de estos30
Feelin' alright ; Black book ; The way you work it ; Straight mackin', The Promise30
Get funky & dance, Gravity30
God, Thou who is ten commands, past, preasant [sic], future, all innosent [sic], true Orphan with family ; God, Christ ahura ormazda anokhi30
Gretzky rocks & 4 other titles. Composed by Moe Berg, Ten fingers, I'm an adult now25
Hyper-insomnia-para-condrioid, Waste my time, So long goodbye25
I'd rather be lonely (than out of my mind with you), She cries on her pillow every night28
It's on ; Leave the lights on ; It's all love ... [et al.], Tryin' to be me, Social disgrace30
Just a thought & 21 other titles30
Les organa a deux voix du manuscrit de Wolfenbuttel, Hertzog August Bibliothek, cod. Guelf. 1099 Helmst29
Let's do it tonight, & 5 other selections, Let's do it30
Love's funny that way. By David Tyson, Tina Arena & Dean McTaggart, Yours faithfully28
Mesh-free applications to fracture mechanics and an analysis of the corrected derivative method30
Night of reckoning. By John Stephen Strange, pseud. of Dorothy Stockbridge Tillet30
Nothing to do (and all night to do it) w & m Billy Burnette, Deborah Allen & Rafe VanHoy part 330
No titles given for magazines and comic books published by Warren Communications Corporation30
Only in my mind, and 4 other selections, Something had to change, Someone's borrowed. Someone's blue30
Opus nos. 4, 5, 6, & 7 of Lorne Dechtenberg, Headlines, Dip Dalton Dillon30
Over my head, I hear music (there must be a God, somewhere)30
People's reactions to technology in factories, offices, and aerospace, Violence and the law30
Politics, U. S. A.; cases on the American democratic process. By Andrew M. Scott & Earle Wallace part 230
Smokescreen (come and get me) ; Radios of Heaven ; Break the bed ... [et al.], Truth untold ; I would be your man ; Satisfied ... [et al.]30
So far to go & 42 other titles. Written by James DeWitt Yancey & co-writers as noted part 230
Summer ; What I believe ; Makes no difference ; Another time around, Nothing on my back30
The crackmotel (you check in but you don't check out), Crack motel (you check in, but you don't check out)30
The only one I'll ever need is you30
The things that matter ; Jesus will still be there ; After the storm ... [et al.]27
The way things are & 1 other title, Back with you, Two ways to go & 3 other titles28
This could be the night. By Jonathan Cain, Paul Dean, Mike Reno & Bill Wray, Prisoner (I wait)30
Tiger, tiger (apologies to Wm. Blake), Hot butterfly, Seaview26
Time. From the motion picture, Crack in the world. Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of John Davies (w) & Johnny Douglas (m), arr. Famous-Chappell, Ltd., employer for hire of Chris Langdon30
Until the record breaks ; Read my mind, Caught up in you, It's like ice cream26
Whiplash machine & 3 other titles; musical composition, Final sale, Run, Johnny, run30
Who's your favorite candidate? By Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff, Everyday is a holiday30
You send me flying; Mother, daughter, sister, lover; Having trouble with the language; Much change too soon. By Beverly Myers (Billie Myers), Peter Vale30
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